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  1. I have a Shadow 2 and a Shadow SP-01, but I'm just curious to try out a Stock II. Just looking on Gunbroker and other popular sites, I noticed that they're not easy to find. Is that pretty normal? When they turn up, what do they usually sell for, new and used?
  2. Do you buy purely based on price? Or have you actually found any significant difference in accuracy, etc? I just finished up the last of my Acme bullets and need to stock up. i thought about doing a few different sample packs, but am I actually going to see any noticeable difference? I'm loading for a CZ Shadow and Glock 34, FWIW.
  3. I got my first press a few weeks ago and so far I've only loaded 9mm. But my .45 dies and bullets (185 and 200 swc) should be here tomorrow. I'd like to load some soft shooting, accurate target/plinking rounds for my 1911s. I keep seeing Bullseye mentioned, but I'm wondering if there's something better out there to try? I don't want to spend the $ for N310. Prima SV, Sport Pistol, ?
  4. My Shadow 2 modifications

    I'm about to order some S2 stuff myself. Is there any difference in the hammer and stuff from CGW and CZ Custom?
  5. Are coated bullets all pretty much the same?

    I've got some Acme bullets already loaded, and have some Blue Bullets and SNS on the way. I'll give them a side by side comparison and report back...
  6. Which Glock connector is the crispest?

    I've tried some that are lighter, but also mushier... Just wondering what the crispest setup would be, but would also get me to 3-4#
  7. Which Glock connector is the crispest?

    I called him and ordered a trigger. Can't wait to try it out....
  8. CZ Shadow 2 CO milling options

    What is needed to make weight under the new rules?
  9. Which Glock connector is the crispest?

    I've got a DK trigger and really like the feel. I'd buy another, but I don't think he's still doing triggers. And I've shot a Zev trigger, but I wouldn't really call it crisp feeling. Edit: nevermind, I guess DK is still in business
  10. These were all loaded on a Dillon 550c, with range brass, Win SPP and Acme 124g RN bullets (OAL 1.065) in 5 shot strings. I started with factory ammo, and then another load I just happened to have on hand 124g Blazer Brass 1121 36 ES 13 SD 3.8g HP38 1058 12 ES 4 SD Then the Sport Pistol 3.5g 1031 16 ES 6 SD 3.7g 1056 7 ES 3 SD 3.9g 1078 8 ES 3 SD And the E3 3.2g 1036 50 ES 17 SD 3.4g 1038 29 ES 11 SD 3.6g 1097 62 ES 22 SD I was pretty impressed with the consistency of the Sport Pistol loads, and shooting some offhand groups later, they were the most accurate as well. But I'm really confused by the E3. I was measuring every 10th round or so and they weren't off by more than .1g. But clearly they weren't very consistent.
  11. e3 for 9mm

    I loaded some on my new Dillon 550 and it was more consistent, but I don't think it's a keeper for me
  12. My Shadow 2 modifications

    I was thinking about the full kit from CGW, but it sounds like it might not be necessary
  13. e3 for 9mm

    Does it meter pretty well for everyone? I tried it in my Lee press and it just wouldn't meter at all. I'd get drops like 3.8, 3.7, 3.8, 1.9, 3.9, 2.5.... I just got a Dillon 550 and I might try it again though
  14. Hello from DFW

    What part of the metroplex?
  15. I got my first press, a Lee Classic Turret kit, a few months ago. I like it, and I've really enjoyed reloading, but I'd like something faster. I'll probably load 1000-1500 rounds a month, mostly in 9mm and 45. I plan to keep the turret for other calibers and loading smaller batches. But I'd like to load 300-400 rounds and not have it take all afternoon. I had a chance to see and handle the 550 and 650 at a LGS. The 650 seems like overkill for my needs. Does a 550 seem like a good choice?
  16. 650 'as it should be' starter list

    I hope this isn't too far off topic... I've done a couple of searches on the topic of bench and/or press mounting height, but it's usually in terms of inches. I'm curious, where do you like your press mounted, standing or sitting, in relation to your body? Do you like the handle at shoulder height? Or where do you like the shellplate in relation to your eyes, etc?
  17. Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    I bought a pound of e3, but it just won't meter with my Lee powder measure. If I'm throwing a 5.0g charge, 2/10 will be less than 2g. 5 will be accurate and the other somewhere in between.
  18. I should be getting the 550 from Graf's tomorrow, and I ordered a mount and a few other things from Inline Fabrication that I should have sometime next week.
  19. I just got a tracking number, looks like I should have it Friday Thanks for all the suggestions!
  20. The SDB really wasn't on my radar. I saw one in person and just didn't like how small/cramped it looked.
  21. I was looking at the Lee progressives too, but the reviews are just too mixed. I kept reading that people were ready to use them as a boat anchor, and I don't want to spend that much time tinkering. I don't think I load enough to justify a 650, and I don't think I've read where anyone disliked their 550.
  22. 400 rounds an hour would be plenty fast...
  23. Acme 135g bullets?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these and has a load they like? Or an OAL that works for them?
  24. Just want to check one out in person and can't seem to find a store or dealer with one on display....
  25. Planning to load 124gr 9mm for a CZ Shadow, and 147gr 9mm for Glock (suppressed and unsuppressed) and 45acp, target and plinking Any specific suggestions to start out with?