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  1. Typical primer loss with Dillon 550

    I think the Wolff have more squared off edges around the primer cup. CCI and Winchester have more rounded. I agree, both the primer pick up tubes and primer feeding system like the more rounded primer cups better. Fo sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Typical primer loss with Dillon 550

    It’s not supposed to be in anything. It’s supposed to be adjusted to be just a couple MM away from the rim so that case doesn’t back out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Typical primer loss with Dillon 550

    Also, I’ve noticed that some primers just feed better than others. Seems like the ones with a more rounded cup feed better overall. Everything feeds fine now, but just an observation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Typical primer loss with Dillon 550

    Make sure the screws that hold the primer feeder tube base in place aren’t too tight. The ones on the bottom. I ruined the base of a feeder tube by over tightening them years again when I first started. Lucky I live two blocks from Dillon and they replaced it for me. Also take some super fine sandpaper and go over the primer slide VERY lightly. You don’t want to remove any material or it will be sloppy. Just SMOOTH it out a tiny tiny bit. Hope that helps. It’s very frustrating when the primer slide won’t feed smoothly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Looking for new powder

    I [emoji173]️ Silhouette. I run major in my modified G17 Open Gun. I ran HS-6 for awhile, but just found Silhouette to be a much more “even and balanced” powder. An SD of less than 10 over 24 shots is about as good as I’ve ever gotten in a pistol. Makes me confident that the pistol is producing the power factor that I assume it is. I also find Silhouette to be a good all all around powder, and it’s economical as are most of the Western Powders. Created: 10/27/17 13:01 Description: Precision Delta 124gr JHP 9MM G17 Open Notes 1: Precision Delta 0.355 JHP 35571 124 0.576 Notes 2: 6.8grs Silhouette Distance to Chrono(FT): 8.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.145 Bullet Weight(gr): 124.00 Temp: 97 °F BP: 29.88 inHg Altitude: 0.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 24 1379 523.68 171.00 23 1370 516.87 169.88 22 1384 527.48 171.62 21 1373 519.13 170.25 20 1370 516.87 169.88 19 1381 525.20 171.24 18 1380 524.44 171.12 17 1384 527.48 171.62 16 1381 525.20 171.24 15 1374 519.89 170.38 14 1374 519.89 170.38 13 1381 525.20 171.24 12 1383 526.72 171.49 11 1364 512.35 169.14 10 1361 510.10 168.76 9 1379 523.68 171.00 8 1377 522.16 170.75 7 1382 525.96 171.37 6 1384 527.48 171.62 5 1390 532.07 172.36 4 1370 516.87 169.88 3 1362 510.85 168.89 2 1361 510.10 168.76 1 1351 502.63 167.52 Average: 1374.8 FPS SD: 9.5 FPS Min: 1351 FPS Max: 1390 FPS Spread: 39 FPS Shot/sec: 0.1 True MV: 1381 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Funny load request.

    My go to subsonic load for my G34 after hundreds of rounds of testing. Shoot it suppressed as well. I've shot it day and night and haven't noticed any smoke. It's cheap and accurate. I know most guys find the sweet spot to be the 135 PF range so this is a little high but still in the ball park. Shoots soft enough for me. I'm guessing it's the hot burning TG combined with the moly that's giving you a little smoke. 147gr RMR PRN Titegroup 3.4grs 968 FPS G34 (942FPS) COAL 1.150-1.160" ISMI 11LB Spring Set: 265 Created: 02/24/17 13:21PM Description: RMR 147gr PRN 9MM Notes 1: RMR 0.355 FMJ/RN ENC 35597 147 0.675 Notes 2: 3.4grs Titegroup Distance to Chrono(FT): 10.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.212 Bullet Weight(gr): 147.00 Temp: 63 °F BP: 30.09 inHg Altitude: 0.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 10 948 293.39 139.36 9 975 310.34 143.32 8 970 307.17 142.59 7 973 309.07 143.03 6 970 307.17 142.59 5 967 305.27 142.15 4 978 312.26 143.77 3 964 303.38 141.71 2 981 314.17 144.21 1 959 300.24 140.97 Average: 968.5 FPS SD: 9.7 FPS Min: 948 FPS Max: 981 FPS Spread: 33 FPS Shot/sec: 0.8 True MV: 972 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00 -------------------------------------------- Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    I have used the 90gr and 95gr TJ's in several 380's. When they first started carrying them, I think the price was something ridiculous like $60/1000??? So I tried them. Can't speak to how they work in 9MM, but they quality was good and they were consistent from bullet to bullet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    If they are 115gr shouldn't they be cheaper than the 124gr???? Not trying to be a wise ass. Maybe I missed something. PD makes 115gr JHP. Wouldn't the PD 115GR JHP be cheaper than the Everglades 115gr JHP if that were the case? I have 115gr PD JHP, but I haven't compared the prices. I think as a general rule of thumb, especially in 9MM, the faster you push a bullet, up to a certain extent, the more accuracy you're gonna squeeze out of it. So I'm guessing you're pushing the 115gr bullets much faster than the 124gr bullets to achieve the same PF? I've tried the PD 115gr in my open gun and they are indeed very accurate. I just didn't like the "feeling" of the gun with combination. Personal preference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 1st ever load work up

    Created: 10/19/16 09:50AM Description: PD 124gr JHP 9MM G17 Open Notes 1: PD 0.355 BJHP 124 N/A Notes 2: 6.8grs Silhouette Distance to Chrono(FT): 5.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.138 Bullet Weight(gr): 124.00 Temp: 77 °F BP: 26.78 inHg Altitude: 2118.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 11 1360 509.35 168.64 10 1363 511.60 169.01 9 1354 504.86 167.90 8 1367 514.61 169.51 7 1367 514.61 169.51 6 1354 504.86 167.90 5 1343 496.69 166.53 4 1363 511.60 169.01 3 1376 521.40 170.62 2 1358 507.85 168.39 1 1378 522.92 170.87 Average: 1362.1 FPS SD: 10.1 FPS Min: 1343 FPS Max: 1378 FPS Spread: 35 FPS Shot/sec: 0.8 True MV: 1366 FPS Group Size (in): 0.00
  10. 1st ever load work up

    My load for my G17 Open gun. 6.8grs Silhoutte. CCI small pistol primers. Precision Delta 124 JHP. Seated 1.100" COAL. 165 power factor all day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Any benifit to Jacketed bullet vs coated vs plated?

    Precision Delta. All the way. No affiliation. Just really like their stuff for performance and value. If you buy at least 2000 they pretty much cost the same as plated and just a few cents more per bullet than coated. For a few cents more, at least in the .355/.356 arena you can get JHP's, which to me is the best bang for the buck (pun intended). When I started reloading I used exclusively lead. Just too damn messy! Then I tried plated. Much cleaner, but more expensive and not nearly as accurate overall as lead (lead seem to me to be the accurate bullets I have used this far, but not worth the mess). Then I tried coated. They're accurate and cleaner than plain lead, but still messy, and not that much cheaper than played. I finally decided that with the volume I shoot JHP/FMJ was the way to for 90% of my shooting. The only areas I still us something different are for 9MM subsonic, I use plated, because 147gr FMJ's or JHP's seem to be WAY more than the plated and I get good accuracy in subsonic ammo with the plated. All other 9MM loading get JHP. All .380 loading get JHP. In .45 Auto and .40/10MM for whatever reason the JHP's for those bullets is way more expensive than the FMJ's so I stick with FMJ's. I've spent hours price shopping so I'll save you the time. For pretty much every thing JHP/FMJ PD is the cheapest (and best) as long as you order at least 2000. The only exception I could find was .95gr JHP's were cheaper by the case when ordered from Montana Gold (also great bullets, just typically more expensive. For quality plated bullets Rocky Mountain Reloading is the go too. RMR also has the best price on 180gr FMJ's. PD has the best price on 165gr FMJ's. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    I shoot the PD 124gr JHP out of a G17 Open pistol behind 6.8grs of Silhouette. Thousands and thousands of rounds. Zero problems. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    I read the same about MG. Might have even been direct from MG. But like I said I couldn't find anything pro or con for PD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    I was wondering if there was any data on the PD bullets and expansion for SD? I have searched the web but haven't found much info. I guess I could just call them and ask? I always assumed they were NOT designed to expand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. What brands 9mm 124 gr JHP's are you using?

    Precision Delta. Quality product. Great price. No affiliation. Just like em. Shoot them in everything but my 9MM Sub/Silencer loads (that's the only thing I still use plated for). Well, I do use MG 95gr JHP for my 380's and steel loads, cheapest 95gr bullet when purchased by the case. BUT other than that Precision Delta are the best made least expensive JHP I can find. You do have to purchase a minimum of 2000 per bullet type to get a discount but that doesn't sound like I should be a problem for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk