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  1. Howdies from Prescott AZ

    You don't have to be a member of the Prescott Action Shooters to shoot with us. There is a shoot every Thursday either steel or paper. Check the website http://yavapairecreationleague.net/
  2. Best .40 dies on a 650? What do you use?

    The collet that holds the decapping rod on the Lee dies is a superior setup. It eliminates breaking the decapping rod if there is an obstruction in the case, or a heavy crimp on the primer. I am very happy with the Lee 4 die setup. I do use a Lee undersize die, since my 40s tend to get intermingled with ones which were shot from Glocks
  3. Cold weather lube?

    Mobil 1
  4. Para Ordinance 16-40 limited?

    Since Remington took over, replacement magazines are hard to find. If you have a magwell, Mecgar mag won't work. I know that MBX now offers hi cap mags, but they are expensive.
  5. Finally got a pic of the twins !

    Whose fiber optic did you use, I am thinking about putting one on my Loaded.
  6. SPS Pantera! 9mm Budget conscious 2011 clone

    Are the sear, disconnector and hammer MIM?
  7. Extra large ambi safety. Are you left handed? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. talked to Para about 18.9 mags

    I ordered one. I think I'll have to modify it to get it to work with the stock magwell but I'll give it a shot. Haven't heard a thing from MBX.It came in yesterday. It's just a bit shorter and wouldn't fit into the magwell and lock with their baseplate. I put the factory base plate (I'm running Arredondos on my factory mags) on it and went right in and by hand feeds 19 rounds very smoothly. Sits just too low to lock the slide back. I'll update when I get a chance to shoot it but I think it'll be fine. Woo Hoo, 3 mags!!Dogtired, thanks for the lead. Got time to shoot the new mag last night. It's a go! Put 100 rounds through it with no issues at all. It's a bit loose in the gun when empty and does sit too low to hold back but it functions 100%. I ordered a second one since I had another factory baseplate left. I think I'm GTG until MBX gets theirs debugged and on the market.Thanks everyone for all the help and advice. I just ordered a couple of these mags and some of these bases, I hope they work. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/ad/1371120.htm#1371120 Please post the results when you receive them.
  9. Bullseye vs. Titegroup

    The terms hotter and faster burning are being used interchangeably here. It really depends on what you mean. Bullseye may generate a quicker pressure curve, resulting in a higher velocity for the same charge, but Titegroup burns hotter. This is my subjective opinion based on picking up just fired brass at the range, This would support Accu9's observation. We need to be precise with our terminology when responding to a shooter who admits he is a new reloader.
  10. Coated shoot softer than jacketed at equal MV?

    Higher powder charge equals more powder flying out of the barrel, in a handgun not all of the powder is burned. The additional powder equals more mass exiting at the same velocity. This results in slightly more energy or momentum. This might account for a very slight difference.
  11. MBX Extreme Mags

    California gun laws are crazy. I read the link on MB Extremes site. So I guess you can possess a high mag. This is a quote from the link. "California law prohibits any person from manufacturing, importing into the state, keeping for sale, offering or exposing for sale, giving, or lending any large capacity magazine".
  12. Tite Group and Bayou 124gr or 135gr

    Ordered 3300 135 gr round nose today at 14:25, I was notified by the Post Office at 16:45 that my bullets were on the way. I think that is called Great Customer Service. I have dealt with Bayou several times in the past and always been satisfied, but this time Donnie really exceeded my expectations.
  13. MBX Extreme Mags

    Just curious how do you shoot the hi cap mags in San Luis Obispo? I will admit I may not know California gun laws that well. but the Mag Blueprinting Extreme website says they are illegal in California. I am not trying to add to the fight, I am just curious. Thank you for the updates, I plan on ordering 2 mags as soon as they are available.
  14. MBX Extreme Mags

    Thanks for the prompt feedback
  15. MBX Extreme Mags

    How did you order them, the site does not list them as available yet.