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  1. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    If you are truly set on saving money by buying a Bladetech, which it seems you are, I will sell you mine on a DOH mount for $70. That way if you are disappointed you're not in for over $100 plus shipping.
  2. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    I don't use BOSS hangers. I have not had the gun fall. It is just that to tighten down the gun until it feels secure, you loose the draw. Go looser to get a smooth draw and feels like the gun is flopping around in the holster.
  3. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    Even on my hanger I find the plastic of the Bladetech not to have enough rigidity. I shot one match with it and switched to a Guga Ribas. If I put a 9mm barrel in one of my TSs, I'll order a double layer RHT to shoot 3 gun.
  4. Mount Rushmore of USPSA/IPSC Shooters?

    They all have their fingers on the trigger. That pic would get all kind of ridicule on some of the timmie Facebook sites.
  5. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    I have a Bladetech and am not happy with it. By time you get it tight enough to feel like the gun is secure there is way too much drag. Leave it loose and the weight of the gun overcomes the rigidity of the kydex. I run mine in a Guga Ribas and am happy with it. I've heard good things about the new Alpha X. If I want a kydex in the future I will order from Rich at Red Hill Tactical and get a double layer kydex holster.
  6. CZ SP-01 SAO vs. CZ TS

    I load 200gr SNS for mine with Ramshot Competition. Grabagun has them. The one I bought a couple weeks ago showed up with 3 mags even though description says 2.
  7. Any love for Guga Ribas gear?

    Love mine. Have two of the holsters and just use one belt mount to switch guns.
  8. I've seen where a couple matches have done engraved Yeti style cups. That's kind of cool.
  9. Whose Parts?? (CZ TS)

    I've got what ironic recommended on mine. Go with CZC basepads over Springer. Way easier to remove for cleaning.
  10. Long Colt of Short Colt brass for USPSA in 627

    When I had my 627 I used short Colt loaded to 9mm specs. If you go that way I still have a little bit of brass and a couple boxes of Rem factory.
  11. TSO/TS or used 2011 for limited

    Found another benefit of the TS today at a match is that the slide auto closes with a new mag inserted. Going to slide lock is not usually a good idea in Limited but sometimes it happens.
  12. RHT drop offset hanger

    Red Hill Tactical hanger? Yes for production. I've heard they don't go high enough for SS.
  13. Czechmate vs 2011

    Send me some specs for what you are thinking for dimensions and material. I might be willing to do some work.
  14. Switching divisions

    I change divisions like my wife changes her mind. I've shot a match this year in everything but revolver and Lim 10. We do have a winter indoor monthly match that is 1 stage that I can shoot 4 times on a Sunday morning. Sometimes I'll bring 4 guns and get results in 4 divisions. Our normal monthly outdoor match at 2 ranges can be shot twice on the same weekend. I generally shoot those in Prod and another division. My plan going forward is to shoot Limited with a second run in Open or PCC.