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  1. Shot Reload Shot Times

    I actually started the thread just to see what a good time was. Has nothing to do with the ability (or lack of) to put together a practice plan. Skills that matter? Reloading between shots seems to be part of our sport, at least it is for me. Not all transitions are several steps which give plenty of time for a reload. Time can be made up with this skill (whether it be 1 second or 4 or 5+) over the course of a match. In a local match where the classifier is a stage it can have an even bigger impact. Also it’s valuable for those wanting to improve classifier scores. It was a very straight forward question which could be answered easily or ignored.
  2. JP Red dot

    Anybody using one of the jpoint red dots from JP rifles? It’s at a good price point and coming from JP I’m guessing the quality is probably pretty good but can’t find much info about it.
  3. Has anyone used a dovetail mount to shoot carry optics? If so, how do they hold up? I have a glock 34, not the MOS version; I'd like to try out carry optics but do not want to have the slide milled just incase I don't like it.
  4. Frame weight

    I have read about this but my weak hand pointer finger wraps around the front of the trigger guard so the flashlight idea wouldn’t work for me.
  5. Frame weight

    Are there any companies other than SJC that make a frame weight for glocks?
  6. Shot Reload Shot Times

    Yes from holster, production rig. Just say 7 yds
  7. Shot Reload Shot Times

    What is a good time from shot, reload, to next shot? I've done some searches but can't find out much info. I've been shooting limited for about a year after shooting production for several years. Today I picked up my production gun and was doing it anywhere from 1.3-1.5. This is with and A or C hit so not spraying and praying. What do GM's do it in?
  8. Power Factor

    You’re right about that.
  9. Power Factor

    So I’m guessing everybody or the majority shoot 9mm?
  10. Power Factor

    Is there a minimum power factor for divisions in steel challenge? Do limited shooters shoot .40 like they do for USPSA? Can't seem to find anything specific about this anywhere
  11. Is the Georgia State match not going to be counted as a classier?
  12. Uncaptured Guide Rod and Spring

    That makes sense
  13. Uncaptured Guide Rod and Spring

    This was kind of confusing to read. Do you use a jager guide rod and adapter?
  14. Uncaptured Guide Rod and Spring

    Is there anyway to run an uncaptured guide rod and recoil spring on a Gen 4 Glock 34? I know there is an adapter but I'm having trouble finding an uncaptured guide rod. The only ones I see anymore have a screw that goes in the end of the guide rod, I'm guessing the is to capture to recoil spring but I may be wrong.
  15. Dawson mag base plates

    Which if any of the Dawson ez off base plates are production legal or are all of them? I see +100, 200, and 300. Are they weighted enough to help?