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  1. Godless on Netflix

    Excellent series! A must watch.
  2. Godless on Netflix

    heard it was great, this is next on our list of series to binge watch.
  3. Which 1050 Powder Bar for Open Loads?

    i don't load 9 major, but I was trying to get my SD and ES down a while back also, I found the Uniquetek powder bar to great investment. Shooting 9mm minor, i was able to consistently get my SD down to 2fps over 20-25 shots through the chronograph, groups got better too. I performed enough experimenting with it that I can change powders and charges with ease and it is accurate. http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1231
  4. Powder for loading .45ACP in Revolver IDPA?

    I tried a few of your powders listed and every time WST was softer shooting and just as accurate in both my 625 and 1911 have fun with your testing. Because I also found that a 200gr coated bullet was softer than the 230 Xtreme, you will have fun testing
  5. Glock 17/34 140mm Ext what's BEST???

    TTI is my choice
  6. Mr Bullet Feeder and 147gr FP

    As commented above. I had some issues that were easily fixed, the spacers and settings have a smaller window of operation. It is frustrating, but be patient. Just watch to see if you need to make small corrections. I have run many many many thousands of 147gr FP and 200gr SWC through mine.
  7. 45 mags

    I have used a few different styles before settling on ETMs. Not implying they are the best, but I have had many thousand rounds through my ETMs with zero issues with the standard base pads
  8. Game of Thrones?

    One of my favorite scenes
  9. Game of Thrones?

    my wife and I are GOT fans, sucks that the next season is coming out until 2019
  10. ordered S1050, now what

    Just giggle every time a bullet falls into the bin as you are effortlessly pulling the handle.
  11. Punisher on Netflix

    I have only seen the 1st episode, I figure this was the character building episode for those who don't know the Frank Castle story... I figure it will get better in the upcoming episodes.
  12. M&P Pro9 thumbrest

    I have seen others using the SJC Frame Weight with the Thumbrest option http://stores.sjcguns.com/frame-weights/
  13. Best CO pistol?

    i would suggest shooting others at the local USPSA matches. i personally own a M&P CORE and a Glock 34 MOS. I have mounted a DPP on both, i prefer the height of the sight on the Glock much better. i have an Apex trigger in the M&P, which i really like, but i recently purchased a DK trigger but haven't installed it yet. if it is a good i will stick with the Glock. i think the Sig Xfive and Canik are also good choices, but not willing to purchased to "try"