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  1. DQ or a WARNING

    DQ all the way. Safety rules are not there to be given warnings. I understand the idea of giving a warning and have seen it done. But, a match is not the place to start learning safety rules.
  2. Ideal pcc

    The route I chose was Nordic Components NCPCC with the Glock magwell. A buddy of mine had one and let me shoot his a bit before I made my decision. I have only had mine for about 2 months now, but I have yet to have a single problem. Not much difference in price between it and the JP, only $100 or so. My biggest concern for an out of the box gun was also reliability. My buddy has had his for a year and still has not had a problem. Load it and shoot it. Best of luck, PCC is fun.
  3. Mag capacity

    Why wouldn't it be? But, yes it is.
  4. It's a balmy 4, with an expected high of a very low double digit number. Overnight looks to be about the same, only on the negative side of things.
  5. 1911 barrel flutes

    I agree completely.
  6. 1911 barrel flutes

    I wrote the post, and know what I was asking (no dickish intended). You took it as dickish. Tone of the comment is hard to get through in text. For that I apologize. The reason I came back to comment was, I thought of a reason for the fluting. Weight savings.
  7. 1911 barrel flutes

    You're right. You don't need to help me out. However, it is funny how you expect people to help you out, but are unwilling to possibly help someone else out. Says a lot about you.
  8. 1911 barrel flutes

    Trying to follow the reasoning behind wanting flutes in a Single Stack. What benefit are you expecting? Just for cosmetic purposes doesn't seem like a good reason. As you would be the only one that would see it. Help me out.
  9. Uspsa website info

    I would check with whomever, at each club, is uploading the scores. They are the problem.
  10. Glock Weak Ejection

    I know I had to go with a 11lb recoil spring to get my Glock to run major. I had the SJC 11 port comp though.
  11. To shoot or not to shoot?

    Improving the mental game is just as important. Finding the way to bring your mental focus, even when you are not "feeling it" is a part of the game or games. Now, all that goes out the window if you overdue yourself. You are the only one that can make that call. I, personally, don't find it mentally difficult to switch between styles of shoots. If it gives you a problem, then follow Bkreutz advice, or find a way to up your mental game. Another way to go is to try to fit your match schedule to when you are sure you can bring the mental focus you expect to have and shoot whatever style of match fills the bill. Much of the differences in the game can be worked on in dry fire and not have a detrimental effect of switching styles of shoots.
  12. First IDPA match, advice?

    You used my name, all that follows is your mistake. Had you not done that, and responded to the OP, I would have had no reason to respond. Making assumptions about somebody is often a reason for them to get "wound a little tight". I am sure you don't want to hear my assumptions of your excuse.
  13. First IDPA match, advice?

    WTH are you talking about? I misread/misunderstood what tanks said earlier. He made a clarification for me, which I already responded to. Then you make a non-relevant post about points down. Now you make the assumption that I have not shot IDPA before, and that I have shot USPSA? I realize that you are giving guidance, based off of your assumption. So, I will leave that to those that the assumption fits.
  14. First IDPA match, advice?

    Gotcha. Misunderstood what you were saying.
  15. First IDPA match, advice?

    Maybe I missed something but, CCP is 8 rounds in the mags.