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  1. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Do you think it will fit with a para base pad? I'd imagine you would still need to sand down the edges of the pads.
  2. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I don't think they will work with the magwell, but if anyone is looking for these mags this is the cheapest I've found. http://palmettostatearmory.com/remington-magazine-rp9-9mm-17rd-rt17743f.html
  3. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Posted for only1asterisk
  4. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

  5. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Can you post a picture of one in your gun?
  6. https://visiondefensellc.com/product/9mm-bolt-carrier-group/ I got one from here. They are made by battle rifle development. If you order from battle rifle development the have a few different finishes.
  7. Homemade shell caddies?

    Where are you finding them for that price?
  8. Don't forget your free sticker http://www.spintaprecision.com/spinta-precision-sticker-3x3/
  9. I ordered one to try....thanks
  10. I think he was showing you that there was enough gas coming out of a pcc. Could just be the load he is using, but it does look to have enough gas for the comp to work.
  11. What comp are you running?
  12. Let's see some pcc's

    I believe it's an Odin Works handguard
  13. Side charge or rear charge

    http://devildogconcepts.com/products/hard-charger They also have two other options depending on were you mount your optics. You can change it from your ppc to your 3 gun rifle any time you want.
  14. im a new shooter and need gun help

    Any and everything you will ever want to know about the m3000. I've been using mine for the past 3 seasonsof 3 gun and haven't had any issues.
  15. Magwell for PSA

    Post 9 I believe.