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  1. Occasional HOT rounds

    You never know how a particular chamber was cut until you check. I have a barrel that has a short throat. If I load a particular JHP I have to load them to 1.080 to stay out of the lands.
  2. Occasional HOT rounds

    To check your crimp you might pull a bullet and check for marks from the crimp. Do you know at what OAL that bullets meets your lands? A slightly longer round going into the lands could be a possible source of what you describe. Are you using mixed brass? It there any correlation between the headstamp and the event? Is there any possiblily that you have some Maxxtech brass in what you are loading? This is only a theory but I would suspect that the reduced case capacity of this brass could cause pressure increase. (This is just a theory, I have not personally used this brass, everyone I know sorts it out as scrap) N320 meters really well. Unless the is something broken on the powder bar I would not expect significant variance on the charge weight. That said I would inspect the powder measure and die to ensure everything is clean and in proper working order.
  3. Best CO Optic

    DPP 2.5 MOA has been flawless on my G17 MOS.
  4. Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    I would try Clays and WST to start out with. You will likely find what you are looking for in one or both of these powders.
  5. rr440, What you are describing sounds very similar to the issues I had when I tried running my SD-3G trigger in my 9mm. I switched to a Hiperfire 24 3gun and now have no trigger issues.
  6. I use a homemade version of the Dillon case lube (lanolin oil mixed with Iso heet). Definitely improvement over One Shot. The best thing I ever did for my elbows, however, was switching to a 1050 with an autodrive. I never realized how great life could be until the first time I pushed the start button[emoji3]
  7. Based on the color I my guess would be that you unknown coated bullet is from SNS Casting. I have had good results with their bullets. Based on the results above I would shoot coated for practice and the Everglades for match. You might try Precision Delta 124 JHP as well. Might be more economical than the Everglades.
  8. There are some bullets that just don't work well in some guns. As others have mentioned, get some round nose bullets and see if the problem goes away. The key is not expend a bunch of time and energy trying to force something to work when there are alternatives that will work instead.
  9. Gun choice for CO

    I prefer the balance and feel of the G17 over the G34. Personal preference.
  10. Best prices on Poly coated

    SNS Casting is what I am using. Totally satisfied all around. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  11. Todd's Steel Challenge

    Should is still not where I had hoped it would be but I am back to shooting and something that somewhat resembles working out. Most of my practice has been at the indoor range until a week ago. I shot a GSSF indoor match on 4/8 and shot 477 in Unlimited and 485 in stock. Problem was the 25 yard target on both. Unlimited was all over the map, my stock 25 yard target was just left of center. I shot an outdoor GSSF practice match this morning. I shot 56.03 with my unlimited gun and 65.97 with my stock gun. Very pleased with the Unlimited times. My only real issues were 3 charlies on Glock M and some struggles on the plate rack. I had 2 deltas on Glock M on the right hand long target due to firing before I was all the way on the target. I had 2 deltas on 5 to Glock, one due to improper sight alignment and the other I pulled. 5 to Glock with the unlimited gun was excellent. Only 1 Charlie on the far target. Plate rack was rough with the stock gun. Need to work the plate rack. I shot an indoor GSSF match later in the day. Shot 493 Unlimited and 485 Stock. Unlimited I had 1 Charlie at 15 and one Delta at 25. My only concern here is that I did not call the delta. That string felt good and it was except for that one shot. Stock was clean except for the 25 yard target. Once again I was left in general. I need to figure out why I am pushing left with my stock gun but not my unlimited gun. The guns are identical except for the sight. I would say I am hopeful that my shoulder will be better soon but based on what I am hearing from the doctors this may be a long road. The injury is healed. What I have is some nerve/tissue issues related to the port that the scope went in through. The injury is basically healed, but I still have pain, just in different places and it is a sharper pain. Exercise and KT tape seem to provide some relief so I am going to just plow through it and do the best I can.
  12. 180gr 40 cal bullets. What do you use?

    Try SNS Casting. No mess with their red bullets. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  13. Todd's Steel Challenge

    Shoulder is continuing to improve. Mobility is getting better but still a good deal of pain when holding a pistol or rifle (I check this regularly ) Given the progress I am still hopeful that I will be able to start shooting again in March.
  14. H335 is pretty standard for 223 AR's. I have run it in everything from 10 to 24 inch barrels with good results.