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  1. Zero 230 fmj

    That should work just fine.
  2. Zero 230 fmj

    Check your figures. Most .45's load to between 1.220 to 1.250. Your measurements don't work out if we are speaking of a .45 ACP.
  3. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    If you are buying this to carry you have to think about what an aggressive grip is going to do to your clothes or your skin. A strip of grip tape down the front and rear of the grip frame should be plenty for an EDC. The pre-cut grip offered by CZ Custom for these guns if applied correctly is all the grip you would ever need but if you are going to carry it they are mighty rough on the surroundings. Stippling adds some grippyness and won't ruin the surroundings as bad but is still kind of rough on the skin. Just something to think about. The 07 is my EDC and all I have is a strip of grip tape down the front and rear, if you ever have to use it for its intended purpose the grip will be the last thing on your mind.
  4. Alliant Sport Pistol Powder

    Oh yeah, they screwed up the second batch by making it slower. I was very happy with the first batch that came in, it was clean and did not smoke. I purchased a good quantity of it after I ran through the first batch and as soon as the weather got a little humid it smoked like a freight train and to get it to clean up I had to get up to 135 PF. Don't get me wrong, it plenty usable but if they had left it alone I would still be using it and perfectly happy. Clean Shot didn't do any better in the Summer conditions, I had to look under the smoke to see my target. Sport Pistol does not have this problem so for me it is the hands down winner.
  5. Alliant Sport Pistol Powder

    I can only speak for the guns I own but during testing it in 9 and .40 it was equal to N320 and just a tick quicker in 9mm in comparison. Have you actually loaded and shot any of it or are you going by the Lawyered up load data?
  6. Alliant Sport Pistol Powder

    I have been testing and shooting SP for a while. It measures great, it is extremely low smoke with coated bullets when other powders are not, It is low report and low flash in the dark. It has proven to be as accurate as e3 and as clean burning. It is the same price right now as Promo. It fills the case nicely and is not temp sensitive. So basically what you get is a temperature stabile, cheap N320. It basically uses the same load data and gives relatively the same velocity. It has proven to be more accurate than 320 in all my guns. Lets hope they don't f**k this one up by changing it in the future like they did for Prima V.
  7. 9mm Muffin Top issues

    If the seating die also will crimp, back the seat die body out and re-adjust the seating stem further into the die. You should be able to see which station is causing this. As was said before the bullet has to be moving and moving a lot to do what you have pictured. If the bullet was static you could crimp it into and it would not roll the coating back.
  8. 9mm Muffin Top issues

    Like Tyler said the bullet is still moving while its being crimped. Your seating die may be screwed down too far or are you trying to seat and crimp at the same time?
  9. Off Center Flash Holes

    Since the primer explosion does not emanate in the center of the primer I don't see where it could make a difference. As long as there is a hole for the hot gas and sparks to escape into the powder that is really all that matters. They should have named those "Imperfecta"
  10. Who makes the best grips for the TSO?

    Wow! They must have changed something on the Bogies since I purchased mine last year. Anymore aggressive and blood would flow.
  11. Trigger weight?

    When the beep sounds you won't know which one you have. Pick the cheapest option and spend the rest on practice ammo.
  12. Sp01 easy/first mods

    I'd say you have done well in choosing your parts. Get ready though, when the bug bites it digs in hard. Cajun Gun Works has the bug. I know you will enjoy it and also the 5 to 7 more you will buy right after it.
  13. Awesome Glock review

    I kept waiting for the punch line. I am a little slow you know....
  14. Awesome Glock review

    I could only make it though about 2 minutes. But I learned a lot about Glocks in those short 2 minutes. That top is hard!
  15. Missing instructions for CGW adjustable billet sear

    It is really very simple. First soak the new sear and set screw in Acetone and make sure there is no oil present on either the sear or the set screw. Install the sear. Apply the safety. Put a drop of permanent LocTite on the set screw, I use 262, with the safety fully applied in the full up position screw in the set screw until it just touches the bump on the safety shaft. Release and apply the safety again to make sure it engages easily and there is no hammer movement when you pull the trigger, if there is slightly tighten the screw. Repeat until the safety engages easily but there in no hammer movement when the trigger is pulled. Lay the gun aside for a full 24 hours to let the LocTite cure. Don't get the LocTite in the action and don't let any oils in the action get on the LocTited set screw until it is cured. You are done.