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  1. Best CO pistol?

    i would suggest shooting others at the local USPSA matches. i personally own a M&P CORE and a Glock 34 MOS. I have mounted a DPP on both, i prefer the height of the sight on the Glock much better. i have an Apex trigger in the M&P, which i really like, but i recently purchased a DK trigger but haven't installed it yet. if it is a good i will stick with the Glock. i think the Sig Xfive and Canik are also good choices, but not willing to purchased to "try"
  2. PCC lasers

    are heads up display helmets with a rail mounted camera against the rules? hehehehehe
  3. Can't Zero DDP

    now that you mention it, my DPP mount has a slope to it to help with MOA. I wonder if previous mounts don't have the MOA correction?
  4. PCC lasers

    i have seen that it looks helpful when shooting around a barricade on your weak side.
  5. Can't Zero DDP

    i have already taken my DPP off, but it sat very high. IMO crazy high, like the bottom of the DPP was flush to the stop of the slide. When I first installed it, I thought "really? , I probably should have just bought a dovetail mount."
  6. Can't Zero DDP

    this is the same plate I used also.
  7. Can't Zero DDP

    No, I have the same setup and did not have issues sighting it in
  8. Every update appears to be heading more west of us in Charleston SC. Still have family in Central FL hoping they are safe.
  9. Favorite 9mm Projectile and Load for G34 Gen 4?

    147gr coated FP 1.135" OAL 3.2gr N320
  10. Carry Optics dying out?

    I finally had an opportunity to shoot my M&P CORE today. It was surpringly fun to shoot steel plates at 25y with very little effort. I'm anxious to shoot in a match now. I was surprised that I never lost the dot during this practice exercise.
  11. DeltaPoint Pro Screw Problem

    I recently had an issue. I mounted my DPP to tight (no thread locker). it caused the threads to bottom out into the slide and I ended up having to drill out the screws. I would advise caution with this, there must be a happy medium.
  12. Carry Optics Thread

    That is what I was thinking too. I didn't say anything, because I wasn't sure.
  13. Carry Optics Thread

    I have recently noticed a few CO shooters, some running flashlights and some with small polymer magwells. I reviewed the rules this morning and noticed those particular items are prohibited, unless I am read the wrong rules (Feb 1, 2017). Am I reading the wrong set of rules?
  14. different manufacturers causing the issue?

    This is my next step to help correct the upside down bullets. I lost my extras and had to buy more.