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  1. I don't think the original poster has the ramped barrel.
  2. I think Eric is right on with long ammo. What kind of ammo are you using? My Taccom barrel doesn't skip a beat with my reloads.
  3. I have an 8 it's what I had so I used it
  4. I am left eye dominant and shoot both left and right handed rifle. Shotgun I either need an eye patch or shoot left handed. The Ar with a Dot doesn't mess with my eyes. If I shoulder it right handed I can not see the dot with my left eye so the right eye takes over. There is a video somewhere where Max shoot a stage with the MBX offset to the right for a left hand shooter. He shot the whole stage right handed to prove that you can still shoot hard leans with it.
  5. PCC belt recommendation

    I use an old crspeed belt that shrunk a little. With that Arenando keeper and another keeper between the mag pouches. My pistol rig I use the shooters connection belt. I really like the shooters belts cheap and they work great
  6. My 16" Faxon barrel with 10 ounce buffer and .380 actually shot pretty soft. I didn't really notice a lot of dot bounce. The Taccom barrel is a little jumpy because it's so light. If I hold on it does its thing and gives me 2 a zone hits.
  7. I am new to pcc but have had a 9mm carbine for a while now. I had a 16" Faxon barrel with taccom carbon hand guard with no comp. A couple of weeks ago I put the Taccom barrel on and shot my first PCC match. The Taccom barrel is 8 ounces lighter in the hand guard and barrel. The recoil to me seems pretty quick but it comes right back on target.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AOQAEO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the mount I used. It has a pretty small footprint
  9. I just got the mount the other day. I will probably try it out next week. I might move the c-more back and put the 45 in front.
  10. My c-more fits on the receiver flat top with a 45 and vortex razor
  11. Trigger for Palmetto PCC

    I have the rise 140 trigger and have been happy with it.
  12. I would love to try out a qc10 stuff. I have NFA carbine that was pretty reasonable. I just built a 4.5" 9mm ar pistol for fun with a $69 Blem palmetto State lower. Gun runs great
  13. My Spinta bolt is about 2 years old now with a lot of rounds through it. The pin started getting sticky. I think it finally is getting beat out of shape. I hope the replacement pin last me another 2 years. The Spinta bolt had been very good to me.
  14. PCC stock choice

    Worked great thanks
  15. PCC stock choice

    This worked out great thanks