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  1. Canik

    Is the Canik Tp9 production legal? Can't seem to find it listed
  2. Carry Optics

    Thats exactly what I wanted to do!
  3. Carry Optics

    Are conversion barrels legal in carry optics?
  4. I was given a muzzle brake from a friend who thought it was a miculek but it doesn't appear to be from what I see on his website. It has 2 small holes in between the ports and I'm not sure if they should face up or down (see picture). Also it didn't come with a crush washer or jamb nut, which one do I use or does it matter? Thanks in advance
  5. ETS 140 Mags

    Has anyone tried the ETS .40 mags that are limited division legal? For the price I think they be worth a shot
  6. Mag storage

    Glock 9 and 40 mags
  7. Mag storage

    What is everyone storing thier mags in? I need something that will hold 10-15 mags as my range bag only holds 9. Prefer a pouch type. Anybody have any suggestions?
  8. Removing Magwell insert

    Got it figured out today. Decided to just try and pop it off even though the folks at Dawson said do not do that. It popped right off. The previous one I had seemed much more difficult than this one. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Removing Magwell insert

    Yea I tried that on my last one and it cracked. Dawson says to push down and forward and it will scoop out. Can't figure that one out
  10. Removing Magwell insert

    Can someone tell me how to remove the plastic insert on the Dawson magwell? I tried installing it on my Glock as one piece but can't push it up far enough to get the screw in. I don't see an easy way to remove the insert without prying it off. Pictures or videos would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Will we be receiving an email on a schedule, start times, etc?
  12. Keymod rail

    When looking in the 12-13" range most of them say for rifle length gas systems. I have a carbine length, does it matter? I'm not seeing anything that's 12-13 for carbine length gas systems. Help
  13. Keymod rail

    Awesome thanks for all the opinions.