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  1. Any love for Guga Ribas gear?

    As one of the local CZ experts, what holster/mag pouch set up would you buy for using a Tac Sport in Limited and where would you buy it?
  2. Reloading

    Get a 650 for thousands.
  3. Why so little love for the Kadet for training?

    My brother has taken a Dremel to an Uplula and thinned down the part you use to push down the rounds so it fits through the lips. This is what he uses to load his Kadet mags. Personally, I like my Kadet. But I can load 9mm for about what I can buy .22. So the value of the .22 goes down when practicing for USPSA. The Kadet is a great way to introduce new shooters.
  4. Heavier bullet brand that are best in short chambers

    This has been longest in my CZs.
  5. I've been shooting fixed sight production guns since I came to the sport. I just won a good Carry Optics gun in the staff raffle for a match I worked. What range do you sight them in at? I've heard 15 yards for adjustable sights on iron sights. Does the wide gap between the sight line and the muzzle axis dictate a different sight in range. I'm thinking 25 yards might be better.
  6. Canik TP9 SFX guide rod

    Are you getting 23 rounds with the stock mag spring and follower? I get 23 easily but don't get 22 in any of them.
  7. Dillion 650

    Fired case was in both stations when setting up. When checking bullets with stem, the extreme spread was .005. I still get a spread of finished OAL of .01. When I was using my 550, with the same bullet, die and seating stem, the spread was .006. Any more ideas on why the 650 is worse than the 550?
  8. TP9 SFX Slide Racker

    I did my first "go fast" range session yesterday. The slide racker sits right where I want my strong side thumb to go to get a good high grip coming out of the holster. This question is now moot for me.
  9. canik sfx trigger weight

    My new one is 4#
  10. Columbia Cascade Sectional 2017 Match Video

    BTW Gooldy was high overall.
  11. Is this legal for Carry Optics? It's OEM for this gun. I don't see anything against it in any of the rules.
  12. Followers in Carry Optics

    I am going to try Carry Optics. For the gun I'm shooting, I can meet the magazine size requirement with a magazine that holds 22 rounds. If I use an aftermarket spring/follower, I can get to 23. With these followers, the slide doesn't lock back on empty. Is this OK? I don't see anything against this in the USPSA rules, including the CO supplement. Am I missing something?
  13. Dillion 650

    I'm also seeing a wide variation in OAL on my 650. I bought it use. I have it dialed in for a target OAL of 1.038" using a 122gn Acme flat point bullet. I see actual OALs from 1.032 to 1.044. I'm loading with 4.5 gns of WSF. I have the shell plate as tight as I can get it and still get it to run well. I have the flat point seating stem selected. What else can I tweak to tighten the OAL? When I loaded on my 550, I typically saw a range of about .005.
  14. 650 Station 1 Misalignment

    I called Dillon. They had me "wobble" the case insert slide. It was pretty bad. They sent me a new one and it's doing fine now.
  15. Will the stock slide racker be USPSA legal? I didn't see anything in the rules that prohibit it.