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  1. Shooting cart???

    I pulled around a folding cart at the last match for somebody else who had hurt his leg. I had been thinking about getting one and was glad to get the chance to try it out. It was nice but the handle was way too short. I'm 6' 2", anybody else have this problem or know of a cart that has a longer handle? Or ideas on how to lengthen the handle on other carts?
  2. Reloading

    Get the Lyman and/or Speer reloading manuals and carefully read the introductory sections in the front. They explain the procedures to follow in detail.
  3. Dangerous Or Not? Slightly Short OAL

    Not unless you have the die properly set to crimp.
  4. Suprising N340 result

    I have burned a lot of n340 with 115 grain jacketed and plated bullets. 4.8 grains is what I settled on shooting a stock Glock. It is every bit as good as my 4.0 grains of n320 with the same bullets. Obviously the 320 is more economical if you can get it at the same price as the 340.
  5. Practiscore Competitor App- Apple

    Will this program work on my iMac?
  6. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    Here are three things (so far) that I find infuriating. For no particularly good reason, in my opinion, they want the gun/holster rules to match USPSA. Except: 3.1.3 No drawing from concealment. Why does it matter if they "can't see why anyone would want to". It's allowed in USPSA 3.3.2 Put the magazines anywhere on the belt. Why diverge from USPSA rules here? A 5.1 Holster rules are the same for other divisions so why have a different rule just for Open?
  7. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    I thought the rule was, or had changed to, finger outside the trigger guard with rimfire start position. I was informed this weekend that was not so. Current rules at the SC website say finger off the trigger. Has this changed or did I get confused by some discussion of it?
  8. Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

    I finally got dinged yesterday hard enough to draw blood. A 22 rifle fragment off the roundabout stop plate. I was keeping score and standing just to the left and behind the shooter. The fragment hit so hard and solid it took a second to compute what it was.
  9. How long should a fibre optic rod last?

    Could it possibly be some kind of cleaning solvent you are getting on them? They seem to last indefinitely in my Dawson sights.
  10. Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant

    I am right handed and left eye dominant. In my case the dominance is very slight, also my left eye needs slightly less correction to focus on the front sight. The best thing I ever did was quit thinking about it. If you need to squint one eye, or prefer tape over one eye, just do it and drive on.
  11. Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

    I've been hit many times. A couple times it felt like it might have been hard enough to leave a mark but it didn't. Don't have empirical data to back it up but my anecdotal experience is that cast bullets are worse for frags than jacketed.
  12. Home made stands/ hanger caps?

    Very nice, one of these days i'm going to prize my pocket book open and get a set of steel targets.
  13. Portable Action Pistol Range

    It may be a good deal but I'm just a doofus who will most likely never shoot an AP match but would like to practice shooting a moving target. No offense intended.
  14. Portable Action Pistol Range

    Yikes, $6,000. If the op comes up with a cheapish way to make one please post how.
  15. Steel Challenge 9mm Loading

    115 grain Zero JHP, 4.00 grains N320.