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  1. Can anyone suggest or at least tell me who is the best 2011 / 1911 Gunsmith in the low country ???? I just moved to Summerville and need to get Some work done on my Race guns! Thanks, Marc
  2. All great advise as usual from a great Forum.............. I also had the barrel blued ( blacked ) with the rest of my parts after fitting so i am gonna polish my chamber and try again if that won't do it i will buy a finish reamer and open it up some! Thaks to all who posted!
  3. NO i didn't..................I was thinking that might be it myself
  4. I have just built a single stack in .40 with a Kart Barrel. My problem is i am having failures to feed but the bullets are getting stuck half way in the chamber and not going any further. When i try to push them the rest of the way they are stuck! I looked at the ones that were failing and they are cheap off brand store bought ammo that looks like they haven't been crimped to tight but some of them will feed and some won't so i am thinking maybe the chamber is too tight ? Has anyone else had to open the chamber in a Kart barrel ? By the way this is factory ammo and thats what i want to shoot outa this gun. Thanks, Marc
  5. What i hate is being told your gun will be done in 2 to 4 weeks for a minor machine job and finish and still not have it 9 weeks later !!!!!!!!! 4 hours worth of mill time and just a standard blue / black job and still waiting. I could of had it ION Bonded by now and been shooting, I could understand if i wanted it old skhool rust blued or one of the new Ion Bond finishes but simply to drop it in blueing salts and give it a black finish ? I think the worst part is my Smith who has done all of my work for the past few years really acts like he don't give a crap. He has offered no apologies no kind hearted gestures of any kind ???? It's not like i have been a bad customer i didn't even call him until week 6 to check on my gun. I am so mad i could scream but by doing that i'm sure i would lose a World Class Gunsmith and someone i have always trusted. I don't know what in the heck to do at this point. I guess once this deal is over use another Smith............ GRRRRRR! Marc
  6. Flexmoney has almost...

    Negative on the offspring! If that were the case he would be a much better shooter !!!!!!!
  7. The Burner is shooting again!

    The Burner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!
  8. As you should because this is the fun stuff when you start! I do remember those days. Marc
  9. Thats my problem right now!..........I had to get out of shooting for about 5 years, so i sold everything i had Guns, Reloading supplies, all three of my Dillon presses, so now that i'm starting over it angers me to see how hoarding and knee jerk reactions of the general public has driven the Firearms and Ammunition markets out of this world!.....Consumers have Inflated their own market beyond affordability!? I remember 5 years ago you could get on this forum and the USPSA website and outfit yourself with quality gear for a fair and very reasonable price.....I started many new shooters by telling them to get on Enos read all you can ask as many questions as you need and by the time you have researched what division you want to shoot you will have enough post's to buy some really good equipment in the classifieds, Let me say it is still the best place i have found to buy gear but the truth is the only difference between a used Stock Limited gun and a brand new Stock Limited gun is about $100.00 That hurts when your trying to get into this sport! I have only one more thing to buy to be ready to shoot this summer and that's a press but i have looked all over and most used presses out there are more then what Brian sells them for new! Which tells us that all of the hoard buying is over and now the market will be flooded with over priced firearms and Reloading presses and just wait until all the primers and powder hits yeehaw! life may get better!
  10. Tax Refunds

    LOL..............I do know what your saying though!......................It seems like everytime you get a little bit of money to play with someone else is standing there with their hand out! Marc
  11. I think you answered yourself with Plan " B " and don't forget this is a good place to sell a Press as well as Buying a new 550 from Mr. Enos he is the cheapest and also free shipping over a specific dollar amount! Just my 2 cent's Marc
  12. Tax Refunds

    You could always donate it to the shooters without money fund! Just think of how many poor unfortunate USPSA shooters you could make happy with that donation. And you won't have to worry aboutit anymore! As a matter of fact i could even hand it out for you! Just make your check out to RERUN! and i'll do the rest. Marc
  13. Today's Maku Mozo

    I desperately want to know who " OP " Is or was???????? Someone PM me please! Now for my answer ( Vision! ) Just to "BE" Vision is implied............................................. The understanding of all that is would never be possible without Vision, Which would not be pertinant whithout Awerness......................And could not be accomplished without acceptance.................As in accepting that there is a fire............Not what started it or why it is on fire. Marc