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  1. Caspian race ready frame

    fits, it's the magazine base pad that determines whether you stay within legal limits.
  2. Slide Stop Issues

    with 2011's many remove the slide stop locking by grinding on the interior tab, it didn't by chance break off or go missing? Short term fix is to take a dremel and grind a divot in the face, you can see where the pin stops.
  3. Powder for loading .45ACP in Revolver IDPA?

    Titegroup at those pressures gets very dirty with granules left, seems to stabilize about 730 f/s or more #2 #5 don't feed well from my Dillon measures 231 same as titegroup if I remember right, been 20 years since I used it though Clays will have larger than normal velocity spreads but burns clean Most will have larger velocity spreads at the lower pressure curves, might just try all of them and let us know what you find. I like the 185 coated rn at 860 f/s. As for the 230's 700 f/s gives you about 160+pf, a bit of insurance for the chrono gods.
  4. Ruger Hires Doug Koenig

    Unless Koenig returns to USPSA probably nothing on a double stack as he seems to be Bianchi prone over most all else. Of course Carry Optics might be a draw to him?
  5. Uprange Reloads

    The photo is ok, the problem will be at some point before you get completely turned up range you will have to flirt with the 180 line vertically. A method that purposely goes that close to the 180 is bound to be compromised at some point under match conditions. And unless you're double jointed I can't imagine how one could not be close to the 180 at some point in the turn. The other issue is once done you are now running with your wrist/hand cocked down range, which is going to be slower, or at least more awkward, than other methods. And then you have to flirt with the 180 again to engage targets. Remember if an RO says you broke 180, what he thinks/claims he saw can't be disputed only whether what he saw or thought he saw was a dq'ble offense. If you do get dq'd with it, at least accept it with a smile.
  6. but only loaded to 10 rounds in production.
  7. Smith 625 a good option for me?

    If it's for the wife do her a favor get a 627 the PC is 5" the Pro is 4", either will work. But the frustration level at having to game a course is so much less with an 8 shot in USPSA. Then get her some Hearthco Moonclips, search Hearthco on this forum and contact him directly. Make sure to tell him what cases you will use, it makes a difference on the moon clip thickness. Using 38 short colts, or even 38 special, it's so easy to get a minor PF load that will let her have fun. It's a lot harder to get to minor PF with a 45, and if you compete the 6 shot needs to be major PF and then the recoil is harder. If you want her to enjoy it get the 627, you can find them at good prices now.
  8. source for Hearthco moon clips

    use search to find him here hearthco is dave,s name on this site.
  9. New USPSA Section Coordinator

    I found the most work, and fun, was getting new clubs up and running. Kansas is a small section in a large area but I was able to double the number of clubs. Wishing you well next season.
  10. Shooting Multiple Divisions

    If you're using cz other than reloads the practice issue is the da vs sa, especially on 1st shot. My concern though is in prod i'm used to reloading every time i move, that can catch you in a match with a limited gun. I've seen the pro's get tricked up on the rare occasion. Switch it up in local matches and figure out how you can deal with it. It's not impossible you just need to be aware without having to think about it.
  11. Are these overpressure?

    Looks like your swaging may be an issue as the pix looks like there is an portion with an elliptical piece that is not consistent with the rest of the radius.
  12. Have a 2.0 45 with manual thumb safety, being an old 1911 competitor I like it. Always feel like something is missing when I shoot my glocks?
  13. S&W M&P Summer Bonus Giveaway

    Yea mine was scheduled to deliver Tuesday, no one to sign ruralarea. Had fedex leave it at a walgreens pharmacy, seems most are a fedex drop. picked it up tuesday. If you have the tracking number can tell fedex to leave it at an approved location on line.
  14. New USPSA Section Coordinator

    Sarge, saw this thread open. My time as Kansas SC was a great experience, maaaaany years ago. This was in Jan 2017 right? So how has it been? As much fun as you hoped?
  15. Advice - Old School Open Gun

    Looks like a Caspian Hi-cap, had one in the 1990's and really liked it. The Dot is a PDP4, they were good sights and if it was bullet proofed by someone, like Dr. Dot, it will last forever. Is it a .38 super/auto comp? or 9mm? that makes a big difference in what powders you use. Might try JHP's instead of FMJ, usually more accurate if the pistol feeds them reliably. Use the HS6 (good powder widely used for 38 supers with comps) not the 231 (too fast of a powder, pressures can spike and won't be as effective in the comp). I'd go with an 11 lb spring though and work down if needed. What you will need to look for are: 1) reliability without banging up the frame. 2) See how the dot settles back, it should come down at the same spot. You can either adjust recoil spring rates (heavier will dip the dot, lighter will have it settle higher). Another trick was to add 1-3 shok buffs to the recoil guide rod to change where the dot settles back to. 3) Watch the side to side wiggle of the dot. It's not an issue unless the dot doesn't return to center. 4) The dot track is based on fast multiple shots, it will go up and come back to a given point. If done slow fire it can be made to settle where you want, but takes time. Some like the Tube Dots, until you get used to finding the dot the tube can help alignment issues. Once you're used to a dot and the pistol you can investigate a C-more maybe on a sideways mount to get the dot closer to the bore. Look for cracks at the corners of the ejection port, that's where a problem can start. CHeck the top lugs for rounding and the lower lugs for peening and/or cracked link.