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  1. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    when i shot 9mm minor i loaded a ton of it with 124 and 147. never had a problem with it. 3.6 with a 147 will get you 850 fps or so out of a 4" gun. probably used 24# or more over the years
  2. Flat triggers

    thanks for checking and updating up. you know if they are making more of the convex triggers?
  3. Flat triggers

    them germans taking a extended vacation , shame on them. J/k good for them . so is atlas their exclusive US guy or they still doing direct?
  4. Flat triggers

    can't seem to find this trigger anymore . always out of stock
  5. KKM open gun barrel

    i am researching barrels for my open gun build. i would love a schueman, but they seem to be out every where. kkm seems to be the way to go. i was talking to a guy who built a open gun with one and he said that kkm barrels don't taper as quickly as other barrels and need to be relieved to function correctly when unlocking. so is there truth to this? i know my sheuman on my present gun has a big portion remove behind my comp. thanks
  6. Eggleston .357 124gr coated bullet issues

    Could it be you are closing the bell enough? the crimp should be .378/9
  7. if that is just a ring and everything below that is still .356 i don't think it will matter. i have reloaded pulls that i pulled from rounds found on the range and they worked fine. if you can order a few to sample i would do that
  8. Everytime I see a uprange start stage I ask myself why. I don't see them adding anything to the stage. Great way to DQ the less experienced . I have also seen enough times that people that drew the gun early got away with it . So what are your thoughts on uprange starts
  9. Cmore mount hole standard?

    Sorry I should be more clear. How far down and sideways to drill the first hole .
  10. Cmore mount hole standard?

    is there a standard measurement when drilling the holes for a cmore mount on a 2011 frame? Thanks
  11. open top end parts

    Great info !!
  12. open top end parts

    looks great.
  13. Slides, STI vs CK vs PT

    i have a CK frame. what issues should i look out for with it ?
  14. open top end parts

    am thinking of building a new top end for my open gun. i don't have a mill or such so am thinking of using these parts. what do you guys think of these parts . for those that have use the slide, does it already have the 1 degree angle in front already? http://www.1911store.com/brazos-lightning-slide-9/38-opem.aspx http://www.1911store.com/stitruborbarrelcomp-withthundercompsxstylecomp.aspx
  15. recoil spring length

    get a spring tester . it come in handy when you have a pile of springs. get a 13/12/11/10 and run the spring drill and see which one works for you . don't be surprised if you go lower than 12.5 . i run 10# in my 2 limited guns in 40 major