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  1. Flat triggers

    Not sure? I didnt have any trouble ordering.
  2. Flat triggers

    On their site. They ship from Germany. http://shop.xline-geppert.de/en/fit-in/17-x-line-vario-trigger.html
  3. Shooting cart???

    My aluminum cart has a really long handle and the from axle is attached to the handle you can turn the front wheel 250+ degrees.
  4. Flat triggers

    The flat extra are in stock now
  5. Modifying DAA mag pouches

    I just bought some guga pouches instead
  6. Flat triggers

    They expect to have more in stock next week in germany. Atlas is the only US source ive seen. Atlas had not responded to my inquiry about when they will have more.
  7. Flat triggers

    Only thing that seems to be in stock anywhere is curved long at atlas.
  8. Flat triggers

    They are all out of stock. Would be interested in trying that convex, never would have thought about it until after your description.
  9. Ear pro survey

    Have had my soundgear for a few weeks now. Love the custom molded fit. Much more comfortable in the heat than muffs. With the small size of the speakers in these things there is little to no bass so the sound is a little, tingy, for lack of a better description. You don't notice it after a few minutes.
  10. Flat triggers

    found a thread here via google i didnt find searching the site.
  11. Flat triggers

    I have owned several 2011's and they have all had flat triggers. I like them but cant really compare them to anything else. Anyone shot a 2011 with both flat and curved triggers and comment on your preference? I would like to try one of the new x-line vario triggers but they only have curved in stock
  12. Best Paper Targets

    The ones we got from LE targets last round were ok but the perfs were not very clean.
  13. Best Paper Targets

    Thanks, Is this the right one? If so that is a really good price. http://www.americantargetcompany.com/USPA_IPSC_2_target.asp
  14. Best Paper Targets

    Which brand of paper targets have you seen that have the best perfs? The Atlanta arms targets i saw at area 6 this year had the best I have seen. Ordering new targets for the club and want to get some good ones.
  15. Scott's Road to USPSA Success

    Im in my garage too. We got a new couch so the old one is in the garage so right now I have a 1x1 space lol. I setup some stuff in the back yard but its usually too hot or dark when I have time to work.