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  1. Vortex Razor Red Dot Distortion

    The Razor I have looked through was more crisp than my Aimpoint. It may be your eyes or there might have been an issue with that particular unit.
  2. C-More confusion

    I have both polymer and aluminum. I only got the aluminum because I got a good deal on it here in the classifieds. The aluminum is heavier. I have had no issues with my 2 polymer Railways. I recommend the Arredando lever for the adjustment knob. Makes it easy to set to your normal level of brightness and you can confirm at a glance you have it turned off.
  3. I think that might exacerbate the problem.
  4. Reloading for PCC

    I am shooting 3.7gr of Titegroup with a 124gr plated bullet. Works well for me out of my 10.5" barrel.
  5. My Fortis break is definitely working at 43.684% efficiency based on the tape test. My barrel is 10.5" so YMMV.
  6. Blitzkrieg Buffer ????

    So its like GlockTalk with AR15's.
  7. Cmore Railway with 6 MOA dot for the sight. Add the Arredando switch lever and module hood if desired.
  8. Glock mags or ETS? JP GMR-15

    I run factory Glock 31 rounders with TF extensions and Magpul 21 rounders for stages with mandatory reloads. Both are extremely reliable. I have one ETS mag that came with my gun, it has never worked well. I have seen others have issues with ETS mags at matches as well.
  9. I have a +10 TF on an OEM Glock 31 round mag. It has been 100%. For shorter stages I run a 33 round OEM mag. For mandatory reloads I use 21 round P Mags.
  10. Occasional HOT rounds

    You never know how a particular chamber was cut until you check. I have a barrel that has a short throat. If I load a particular JHP I have to load them to 1.080 to stay out of the lands.
  11. Occasional HOT rounds

    To check your crimp you might pull a bullet and check for marks from the crimp. Do you know at what OAL that bullets meets your lands? A slightly longer round going into the lands could be a possible source of what you describe. Are you using mixed brass? It there any correlation between the headstamp and the event? Is there any possiblily that you have some Maxxtech brass in what you are loading? This is only a theory but I would suspect that the reduced case capacity of this brass could cause pressure increase. (This is just a theory, I have not personally used this brass, everyone I know sorts it out as scrap) N320 meters really well. Unless the is something broken on the powder bar I would not expect significant variance on the charge weight. That said I would inspect the powder measure and die to ensure everything is clean and in proper working order.
  12. Best CO Optic

    DPP 2.5 MOA has been flawless on my G17 MOS.
  13. Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    I would try Clays and WST to start out with. You will likely find what you are looking for in one or both of these powders.
  14. rr440, What you are describing sounds very similar to the issues I had when I tried running my SD-3G trigger in my 9mm. I switched to a Hiperfire 24 3gun and now have no trigger issues.