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  1. Hammer differences Shadow and Comp

    Interested in the difference of Standard Shadow1 hammer and CZCustom production legal comp hammer. Seeing if upgrading the shadow hammer to the comp hammer would be worth it
  2. C-More Thoughts

    plastic standard switch 8moa Only problem I have ever had with it is if I leave the battery on
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I6Qb6kAJjChEJ56qhznv2291c5UHRDyNXuSXGObumqM/edit#gid=102399689 Lightweight spreadsheet
  4. The Taccom barrel and Anderson sport upper would be nice for steel challenge. My 10/22 weighs in at about 4lbs and is so much fun on steel.
  5. Lightest PCC Builds

    I shoot it with this handguard on it tonight at a little side match. About 3 ounces heavier than the Taccom handguard. My splits were off a lot and the gun moved around. I would think adding a little bit of weight in the front would give me a little more to hold on to and a little weight would flatten it out even more. Well the Taccom handguard is going back on. It ran great at that weight. I think the balance is more important than as light as possible. Here it is with the Taccom handguard right about 6 pounds
  6. Lightest PCC Builds

    No it's not worth it. I just thought it was crazy how much you can spend to save very little weight.
  7. Lightest PCC Builds

    Mine currently is about 6lb 2ounces with a 16" barrel and a comp. Probably a couple of ounces to drop and that's about it.
  8. Lightest PCC Builds

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I6Qb6kAJjChEJ56qhznv2291c5UHRDyNXuSXGObumqM/htmlview#gid=102399689 Good read. I did a bunch of math and can save about 1.5 ounce for $200 with of titanium and aluminum.
  9. List of Comps for PCCs

    I use Taccom short comp. It is light weight, Makes noise, makes gas go up in the air. I am a fan
  10. Glock 9mm Mags for PCC

    Yes that's a TF then the mini and mega mags. I was supposed to shoot them last Friday but had a weather hold. I have a match this Sunday hope to use them.
  11. Glock 9mm Mags for PCC

    I just got some MBX extensions to try from Stage Zero Shooting Supply.
  12. Glock 9mm Mags for PCC

    The 21 round p mags are nice and they are easy to take apart to run a brush through to clean
  13. Raising a Cmore

    Find someone with a mill and a scrap of aluminum that you like the thickness of. Should be able to make one in about 10 minutes
  14. Glock 9mm Mags for PCC

    I have g17 mags g33 mags and Magpul mags. I prefer the longer g33 mags for my classifier and main reloads