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  1. Crash Log

    Ive been through several iterations of my Limdot gun now and found the only viable solution for this temporary experiment. I ended up having to get a bomar mount for the RTS2 and remove the rear sight. This puts the dot about as low to the bore as I think it can get, but will will be moving with the slide, we will see if it will survive a few months. Hopefully I will have my new Peine Custom pistol soon and can still shoot local matches as limited without having to replace and re-zero sights on this gun. I have been dry firing with it and right off I can see how it could improve my patience on steel. I have a few simulated poppers and this morning I was working on some small movement drills where I would come in on the popper and its really in your face how low you need to get to stabilize that dot. This is something that is harder to see with irons, at least for me, and a problem I have had in the past. It is very surprising how little time it has taken to get my index working with the dot. I hosted an RO class at our range this weekend and its the first time I have shot live with the dot. Without zeroing it I was able to hit alphas at 10 yards without any trouble. The dot moves quite a bit on this limited gun but seems to be tracking fairly consistent up-right (having only shot maybe 32 rounds). I am hoping to get some live fire practice in with the dot, its just difficult right now with the silly time change, holiday season and my wife and I trying to start a business. I've really slacked the last two weeks on my dry fire, only picking up the gun a few times. I could tell the time off has hurt me in drills such as 6 reload 6 reload 6....You have to be a robot to hit that drill in a smoking time and I was off my normal pace by 3-4 tenths at first. Working to re-ignite my focus and intensity....and it starts with dragging my ass out of bed on these colder mornings and into a colder garage. GM in 2018.
  2. Transition between targets. Dryfire.

    This. Snap the eyes drive with the legs. Learning to transition fast also includes learning to call your shots. If you are calling your shots then you are transitioning as soon as the sights lift on that second shot. A clean blake drill will sound like just six consecutive shots. I also would not simulate any sort of recoil in your dry fire. Work on calling your shots, snapping your head and driving the gun with your lower body. In live fire it will just happen, recoil doesn't change anything, you call your shots and transition.
  3. Online payment setup

    yes we use stripe
  4. Online payment setup

    in practiscore?
  5. Las Cruces is a bit far for most of my guys. Would be a great class though. We got ours for "free" as part of a new club program USPSA has. We just have to pay for the instructors food/hotel and local transportation. As for the date all we could do was submit a few different dates and USPSA assigned us an instructor and picked the date.
  6. CHA-LEE's Tale

    I agree on majors. I get processed brass from Dominion Defense for majors. For area matches and nationals I buy new starline. Better safe than sorry.
  7. CHA-LEE's Tale

    I use a modified Lee U die, its been turned a bit on a lathe to get closer to the shell plate. I have little issues.
  8. CHA-LEE's Tale

    The mark 7 is the best thing I have ever purchased shooting related. Right next to the dillon primer filler
  9. I have a few discounted spots left for a range officer course in Midland texas on December 2/3. I need to know if you want in by the end of the week. Please PM me for more info.
  10. Crash Log

    In an effort to improve my shot calling I bought a v4 rts2 from someone in the forums and ordered a cheely mount. I slapped it on the gun last night, dont yet have long enough screws to also attach my thumb rest. I messed with it briefly last night doing draws, it took about 5 minutes for me to start getting the dot every time. Did some more dry fire this morning including weak/strong hand and I dont seem to be having any trouble with the dot just being there 95% of the time. This is really surprising with the height of the dot and mount. I dont understand the mechanics of why it works but it is just working without a lot of effort. I may have ruined the mount using the wrong RTS2 screws but I am not going to touch it unless it starts getting loose. I will hopefully get to shoot it a little this week. I briefly owned a p320RX in an attempt to better my shot calling but after one day at the range I was done with that. Im spoiled with my 2011 trigger and wont ever be shooting anything else competitively. I call my new gun the LimDot. Greg at Peine Custom Firearms is building me a second gun just like this one so I will have a new fresh gun for 2018 and cycle this one as my backup. I ran this season with borrowed backup guns at major matches but never had to use them. The only trouble I had was with the PT ambi safeties I started building up a large callous on my strong hand index finger where the safety would push into. It got so bad that I had trouble disengaging the safety. I took a dremel to it, and as you can see scuffed it a bit. I am sending Greg the dimensions of my safety mod so the new gun will fit my hand perfect.
  11. AzShooter changes for the good.

    .71 first shot is salty
  12. in your opinion...

    Not really answering your question...but if you want to improve your skills then stop shooting so many matches and trade those for practice days. Matches are not practice. Matches do help in ways such as stage planning, stage experience, mental preparedness...but its not practice. Matches are just a way to judge your current level of skill. If you want to get better at skill X, you must spend time on focused practice on skill X. Then go shoot a match to realize that skill.
  13. Ben's Dry-Fire Reloaded

    I like the format of the new book and there are a few different drills at the beginning of the book dealing with transitions and sight pictures.