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  1. AR500 steel safety question

    Yes I noticed that also, had 2 of 2 within a month. But they usually last over a year.
  2. Production Holster Ilegal (bladetech DOH)

    Go to USPSA website, look under NROI and download the rule book. There's an appendix that shows what you ask.
  3. AR500 steel safety question

    Carriage Bolts have a rounded head which seem to lessen splash or ricochet issues.
  4. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I've been competing since 1978, been an SC, worked area champs the whole bit. I'm always first in line to run the timer or whatever means is used for scoring. I always jump right on working the stage. BUT if a match told me that I'd get a procedural for taping a non-scored target, I'd be the LAST person to set foot on the COF to work. I'd stand at a target and wait for the RO to yell out all scored before any tape left my hand. There'd be no way I'd risk a penalty. So the effect would be just the opposite. Any squad I was on would be slowed down. And that would go against every fibre of my being.
  5. As long as you don't go to the extreme of making yourself sick by doing too much in hot weather it can be used as a training tool. When you go to a bigger match, Sectional/Area/Nationals you may well be distracted by the event/pressure/squad mates. If you've been RO'ing at local matches you can learn to deal more efficiently with distractions. After a while you can learn how to minimize the effects of being distracted by RO'ing, which will help you when there's more at stake than looking good/bad to your buds.
  6. Yes one reason why I went to the 625. And it's getting harder to find any RN in 44 due to the popularity of cowboy action and lever action rifles.
  7. Had a 4" 29-3 cut for moon clips and used 44 russians with 240 lrn and 3.8 clays. Really liked it, but moon clips were expensive and easily bent. If you use speed loaders you would want 44 special or magnums.
  8. 38/200 duplicate for revolver minor

    Most like a bit more velocity, quicker pings on the steel and less drop at 50 yards. But cost is a big factor. With SC stick with a 160 or less. They are the most accurate and economical.
  9. I shot a M29-3 with 44 russians for the first 5 years of Revolver Division, only down side was finding RN bullets, most 44 bullets are made to work in Lever Action Rifles?!!! There is a box a 1911 must fit into for SS. And 8 round mags may not fit if the mag base pad is too long. So no 10 round mags will work.
  10. Do bullets fly in a straight line?

    Not all load/firearm combinations are created equally. Using a sand bag rest at 25 yards is more revealing than at 10 yards. If you're new to this, try some factory target ammo, or maybe even some high grade 22 rimfire stuff out of a good rimfire pistol. Once you can get good tight concentric groups at 25 yds over a rest, then you can take some of the human error out of the problem. Only then can you properly evaluate reloaded ammo. But with a handgun at 20 yards off of a rest, the only issues should be you and the quality of the ammo you are shooting.
  11. WOW, I'm going to frame this. I came to a similar conclusion about 19 years after starting in this sport and it's helped me the 20 years since. With the better mind set I've gotten better as I grow older. I'm confident my Senior self would beat my "Prime Years" self handily.
  12. USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    I wanted to try my 627 with self defense ammo in a match setting, even used my IWB holster. Shot 5 stages with normal SC ammo, then warned the RO and changed the FS for the 125 jhp loads at 1480 f/s. Thought the RO, a good buddy, was going to have a stroke. Fun as all get out and didn't hurt my times either. Definitely tougher on the hands!!! Of course even though the loads were a 185 PF, still scored minor cause of the 8 shot thing. May have to do it for a whole match some time. As for USPSA Revolver Division, I guess an argument could be made to remove all restrictions in Revolver. Major, Minor, Optics, Iron Sights, compensated or no all in. Who knows might bring out all those who just have to spruce things up wildly. If the division isn't doing well??? I'm on hiatus at this time, but in the next year or two "I'll Be Back!" FWIW
  13. Are 38 SC neccasary to be competitive

    Had real good luck with the 160 bayou 2.8 clays/clay dot at 1.180 oal and Taper Crimping them. A roll crimp never seemed to help, and would bulge the case a bit at the mouth, due to no crimp groove. But have not had any bullet pull issues with a taper crimp.
  14. The reason why I said to email Troy is that this guy was acting as a MD at an Area Match. He should know better. SO he was either taking advantage of a Division and it's competitors or he shouldn't be a MD. But if nobody tells Troy he can't rectify the situation so it doesn't happen again.
  15. As promised I emailed Troy McManus at NROI and here was his response to the question of: If 10 competitors sign up and compete in a Level III match, and one chronographs at sub-minor will that competitor still count towards the Division requirements of 10 competitors? I quoted the applicable rules on no recognition for sub-minor and then stated, I believed that this meant no "individual" recognition which precludes them from receiving any awards/trophies, but since the competitor did sign up and attempt the COF, they counted for "Match" recognition for that Division. Troy responded: Generally, the number of competitors in a match is known in advance of the match starting, and that will guide the recognition process. Going sub-minor or disqualifying doesn't affect the numbers used in each division or category to plan for awards, as it happens during the match, and not before. There has to be a common sense approach to using the numbers USPSA lists as needed for recognition. Troy I take it from this that the Area 6 should have recognized Revolver Division, even with the 2 sub-minors. You may wish to contact Troy at DNROI@USPSA.org and at least inform him of the issue.