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  1. Front sight cut

    Heinie maybe, they have a .300 front sight.
  2. Magazine Problems

    Yes. Sometimes the recoil spring is too heavy and that will cause nosedives. My theory is the mag spring does not have enough time to get the round all the way up in the magazine before the slide starts forward, causing a nosedive. I run a STI 38 Super loaded to 172PF at 1.225" and use a 7 pound recoil spring. BTW, never had a problem with 38Super, so never switched to SuperComp. YMMV
  3. Maybe I miscommunicated. I haven't received your PayPal info yet about the Taccom shellholders. Hope all is OK with you.

    1. mwc5


      Sorry, the shell holders sold right after I posted ...

    2. dons


      Since I was the first to reply to the ad, I thought they were mine, I guess someone contacted you before I posted. Sorry for the confusion. Best of luck to you sir.

    3. mwc5


      Yea, another member sent an email right after the ad went up. Have a great weekend !!!


  4. Pressure signs ?

    A longer than stock firing pin in a 1911/2011 can help with that cratering. Did for me.
  5. Don,


    It's yours, US Postal Service Money order to cover the sale. I'll need a copy of your dealers FFL and an address to ship to.

    1. dons


      Great.  It'll take a day or two- wife's birthday, we're going out of town. I Will also PM you, not sure how this Profile messaging works.

  6. Our club allows a "second gun" to compete for a lesser charge. But you're right, it does put an extra burden on everybody else. My thought is that we as a shooting community should support all shooters rather than dissuade those who may want to shoot twice. And bear the burdens that come with that support. I believe that you will find eventually more of your participants will want to become more involved and will become ROs.
  7. 38 super issue

    I had the same problem with PD .355 bullets in my Super. I thought I would try some PD bullets. Had the same issues you describe. Switched back to Zero .356 bullets, problem stopped. YMMV.
  8. I have 2 STI 2011s, both 38super. I load Winchester SRP exclusively in this caliber. The old one I've had for many years and many rounds, 17lb mainspring, NEVER had a misfire. I bought my new (used) one and got many light strikes. I finally put in a 23lb mainspring and the problem was cured. I wasn't happy with this, so after many gunsmithing adventures I got rid of the lightweight hammer and put in a heavier one with a 19lb mainspring. Much better. YMMV.
  9. Sticking 9mm Lee Powder thru exp. die

    Take the powder die apart and polish the expander where it enters the case.
  10. Cartridge gage for tight chamber?

    I also have a Barsto 9mm 1911 barrel (in a Kimber). It is tighter than my other 9mm barrels, mostly in the chamber leade. Rounds that easily fit in a CZ75, Glock 17, and Browning HP, and my EGW case gauge will not fully seat in the Barsto. I find the hangup is usually the bullet diameter right in front of the case mouth. I used a marker to determine where the issue is. I solved it by seating the bullet deeper: Luckily for me the Kimber will feed ammo shorter than the norm, some shorter than 1.000". YMMV.
  11. If you're handy and very patient, you can do it yourself. I did a series 80 Colt's 9mm slide to .40 S&W using Swiss files. Probably took an hour total. You're only looking at about .015 to take off on each side. I got a prize table 40 barrel at the '94 nationals to show how long ago this was. Works fine on my production Para to this day.
  12. Converting Para from .45 to 9mm

    I started to research a similar process: 1911 45 to 9mm. Best deal I could find was Bomar-cut slide from Fusion for about $275, Wilson Barrel for $200. Then you need all other internals: Firing pin, spring and stop and extractor. Also new ejector. Magazines too. Gunsmith fitting. But you'd have the pistol you want. I gathered some parts up for this conversion when a fellow competitor offered me his complete pistol and setup so I bought it. Now I have some spare parts if I need them.
  13. Rock Island Ultra FS 9mm for SS?

    Not an RIA but Kimber 9mm. I bought a used one and a shooting buddy a new one. Mine came with a 17 lb mainspring and ran great with some very light loads. His displayed the same issues as yours including failing to lock the slide back on the last round. We put in a lighter mainspring (can't remember the weight) and those problems went away. YMMV.
  14. I've done this a number of times to change the charge amount. Works Great! But I usually just put a small amount in the outboard side of the hole after sealing one side with masking tape, then seal the other side, then orient the disk so the JB settles on the outboard side while drying. When dry, smooth out the JB on top and bottom and see how much powder it will drop. If too little, I use a dowel or drill rod wrapped in sandpaper to smooth the hole. If too much, repeat the process with more JB weld.
  15. Reloading issue CZ sp01 hornady 147xtp

    In addition to an OAL problem, sometimes the case may be bulged by the base of the bullet and cause this type of a jam. Your 147 gr bullets are seated deeper in the tapered 9mm case than 115s or 124s. Some brands of cases may be worse than others, I had this happen in a new Barsto barrel in my 9mm Kimber. after narjung the cases I found some of the jams are caused by the bulge at the base of the bullet. I was using some 135 gr bullets of unknown origin (I've had them for years). They work fine in my 3 other 9mms.