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  1. Lengthened forcing cone

    Can somebody explain in idiot terns what this does? Is it a worthwhile modification? I tried a search and only came up with vague references. thanks
  2. HELP - Versa Max problem

    I have also noticed negligible peening if the bolt face of my Versamax. This can easily be sanded off and polished. I check the bolt face fir deformation whenever I clean it, and have to sand/polish every year or two, but I only manage to make about six matches per year.
  3. 9mm conversion

    I have been using a Rock River for about a year in a form 1 rifle. It has proven reliable for me, just you cannot rest the magazine or torque it in any way. The issues I have had with that rifle I can directly attribute to 1) the light trigger in it has made for a feew FTF's, 2) loading ammo too light to properly cycle or reset the trigger, 3) getting crazy with the recoil system. I am no longer trying to load it to make is shoot like a .22. The gun will need to be cleaned more frequently than a .223, and the magazines will need to be cleaned on occasion.
  4. MBX Extension help!

    did you use extrapower springs?
  5. Barrel keyholing after rapid fire

    Thanks for the input. You all were correct: barrel shot out. He sent it in to BCM and they borescoped it. They are going to replace it for him.
  6. Barrel keyholing after rapid fire

    Freedom factory new 55 gr ammo
  7. Barrel keyholing after rapid fire

    BCM chromlined, probably about 5,000.
  8. We attended a rifle hoser match this weekend. My son shot his personal duty rifle. I noticed two sideways bullet holes on the first stage, but thought he must have tagged a stage prop. On the subsequent stages, it started doing it consistently after fourty rounds. He had initially shot with his .30 cal suppressor, so we assumed it had a baffle strike. He took the suppressor off for the last few stages, but it continued. Always after right at fourty rounds. After the match, he did a few mag dumps. No keyholes after a thirty round mag. So he loaded up a big mag, and it started keyholing again for the last several. Any ideas on what could cause this? The flash hiderhad no fouling that we could tell, and as it is for a .30 cal, there is ample room to clear the bullet.
  9. getting it to run

    I agree that it is most likely a magazine issue. I have had the same problem like three time (of course always during a match). I have started tracking which mags give problems...
  10. USPSA says PCC's requires be shouldered, but no penalty mentioned for not shouldering. USPSA PCC Adendum
  11. Taccom "Couplers"

    I got one to use with my PSA Colt mags. I connected two 32 rounders because that's all I own. At first the free spring was somehow getting past the floor plate attached to the other spring. I played with it a bit and got that figured out, but then either the floor plate or follower, or both are dragging. I beveled both a little bit, but they're still dragging. I eventually quit, because you need at least three good, working hands and I only have a bum finger on one hand. I'll try again later this week, but if anyone has any idea on what to do about the dragging follower I'd be all ears. Thanks
  12. I sometimes run a Rock River mag block--bottom load. I have had a few problems, but I'm not sure if it was the conversion or the loads I have been using. Reloading in a converted rifle is more difficult, and if the mag bumps a barricade, or you try to use the mag as a monopod, you will experience feeding problems. I also own a dedicated Colt stile lower, but have not experienced the doubles, but I have only shot it once or twice resting on the magazine and did not experience problems then.
  13. Taccom "Couplers"

    So what luck did you ever have with this coupler 32 rounders? I want to try one of these. Probably won't load more than 50-55 rounds.
  14. Let's see some pcc's

    For America's birthday: Flag PCC
  15. I run two set ups: JP bolt with carbine buffer and MFA modular bolt with H2 buffer. Both use a carbine spring, both run light charges that make 126 PF in an 11" barrel. My heavier set up is still 6 oz less mass than the one in question. The lighter set up is on a standard 16" upper, the heavier in on a 11" SBR that I run suppressed frequently.