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  1. Most helpful tip you ever received

    Good one. Something I still have to remind myself of when walking stages at times. As RO I see shooters do this all the time and its a generally a time sync.
  2. A Few Dry Fire Thoughts, Add Yours

    Wouldn't motivation without discipline be the guy that talks a lot but never actually does anything?
  3. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    Glad you have had a better experience than most. I have had to tune feed lips on several buddies new MBX mags.
  4. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    Holy crap, is it taking that long just to get SV mags?
  5. A Few Dry Fire Thoughts, Add Yours

    I have some general goals in my head, but nothing that I have written down or read every day Lanny Basham style. My biggest training buddy is taking the year off to focus on work and I think that has taken some of my motivation. Defining my goals for this year I think can help get me back on track, thanks Scott.
  6. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    When MBX first came out, and they were small, their mags were the best out of the box mags you could get. Once they started getting bigger their mags have needed tuning, for a lot of guns, out of the box. I have found that new style SV tubes hold their shape and lip dimensions better than anything. I have also not tried MBX since their first generation.
  7. A Few Dry Fire Thoughts, Add Yours

    Thats a pretty good description of what I am experiencing right now. I was very motivated last year, was doing two a day dry fire and trying for once a week live. I shot around 30k rounds last year and probably 150k+ dry fire trigger pulls. Unlike many others, I actually enjoy dry firing. Since December I have not been as motivated, for whatever reason, and definitely not disciplined. Motivation got me to M class last year but its going to take discipline to get my ass out of bed on these cold mornings. I only dry fired in the morning once last week, and afterward it felt great. Need to find the discipline to get back to where I was on a solid training schedule.
  8. Crash Log

    This sounds like a good plan. I have JJ's class this thursday/friday and will run the dot for the class. Was going to try to get some live practice in this weekend but it just didnt happen. I might try to get to and indoor range this week and run some dot drills.
  9. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    This is crazy. If I forgot and left a mag full for a week with taran springs you might as well throw them away. I make sure to never leave a full mag with my grams springs for the same reason. With Taran springs if I left a full mag for several days I would start having feeding problems with that mag.
  10. Crash Log

    I'm taking the class with JJ again solely because I am the one that organized the class for our club so I get a comped slot. I could definitely leave the dot on, I suppose that wouldn't really change anything as far as the class goes and that would be 1500+ rounds more behind the dot. The bigger reason behind thinking about taking it off was the space city challenge at the end of February. I am not yet 100% set on going because the match is only half full 3 weeks out and cant see paying $150 to shoot a half full level two match. I agree 100% on needing to apply whats being learned vs taking more classes. Schedule so far looks like this: Feb 23 Space city challenge (Maybe) April 27th Texas State Open May 11th Oklahoma Sectional June 09 Double Tap Sep 08 New Mexico Sectional Sep 13 Area 4 Oct 04 Oilfield Classic (Maybe) Oct 26-28 Limited Nationals High Desert (Not released) Gator Classic (not released) Cowtown (not released)
  11. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    Ya you just have to trim the follower to not lock the slide but its no big deal. SV makes the best tubes in my opinion. I run Grams guts and Taran pads.
  12. Grams Guts in .40/10mm 2011 MBX Tubes?

    I switched to grams springs from taran springs for the same reason...they just last longer. This is in SVI tubes.
  13. Crash Log

    Due to the time change, winter weather and my whole family getting the flu I have not been able to get out and practice live like I had planned with my dot experiment. I have dry fired a bit with the dot, besides maybe first shots being slightly faster I am not noticing much speed difference in dry fire with the dot. I have shot 3 matches with the dot and after getting used to how much the dot moves I took second overall at our local match yesterday shooting 98.5 percent of a local open GM. I have found you are able to shoot sooner when you transition between targets since there is not really any sight picture refinement that has to be done, just watch the dot and shoot. Shooting steel has become faster, though at first the dot was very distracting for me on steel. It is a lot faster shooting longer distance targets. I shot good points with only 2 D's, scoring targets I saw that I had makeups on some D's and some close C's. There were also two mikes that I made up. One was on the Virginia count classifier, I shot early on a transition and instantly made it up, taking the extra shot penalty. I was definitely more excited about the makeup then I was upset about the penalty. I found shooting weak/strong accurately with the dot is A LOT easier than with irons. Overall it has been fun. I have found that it is easier to process calling the shot when all you have to be concerned with is where that dot was when the shot breaks. Not having to process the relationship between the notch and the front sight makes shot calling faster and easier. I find a lot of times when I have called a bad shot in limited I have already transitioned off of the target by the time im registering the bad shot. I am then wasting time returning to that target for the makeup. I am taking a class with JJ in two weeks so I am taking the dot off, and i likely wont put it back on until the mid year break in majors. To better call my shots in limited I am going to have to find a way to pay more attention to the sight alignment, while not slowing down, and make that sight picture more important.
  14. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    Other than making it look pretty this is the finished product.
  15. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    It uses a barrel like a glock...with a single lug in the back instead of the lugs on the top of the barrel that have to be fit to the slide. No barrel link either.