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  1. Limited Illinois sectional

    You were second by just 3 points... dang. Don't you just hate that! You were 2 seconds slower in time but shot 20 more A's that the guy in first. Would you trade 15 of those A hits to have been 3 seconds faster?
  2. I think we've gotten off track from what is a cool trophy to how trophies are distributed. So when all of us who don't get trophies walk by the award table, what kind of trophy would make you go, "wow, neato!" moto, i've gotten some pretty neat trophies from bmx, downhill and enduro racing. and the shop i was a mech at donated quite a bit to the local xc series.
  3. Safety check at A3

    step one. pull hammer back. step two. engage safety. step three. pull trigger. step four. observe if hammer strikes firing pin. step 5 a. if hammer falls to firing pin gun is declared unsafe. step 5 b. if hammer does not fall to strike firing pin gun's safety is functioning. to me, that is absolutely all it should be and anything else is the inspector monkeying around.
  4. i'm waiting. Doing an experiment by leaving powder untouched in a second hopper for two weeks starting from yesterday.
  5. Shadow 2 base pads for Production

    the springers and cz custom do fit and are the best pads in my experience.
  6. I put a dehumidifier in the garage, and it is awesome. And it's draining the catch tank into a 50 gallon barrel so I have a store of non-potable water as well. In just hours I could feel the difference in the garage. Both the unit and the wall gauge showed a drop from 75% humidity in the garage to the 50% I set the unit it at. Mucho mejor.
  7. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    We have a lot of differences, but you still let me borrow your coat. So thank you. I did say I liked it but I wanted it to be a sure thing replacement for my titegroup, and inititally I don't feel like it is. So I'm still looking around. (I also hated N320 which is beloved by many so nothing new for me)
  8. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    I thought it was quieter and softer than TG. But I live and shoot in a place where it gets from 30f-95F at matches. Guys here shared their data with me doing temperature tests and your load that's pf of 132 or so at 55F will not be at 85F. Yeah you could load for 85F and probably be safe everywhere but I didn't feel like doing that. Should there be another "panic" then I'd use it for practice loads for sure. But it is not a match powder for me after initial testing.
  9. CM 13-02

    y'all were right. 76%-ish.
  10. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    I like WSt just fine. Why am I not using it as a Titegroup replacement then? -Its inverse temperature sensetivity -It's messy at the press It grouped well and chronoed well, but the temp issues and it flinging itself all over my press and bench were annoying enough for me to pass. I used 3.60 of WST under a 147 plated bullet and got great numbers and accuracy.
  11. SP-01 won't group anymore

  12. SP-01 won't group anymore

    start at about 4 minutes into the video. pretty close to what i've seen done. the concept of sharpie, test fit, file, repeat is right on. the how and where of filing and with what is where i think everyone has their own little special touch.
  13. SP-01 won't group anymore

    I don't know. I learned from watching Mink and CJ doing it in person.
  14. CZ P10

    CJ of CJ Maven (previously of CZ USA and Automatic Accuracy) is doing trigger jobs and cleaning up the mag and slide release effort. Along with Cerakote and sight installs.
  15. SP-01 won't group anymore

    it's just time with a file and a sharpie. knowing what you're doing you can do it in under 30 minutes. learning as you go probably an hour.