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  1. 40 to 9

    I am using a LW conv. barrel in my Gen 3 G35, no issues up to this point, stock extractor.
  2. .223 Brass

    I have loaded bunches of FC brass with no problems, usually try to use it for lost brass matches so no big deal to loose a bunch of it, mostly all range pickup any way.
  3. You could try using a small base die and see if the rounds feed better with that. Had the same type of problem with my 260, had some rounds that were fired out of one gun, I had resized them and used them in my other 260 and had issues of fired rounds not extracting(bolt guns), ended up using small base die to resize them and had no further issues.
  4. Primer choice for Garand

    In both my Garand and M1A I have used mostly Winchester LR primers for HP matches and never had a problem, big issues are high primers and incorrectly sized brass.
  5. What press is this?

    It does look like a MEC 600 jr. I have the 12 gauge version I have loaded wit for years, good little machine.
  6. I have the Dillon swager and just use that on all my brass, I still get the occasional primer that will not seat correctly(Tula,Winchester), I have to keep cleaning the primer cup or the primers will be a little uneven and not seat correctly either.
  7. M&P Pro to STI Edge for Limited

    I recently picked up an STI Eagle in 40, I have mostly been a Glock shooter and I have to say the STI is a pleasure to shoot, I have not done any time comparisons but certainly feels good in the hand. I will try some matches with it this year to really see if there is a difference for me.
  8. I usually carry 5, 4 on the belt and one in the pocket, I will switch to carrying 5 on the belt just for piece of mind.
  9. first match...in two hours time!

    Yea, reloading rounds the day before could be a recipe for disaster! Hope it all went well!
  10. American Sniper (film)

    My wife and I enjoyed the movie very much, some things were very fake(ie trigger control, over doing the recoil on the rifles, etc.) I thought the end of the movie was the best part, it was touching to see a state honor a hero, it showed people that's what a real hero looks like and how he touched peoples lives.
  11. John Wick

    I thought the action scenes were pretty good, enjoyed most of the gun handling also, as for the dog I agree, you do not mess with someones dog and expect to get away with it.
  12. I have read most of the Stephen Hunter books and do enjoy them immensely, he certainly has gone far with the Bob Lee Swagger character as well as the father Earl. I would think missing the Wives name kind of a big error though!
  13. Terrible Match Performance

    Good to see you are getting back in the game! It is a lot of fun but you do realize quickly that your skills diminish fast when you do not shoot for awhile.
  14. Grip Reduction

    Wish I lived closer to you BigBoss, that would be an awesome way to get it just right for your particular grip!
  15. Good 50 round drill

    I need to get into a better training routine, as some of these here look like a good place to start.