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  1. Which primers will it pop>?

    I agree with your measurement. But the CCI is slightly longer than the winchester. so they are both seated and that is why there is a difference. win .005-.006 cci .002-.003 anyway that is what I measure
  2. Tanfoglio Tuning Videos: DIY Trigger job tutorial

    Where did yu buy your limits pro
  3. Stock 2 for CO

    Thanks I'm going thru the other post johnbu what is the benefit of grams follower
  4. Stock 2 for CO

    Has anyone thought of a stock 2 for carry optics? It seems too heavy to me. I did change the grips to Henning aluminum grips without changing optic it is just over 45.36 oz Take the rear sight off and add optic is plus a couple of oz. Base pads back to original and I think I am chasing 3 or 4 ounces still Are there any thin grips that weigh less? like a g10 grip I am coming up about 4 oz too heavy. Has anyone come up with a way to get it down a little. Lim Pro will save 4 oz on stock and that might make it easier to make weight. But I am looking for ideas you all may have weight of eg grip = ? That scale grip = ? I will weigh the henning grip and the original grip tonight to see where we are with those mfs
  5. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    My thought was it will push full that much further. I have no idea if this would help. It is just thinking out loud. by the way I do have the new patriot firing pin and the PD firing pin spring. With Winchester I am 100% good with the 15.5 spring. I also have some cci to use up and that is why I have to stay with the 15.5 spring. I am using the extended firing pin block 8 lbs da 2 7/8 Sa Love the gun but thought this might work with 14 lb hammer spring I have not sent barrel out but will eventually. No one has the tooling yet Mine plunks ok but bullet doesn't spin I am loading to 1.100 OAL I actually like the trigger pull now and I am getting used to the 8 lb double action. One other point is I wanted to go CO but with stock 2 I am too heavy with empty mag by 5 or 6 oz. not sure where that can be removed
  6. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    has anyone tried to mill .050 (or file) off the back of the firing pin retainer. It would have to be larger than the hammer face but perimeter would need to stay same thickness to slide in snugly. I just thought it would give the firing pin a little more pop from the hammer Havent done it yet. just was thinking about it and it would be pretty easy
  7. Ouch what happened to all the harmonious helpful chatter. Calm down boys. I have gotten good info from all parties involved Great news the weekend is here and good weather in the midwest. put away the polish and go out and shoot!!
  8. Stock II for Carry Optics?

    I think egw has a mount for lpa
  9. Stock 2 minimum upgrade question

    Thanks !!
  10. Stock 2 minimum upgrade question

    memphis is there any thing to know before trying it install canik trigger pin
  11. How do you keep EGD grip tight?

    Put a tiny oring under head and screw it down. Mine stays tight with it
  12. Painted bullet test

    Johnbu what do you use to polish the firing pin channel
  13. Limited Pro Tuning Pains

    So far I love the tanfo shooting I don't like all of the fiddling. I'm agreeing with MM and going to quit tinkering and keep some bullets with federal primers for the top round in the mag. Using winchester primers I'm getting 100% on SA. Almost as good on DA. With Federal 100% Da. I went with the wolfe 14 lb main spring and it seems to be a step in the right direction Currently no FPB installed. Will go back to that when satisfied with reliability
  14. Fitment of Tanfo frame and various grips

    I use a tiny oring under head of screw. Seems to work. grips are not getting loose anymore
  15. Fitment of Tanfo frame and various grips

    Mine fit perfectly also.they are great but kind of expensive. Now just need to shoot more