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  1. 650 Station 1 Misalignment

    I don't have another shell plate. I've messed with the sizing die several times. It's the same with a Dillon die and my preferred Lee U die.
  2. Stoeger vs Anderson resources

    Take this with a grain of salt. I'm a fat, old low B Production shooter. I have all of both of their books. If I could only have books by one of them, I would have Anderson. I like his mental game discussion. On the drill side, Ben tosses out drill plans dedicated to helping you win matches. They aren't quite so focused on single issues. Anderson's first book is focused on helping you make GM. For the price of a month's worth of practice ammo, you can have all of them. Read them and try them. If you are really limited for money. Buy Ben's Dry Fire Reloaded and the latest version of Skills and Drills. Then listen to Anderson's podcast. He gives the mental game away for free.
  3. 650 Station 1 Misalignment

    I have the shell plate down and it's solid. The ejector wire is around the head of the bolt. I am pushing forward on the handle at the up stroke. Even if I had feed cases, it's mis-aligned. It's almost like the case isn't vertical in the shell plate to that I have to manually tip the shell plate into the decapping/sizing die. No amount of adjustment of the camming pin helps.
  4. I've been using a U-Die on my 550 for 2 years. I just picked up a second hand 650 and bought a new U-Die for it. No matter how hard I torque the gland nut, the pin slips and doesn't remove primers consistently. Anyone have a suggestion on what to try to fix this?
  5. I had no problem getting to Benos or the CZ forum that I like.
  6. 650 Station 1 Misalignment

    I adjusted the camming pin and put in a Dillon sizing/depriming die and still no work.
  7. I'm going to be going to Israel for work this summer. When I was in Ireland a while back, Enos and the CZ forum I read were blocked. Am I going to have problems like that in Israel? How about USPSA Facebook?
  8. I bought a second hand 650, with a case feeder, and I've been gradually dialing it in for my load. Most everything is working now. My remaining problem is that about 1 in 4 cases doesn't line up, within tolerance, to the size deprime die in station 1. I'm using a Lee U-die. I, occasionally, need to push the case further in towards the shell plate. At first, I thought it might be leveling. I've leveled to blue frame by shimming the press. What are next steps?
  9. I can easily measure the difference on POI vs POA with 124 gn bullets vs 147. That tells me that how the gun recoils is important when sighting in a hand gun. For USPSA, are we better off sighting in freestyle, as that gives the same recoil properties as the shooting at the match?
  10. Need to order some bullets

    Enos10 gives 10% off for Acme bullets.
  11. TS .40 factory trigger?

    About as good as a pivot trigger can get. 2#
  12. Acme code

    I used that code on Tuesday
  13. WSF For 9MM......

    I chrono'd 4 different minor PF loads. 3 with WSF and 1 with IMR 7625. All were loaded on the same machine. SD on the 7625 was 8. SDs on the WSF were 14, 16 and 20.
  14. WSF For 9MM......

    Shooting several WSF 9mm minor loads across the chrono yesterday, the ES was higher than I see with faster powders. It was running 50 to 70. Normally, I'm down around 30.
  15. I just bought a 650 from one of the local Masters who bought a 1050. I'd like to use the 650 for 9 and the 550 for other stuff.