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  1. how to install warren or 10-8 rear sight?

    Yep, you need to fit those sights as mentioned above.
  2. I'd get a low mount thumb safety before taking a file to the slide.
  3. Good news GigG...glad it all worked out for you.
  4. My G19 build (dont see many of those on here)

    Have you checked your drop safety?
  5. The retainer will not be the issue. It will be the ILS specific cap (which adds length) combined with a standard spring (which is longer than an ILS specific spring and also adds length - compressed). If you are using all ILS specific parts (cap, spring, retainer) it should work just fine in an aftermarket MSH...because when assembled it is the same overall length as a standard set. You will run into issues if you start mixing parts as stated above.
  6. Ok...so are you running the ILS specific cap, spring, and retainer in the aftermarket MSH (shown on left)...or did you switch those out for standard parts (shown on right)? If you are using the mainspring cap shown on the left with the spring on the right....that's your problem
  7. Hmmm I have a C&S hammer strut that I have not installed yet. Since it was advertised as "longer" I compared it to the stock strut of my TRP and could not detect any difference in length with the naked eye. Before you start filing and shaping the tip of the strut, I would ensure you have the correct mainspring cap installed.