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  1. How much spare ammo to bring

    I always bring twice the round count, whether its for USPSA or 3-gun.
  2. Intermittent No Primer Strike

    So, I did a full tear-down of the slide, blew out the FP channel with compressed air, and reassembled. Ran 125-ish problemn-free rounds through it yesterday. Must have been something gumming up the FP.
  3. What could be causing intermittent FTF's in a 2011 where the hammer falls, but there is NO evidence of a primer strike. This was an intermittent malfunction, happening every other or every third round. Andy
  4. What part on an M2 would need to be addressed when I am frequently having accidental ghost loads (last shell of a quad load goes past the shell catch, but then immediately bounces back onto the lifter). This happened to me while preloading at pretty much every stage at the 3GN regional this past weekend.
  5. FN ?

    I'm not sure who 'confirmed' it, but FN is listed as 'confirmed' on the match calendar here on Enos for 1-3SEP.
  6. 2017 Remmy P16?

    Nice looking pistol. I hope they will be compatible with STI mags...
  7. STI 2011 for Duty Use (police)

    As far as ammo goes, my Eagle in .40 gobbles up factory ammo with no issues whatsoever. On an unrelated note, FBI HRT carried Les Baer's built on Para P14 frames for a long time. They were really nice guns.
  8. Registration info is here: http://tarheel3gun.com/2017-bushmaster-tarheel-3-gun-challenge/
  9. Brownells Edge

    I've had it for coming up on 2 years. The only thing I've noticed is that as time goes on, they seem to be progressing to cheaper and cheaper shipping options. I used to get my orders in 3-4 days (in PA) and now they're taking 7-8 days (UPS and FedEx smart post).
  10. Anyone have any experience with Clever brand shotshells? Brownells has them on sale for $60 a case. Andy
  11. SPS Pantera! 9mm Budget conscious 2011 clone

    Nope, internally it's completely stock. I put between 4k and 5k rounds through it since getting it this year and it's been 100% reliable.
  12. SPS Pantera! 9mm Budget conscious 2011 clone

    I like the 'shelf' that the larger magwell provides for my support hand.
  13. SPS Pantera! 9mm Budget conscious 2011 clone

    Yes, I installed an Extreme Shooters DVC grip and Dawson magwell on mine. Love it
  14. Riser = bad idea?

    I've been running a YHM riser on several rifles and have had no issues with maintaining zero.
  15. Fiocchi Slugs

    7/8's have been 100% reliable and accurate in my M2 and M3K.