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  1. Magazines

    Yep. That would be my minimum. I run 3 170s and 3 140s as a match set but have 5 more 140s for practice etc. plus another 5 140 sv tubes. My 140s run the plastic Arredondo +3 pads so they hold 25. I also keep an extra 140 with flat pad for prone etc. i thibk 3 170s and 3 140s is a good setup. I run 3 pouches and one magnet on my rig. So I go to the line with 4 mags and one comes off the magnet and goes in the gun at lamr. Unfortunately right now I'm having nightmare nose diving issues in my 140s. I think the daa grams type 11 coil springs have worn as with +3 pads they are closer to 155mm in length and probably should have 13 coil springs in them. Grams guts have worked well for me.
  2. recoil spring on lighter slide

    As a basic rule the lighter the slide the lighter the recoil spring. It works as a system in partnership with hammer spring and firing pin stop plate radius.
  3. Dan Bedell Limited

    Doesn't Max Michel shoot a Beddel 2011 in open? That seems to work....
  4. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    This advice (above) is pretty solid. I had a great builder local to me. He does good work and being local he shoots the matches I shoot so support is a given. However, he does not like steel grips (only polymer), he also does not believe in popple holes and I like a gun that is flatter but harder in the hand. His guns are soft shooting but not as flat/fast as I personally like. It was a battle from the start and luckily in the end the day I was going to pay a deposit to start work he left a match early and I missed him. I thought about it a bit and realised the CK product was basically 85-90% of my current 'want list' in an open gun. In the end I bought a CK hardcore open and then a thunder open too. I'm pretty happy with them. I had a few small foibles but nothing that would stop me recommending their pistols. It had the combo of bits I wanted (titan comp, RTS2, steel grip, popple holes etc). Shoot a few guns to figure out what features you like, then find someone who makes those guns. I'll throw one more in the mix. Akai. I quite like his work.
  5. Sti stinger or sti steelmaster?

    My advice is sell them both and use that money to buy a regular 5inch open gun like a trubor, dvc or even ck arms. The stinger is 12+ years old and sub optimal as an ipsc/uspsa open gun. It has a short barrel and tiny comp. the bul not a 100% standard 2011 so some parts comparability will be off. It's also not a model really used in ipsc/uspsa so no one will really know much about it at all. 2 sub-optimal guns is not as good as one that is fit for purpose. I would sell the two square pegs and buy a round peg for the round hole. fortunately the money from selling both should easily get you into a new sti or ck. With current sti qc issues I'd look hard at the ck or a used sti.
  6. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    I agree 9mm can be tuned to run at basically 100% but there are a couple of small inherent reliability factors on the side of super comp. 1, the length. The 1911/2011 action is designed around a cartridge around 1.250 long. The do seem to feed 'nicer' that shorter 9mm. 2, the mags are also designed around that length. It's an issue in sti mags where most require spacers to get the bullet nose ahead of the front rib in the mag. It's not such an issue these days with new sti mags or svi and mbx. 3, supercomp is not tapered and is rimless. They do stack better in mags which again gives a small gain in feeding reliability. 4, brass. There's no such thing as mixed supercomp so no issues with case head separations etc. however to be fair one could buy new starline 9mm which would negate this one point but if buying new starline it might as well be sc. ill put it this way. Many people say supercomp is more reliable than 9mm. Many say 9mm and supercomp are equally reliable. But ive never heard anyone suggest 9mm is more reliable than sc. its the the opposite with cost. Many say 9mm is cheaper. Many say sc costs the same as 9mm if you recover practice brass. But no one says sc is cheaper than 9mm. On balance i think sc has a few smalll benefits as well as a small cost penalty.
  7. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    if cost of brass or. losing brass is going to impact your enjoyment of shooting then for sure go 9. it's not going to be the factor that stops you reaching the top. I will say this. super shooters tend to understate the cost of super and 9 shooters tend to understate the hassle of 9mm. The issue with 9mm is this. if you use range pickup or cheap bulk brass you have to make a choice: 1, accept dodgy brass in that mix that may cause malfs at best and case head separations at worst 2, spend serious time sorting brass to remove: steel case, aluminium case, certain 'known' head stamps, anything glock bulged, anything with crimped primer pockets (unless you have a 1050) The thing with super comp is basically only one company makes it. starline. since basically only 2011 and 1911's shoot supercomp and these days they all have full supported barrels there's no issues with 'glock' bulge and no issues with dodgy brands of case. basically as long as whatever you pickup or buy is supercomp you are good to go. just clean it and load it. no messing around with multiple head stamps, no brass sorting. no need for a brass prepping cycle through the press etc. That is a massive time saver and a lot less hassle in the loading process. in practice (which is where most ammo is shot) I easily get back 90%+ of my brass. supercomp is pretty hardy and can easily be shot 10+ times. in local matches and regional matches in my area I also get back probably 85% back. other shooters just brass for each other where I am. it's a normal thing. The only time I lose significant brass is majors and overseas matches that are lost brass. For those few matches I can deal with loading up my old worn out brass and leaving it for the RO's. I think supercomp gives a lot of flexibility in OAL as well as powder choice. It does seem to work better in 2011 mags and with 2011 length actions. but no doubt 9mm can be reliable too if you go through the effort to get it there.
  8. I may have misread. trolling through patent searches is bad enough when I'm doing it for work. this was a passing interest so I'm willing to take your word for it. Having re-read my post I can see it sounds a bit negative. I didn't mean to pooh pooh your product. I was just thinking out loud. I didn't understand why you'd bother to patent? As I pointed out it won't sew up the 1050 automation market the way it's written. I guess my point was why patent at all? Just do what you guys do: make and sell press automation. I think you guys have a fairly sound product that sits at a price point that makes it an attractive option for many. With so much prior art in reloading press automation space I just wouldn't bother with trying to protect my IP that way. I do wish you guys all the best.
  9. Another toolhead stand

    they look really nice. good job.
  10. I wonder why they bothered? mk7 already have their patent (and an earlier priority date) and this particular patent is easily worked around. Given it's not going to deliver them exclusivity over the 1050 automation market I wonder why they'd bother? They certainly didn't invent 1050 automation, nor even 1050 chain driven automation. They may be the only firm doing 1050 automation where the lever is retained but most people just wonder 'why?'.
  11. GSI Bullet Feeder

    That's a shame. I didn't like their collator system (having to change rings for different bullet types is a hassle) but I did like the idea of placing and seating the bullet in the one station thus allowing 1050 and 650's to not loose a station to bullet placement. I chose a mr BF for the collator but having competition in the market is always a good thing so I'm sad to see them go.
  12. Best Range Backpack

    agree. I don't think the 'hand gunner' is that great. I like the GPS tactical range bag. I've used it travelling overseas to matches. use it as my carry on bag (with no gun stuff in it obviously) then use it at the range at the match. it's a great 'travel' and range backpack.
  13. WSM2 vs DAA Race Master

    The CR speed is a great holster but does not have a 'positive' lock. it just puts more tension on when locked. this means you can remove the gun even when 'locked'. in the daa you would have to break the holster or the trigger guard for the gun to come out while locked. I want my lock to be secure. I don't want my gun hitting the deck if someone bumps me while pasting etc.
  14. Left handers trouble

    I wouldn't recommend that in a 2011. in a tanfoflio/cz sure, but in a 2011 if you remove the overtravel stop you may get too much travel. it can cause issues if the trigger bow is hitting the grip safety, over working the leaf spring etc. just wind it out a bit to ensure there is sufficient travel past the break.
  15. Ramp Styles

    the CK C/P cut has the lissner radius on it too. in fact most people now doing the C/P frames and barrels are really the L/C/P cut they just call it C/P.