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  1. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    There are multiple reasons for JHP. Comp leading is the biggest, the exposed lead base of the FMJs will cause the comp to lead more than the fully encapsulated bases of a JHP or CMJ. Accuracy is a minor added benefit for JHPs, as they are generally the most accurate bullets built. The reason they aren't used by all shooters across all divisions is simple: shooters are cheap.
  2. Grip question

    Unless it is physically painful for some reason, I wouldn't change it if you shoot it better. We grip these pistols for at most 30 seconds at a time, and not at full tension for the whole time either. Comfort is one of the least important parts of this game.
  3. Welding in Slide Serations Effect

    You could just mill out the serrations, to give the slide panels. I've seen that done by a few people.
  4. Grip question

    You "feel" you shoot the STI better or you DO shoot the STI better? Those are different. Comfort and "fitting" the gun comes secondary to performance. To answer your question, no. There are no plastic grips of a different profile that I am aware of.
  5. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    Haven't we already had this conversation? 115s. There are tinkerers and there are shooters. Don't be a tinkerer. Get something that works, and don't mess around trying to find the holy grail. Just load a bunch of them and practice practice practice.
  6. Level I matches may allow competitors to enter multiple Divisions for match recognition. The rules don't agree
  7. I didn't shoot the match, but if I had I still probably wouldn't have squeaked past Max and JJ. I am merely commenting from a stage design perspective. The abundant 15-20 yard open targets are still not much of a challenge in my mind. I must have missed the headshot with no-shoots, and most of the mini poppers I saw certainly didn't look to be 15 yards. If they were there, then great that is awesome. I saw the headshot/move closer for easier shot one as well, but to me that still isn't a shooting challenge that people are forced to do (how many of the gen pop ran up and hosed open paper at 5 yards? I'm guessing most). The flag in the hole stage last year was the most horrific thing I have yet to see at a match. From the match management, safety, and competitive equity standpoints.
  8. I'm not trying to be a debbie-downer. There honestly didn't appear to be any shooting challenges anywhere at the match. The only exception might be the shooting on the move while the slider was running, but honestly even that the targets were so close. This match was more about being a contortionist or being fleet of foot than about being a good shooter. And seeing as how I am one of the young people in this sport, I am both of those things so I would have a distinct advantage, yet I still think it is lame. That should tell you something.
  9. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    I think it is so funny that people always say "well most Ms and GMs are just shooting hero or zero on classifiers, and they just got lucky enough to string 6 of them together" or the even more ridiculous "paper Ms and GMs don't shoot majors cause they know they will get stomped, so it is biased." I am definitely not the best GM I know, and I shoot 90+ on most any classifier out there, barring some calamity (bad draw, blown reload, etc). I would actually argue the opposite, that most Ms and GMs can pretty routinely shoot very high scores on classifiers. That is beyond silly. There are 'grandbaggers' and 'sandbaggers' at every classification level (C level shooters in B, B shooters in M, Ms who should be Gs, etc), and yet when you go to majors... the scores shake out almost exactly according to everyone's class with few exceptions. Not to mention, the classification system gives people a good motivator to chase that next letter like MM said. I do think that a huge number of local-match-only shooters would drop their USPSA memberships and quit paying their money if there was no classification system.
  10. These are some of the most ridiculous stages I have ever seen. There was no hard cover, no no-shoots.. just ridiculous circus props. There is no way that they could justify procedurals for the tires. Safety smafety, lets make people run through a carwash of floaties that the ROs can't see into! Activator rope that doesn't present the same target to every shooter, or even the same amount of force to activate? Why not, it's all good here! This game is supposed to be a shooting challenge. Not a track meet, not an obstacle course. I appreciate that there were options. But it certainly wasn't because of challenges on the shot difficulty.
  11. What did I buy? A 2011 story.

    Quit asking about the recoil spring and just change it. Cheap insurance. Either an 8 or 9, in standard or variable. You'll have to play with them to see what you like. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. New Zealand - Open Shooter - Pick me apart

    Ah that makes a lot more sense, I hadn't even considered them being full until MM mentioned it.
  13. Accu Shadow or Shadow 2

    I have an Accu, it's cool. Mine has the CZ-UB checkered grips. I think they are better than the rather extremely lame/slick CZC grip tape triangle grips, but I think doing it again I would go CZC aggressive checkered or more likely the VZ diamondbacks (hella gnarly aggressive). The CZC front sights leave much to be desired, as they are, in my mind, far too wide. I will be changing it to a Dawson, or seeing if CZC will do a custom width front for me (I have a friend who had one done, so I believe it is a possibility). I changed to a CGW 11.5 hammer spring, it feels much smoother (less stack/general creepiness in DA) than the CZC and it is lighter than whatever the gun came with (from what I understand, either a 13 or 15). The trigger in that gun with the CGW main spring..... wow. Pretty much incredible.
  14. Accu Shadow or Shadow 2

    Yup. I do believe the DNROI/Oprah meme on Doodie pretty much covered it. I think that if your concern is about wanting to be the best shooter you can be, spend your money on a few cases of bullets and shoot a lot. If you aren't reloading yet then this story tells itself. If you genuinely feel that you will shoot a CZ better because of the grip/controls/etc, then sell the 34 and get a regular shadow with all the upgrades, but don't spend the money on an accu. The vast differences in grip shape and angle between the two guns makes using one as a backup pretty nonsensical to me. If your primary concern is about having a cool gun, then well.... I guess a Shadow 2 Accu is the newest hotness.