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  1. C-Rums Shotgun work ?

    Jeff worked on my SLP and my Benelli M2. Very happy with the work on both of them and he is a hell of a nice guy. Would definitely recommend him.
  2. Which Red Dot sight?

    Just got a MRO and put it on my PCC and love it but have been a huge DCD Prismatic fan (own 6). Both are great optics for PCC or 3Gun.
  3. I have heard of this Kurt Miller of which you speak. He is like the boogeyman that you tell people about to keep them from shooting Limited at Fallen Brethren when that is exactly the class that they should/want to shoot.....
  4. Checking to see if you still have the 24 C.  I am in Frisco,and would be willing to meet and pay cash to save shipping $$?

    You can reply here or text me


    Thanks Kyle Marsh



    1. Shooter116


      I do. I might be willing to part with it. Let me think about it 

  5. If you'd take 190 and ship to Hawaii usps it shouldn't cost anymore than elsewhere.  I'll take the 24c trigger 


  6. Anyone have the Burris AR-1X

    Interested to see the new reticle but the Gen1 sucked. Can't see the hash marks and the circle is too small to be really effective on paper. Hard to beat the Leupold DCD Pris for Limited.
  7. still got the sti grip?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LLRukus


      new to this sight.  bare with me.  I want the grip but unsure about the proceedure.

    3. Shooter116


      Typically payment is thru PayPal. If you want to send a check that's fine too. Let me know which way you want to go and I will get it boxed up for you. My paypal address is jrgronen@hotmail.com. I would like $100 for the grip and I will cover shipping. 

    4. LLRukus


      paypal will work.  can you send pics


  8. So I bought a benelli m2....

    Mike and Miley are the same person. Mike during the week and Miley on the weekends. Irrespective of that he/she does amazing work.
  9. Holster for Infinity enhanced trigger guard

    I like the Safariland 014 holster. Comes out easily and locks securely. For 3gun I run a blade tech WRS retention holster. Both work great with my SVs.
  10. unloading M2- a Pain

    I used to unload my M2 by depressing the shell catch until it bent in over time and started allowing shells to pop back onto the lifter either during loading or firing. Now I just rack them out even for loading practice sessions. Not worth the chance that will happen to you in a match, which is where mine screwed up.
  11. Forearm advice

    I love my Seekins. Now have two rifles set up with them. The flat bottom/sides take a little getting used to but it's great on baricades or when shooting off the side of something.
  12. Blade tech Drop and Offset with ELS?

    I am running the Invictus Practical hanger too. It's way more sturdy than the BladeTec version. Takes some work to get the BT hanger off though.
  13. need help picking 3 gun shotgun.

    Head to your local match and ask to shoot a few different ones. Most people are more than happy to let you run a few rounds through theirs before you purchase one. I would rather lose an arm than sell my M2 which is crazy accurate with slugs and I have yet to have an issue with as long as I clean it every 500 rounds or so in 3 years.
  14. Benelli M2... 24" or 26"?

    Kurt and Mark, I set up a test and built a vice using toilet paper rolls, styrofoam and duct tape and found that there was a ton of difference b/w the 24" and 26" and that the POI moved around on every shot...... I am thinking that it might be barrel deformation due to heat. Thoughts?
  15. Jm pro vs m3k

    The simple fact there are so many threads on the JM not running should tell you something. One thing I have learned the hard way in this sport is buy once cry once is absolutely true. Benelli's just run. Have a few friends that are shooting the Stoeger (including Stoeger sponsored shooters) and haven't seen one take a dump yet. If money isn't an issue or you want bombproof reliability, get a Benelli. Have one friend whose Benelli finally had an issue and it turned out he hadn't cleaned the bolt in 3 years (about 5k rounds). That's reliable.