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  1. USPSA says PCC's requires be shouldered, but no penalty mentioned for not shouldering. USPSA PCC Adendum
  2. Taccom "Couplers"

    I got one to use with my PSA Colt mags. I connected two 32 rounders because that's all I own. At first the free spring was somehow getting past the floor plate attached to the other spring. I played with it a bit and got that figured out, but then either the floor plate or follower, or both are dragging. I beveled both a little bit, but they're still dragging. I eventually quit, because you need at least three good, working hands and I only have a bum finger on one hand. I'll try again later this week, but if anyone has any idea on what to do about the dragging follower I'd be all ears. Thanks
  3. I sometimes run a Rock River mag block--bottom load. I have had a few problems, but I'm not sure if it was the conversion or the loads I have been using. Reloading in a converted rifle is more difficult, and if the mag bumps a barricade, or you try to use the mag as a monopod, you will experience feeding problems. I also own a dedicated Colt stile lower, but have not experienced the doubles, but I have only shot it once or twice resting on the magazine and did not experience problems then.
  4. Taccom "Couplers"

    So what luck did you ever have with this coupler 32 rounders? I want to try one of these. Probably won't load more than 50-55 rounds.
  5. Let's see some pcc's

    For America's birthday: Flag PCC
  6. I run two set ups: JP bolt with carbine buffer and MFA modular bolt with H2 buffer. Both use a carbine spring, both run light charges that make 126 PF in an 11" barrel. My heavier set up is still 6 oz less mass than the one in question. The lighter set up is on a standard 16" upper, the heavier in on a 11" SBR that I run suppressed frequently.
  7. Double Feeds

    Yes. What Eric said. More precisely what I meant to say was that the base plate is fully seated on the magazine. I was able to tighten the locking screw on mine without complete seating and the spring was sticking and I could not fully load the magazines.
  8. Double Feeds

    Try tapping the base pad on more--I had to use a plastic tipped mallet to get my TF extended base pads fully flush on the magazines. Also remove the retaining plate from the springs before installing the base plate.
  9. Our match yesterday was rained out, but I did manage to get some trigger time on this rifle. I fired 140 rounds through it without a single hiccup. I did about 15 unloaded, bolt closed starts from low ready. I found if I took care to align the magazine up upon insertion I could easily seat the magazine without much force.
  10. Best load data for subsonic 300 Blackout

    I don't have my notes with me, but I think I ran around 8-8.5 gr Lil Gun through my 8.5" SBR running cast coated 240 gr bullets. I started with data from Hodgdon and found what load would cycle my gun unsuppressed, yet still subsonic. I kept the rounds right at 1000 fps.
  11. I am going to go out on a limb and say thr TAXXOM buffer system is too light, resulting in a bolt speed too great for your set up and it outran your magazine spring.
  12. The completed rifle with Anderson slick sided upper, 16" BA Modern Series barrel, CMB 9 mm comp, JP bolt, MOE grip and stock, MRO, milspec charging handle with Strike Industries extended latch, ATI handguard.
  13. I just pocked one up. It seems well made and it comes with the Colt style ejector and feed ramp. It also comes with a mag catch, extended bolt catch and takedown pins installed. No roll pins, it uses threaded allen bolts throughout. As delivered it does not work with JP or NFA bolts. The ears on the feed ramps are squared at the top on the outside edges; the Rock River mag block I have been using is beveled at the top to allow clearance for the bolt. Spikes: Rock River: I had to bevel the ears on the Spikes to allow the bolt to close: Once that was done, there was clearance for the bolt to cycle. I also installed a previously modified mag catch; this allowed easier mag seating. Once assembled with Magpul grip, MiBr, polished milspec trigger, ambi safety carbine buffer tube and buffer, I took it to the neighborhood indoor range and it functioned flawlessly. Inserting and seating mags is about the same as the mag block in a regular lower. The magwell is not beveled; rather it appears to be about the same shape as a JP or CMMG, but it is reduced to match the smaller magazines.
  14. Any chance you can post up a picture of how it broke?
  15. I tried the modified mag catch at the range today. The modification works well, just smartly insert the magazine on nto the mag well until clicks, then give a little tug. You still have to line up the magazine properly to insert it, but it seats without the slap I had to use before. I put the mag catch into a vice and filed off 0.040"