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  1. Hand chalk/grip lotions

    Agreed. The gun/grip feels different.
  2. Looking for new powder for limited major! Help

    I have been using ramshot comp for about 30k rounds. Its cheap and works well. It is hot though and tends to melt the front sight on my sight trackers after about 500 rounds of heavy practice.
  3. New USPSA shooter

    I agree with everyone here. The hand speed will come with more dry fire. You can practice just snapping your hand to the gun without drawing. Break down the components of the draw. You want your support hand to meet the gun as soon as possible. On the beep snap your strong hand to the pistol and your weak hand closer to the gun. It should be one movement. Then you have the meet and greet and then the presentation. Getting your index off the draw will come with more dry fire reps. Your draw speed should be the same for a 5 yard target and a 25 yard target. Dont slow down the draw when the targets get further away or more difficult. I see that a lot with newer shooters. Your grip technique looks good. Crush hard with your support hand. I like to roll pressure into the bore as it gets the shoulders involved. Learning to grip hard from the beginning will save you some retraining down the road. Im guilty of getting lazy in dry fire.
  4. New USPSA shooter

    Your hands will be sore. You will also quickly build up some blisters. To quickly build up good gun handling skills that encompass a lot of what you see at a match I would get this book and run through the first 12 drills....a lot. http://www.andersonshooting.com/products/refinement-and-repetition/ Once you have those drills down and your starting to get some good par times you can look at mixing it up. Stoegers books work well for the fundamentals of shooting USPSA stages. The Anderson book works well for the fundamentals of gun handling and shooting specifically USPSA classifiers. For live fire depending on where you are skill wise, the dot drill or simple group shooting is a good place to start every session. Then work on one or two skills. I like to focus live fire on things that I cant replicate well in dry fire. If I was just starting out I would focus on things in live fire like the dot drill, a transition drill such as accelerator, and some simple movement drills to get comfortable moving from position to position with the gun pointed in a safe direction. Make learning to call your shots a priority. Drawing fast and shooting fast are cool but if you cant call your shots none of it matters that much.
  5. training to get to master

    I shot my first USPSA classifier on 10/03/15. My first classification was C. I worked through some dry fire training for a while but then had some issues at home that kept me from training. I started training hard again in October of 2016 dry firing at least 30 minutes 5 days a week and live fire about once per week, but not always. I went from C to A in December. I have struggled with consistency and getting my head right when shooting classifiers. In the last 4-5 months I have been trying to dry fire every day but sometimes its only 5 days a week with one day of live fire 300-500 rounds. I fully intend to make master this weekend at our classifier match. I'll let you know how it goes. In the latest front site some of the top ballers right now mentioned dry fire of at least an hour a day with 1-2 live fire sessions a week. Im going to have to step up my training to get to the next level.
  6. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    I dont think dry lube like hornaday one shot is an issue at all
  7. Review - Amazon Fire 8" HD tablet (2017 edition)

    We have been happy with ours so far as well.
  8. it might very well be green
  9. 33 bucks for a new one. 9.99 to ship a little piece of plastic lol.
  10. What part number do I order to get a new one?
  11. I wet tumble and lube the brass. The brass is getting stuck because its kicking out. So the next brass in line is stuck between the tube and the inner lip of the adapter. Its somewhat wedging itself in there.
  12. I have been having an issue with my case feeder on my 1050. Brass gets stuck in the adapter I am loading only .40 using the purple adapter. I tried sanding it, polishing it, even drilling it out larger. With that said its now jacked up enough that I need a new one. Does anyone use the 10mm one for .40? If I look on dillon site I dont even see the purple one being an option on the 1050 case feeder, it does show as an option on the 650 parts. 1050 case feeder parts https://www.dillonprecision.com/rl1050-super1050-casefeed-adapters_8_51_25628.html 650 parts https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl650-case-feed-adapter_8_50_25287.html
  13. Best Range Backpack

    are all the zippers on the tactical range pack ykk zippers?
  14. Best Range Backpack

    does the GPS bag have a solid base inside the bag to hold ammo boxes or is it soft?