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  1. 147g Ammo

    I shoot 147's in my M&P Pro 9 CORE and they're great. When I tried them in my 9mm 1911 the gun felt sluggish so I shoot 135's with that one. Bullets are Bayou's.
  2. Good Minor Load for 180gr 40

    Awesome, thanks! I have some RS Competition that I'll try with this bullet.
  3. Good Minor Load for 180gr 40

    Did you chrono this load and what spring are you using?
  4. Extended mag release

    Great, thanks!
  5. Ramshot Competition Wins Over N320 Again

    I load 3.6g of N320 with 147FP coated bullets and get 136PF out of my M&P Pro
  6. Where can I find a 2016 Limited Pro?

    Do any of you know if a Witness Elite Match SAO can be converted to SA/DA? If so, I have one in 9mm I could part with.
  7. Extended mag release

    Does the Guncraft mag release from Dawson requires fitting to install?
  8. Witness Match .40 ???s

    Yes they are OEM, I never noticed that the left side grip has "Tanfoglio" embossed on it. They do add a little more girth to the grip but I like them.
  9. Witness Match .40 ???s

    Those grips came with the gun when I bought it. They are great!
  10. Tanfoglio Elite Match

    I shoot a Witness Elite Match and love it! It has the Henning FO front sight and Canyon Creek custom magwell among other mods. It's a great shooter...
  11. Witness Match .40 ???s

    I have a Witness Elite Match with the large frame that's had some work done to it by the previous owner such as Henning FO front site, Canyon Creek trigger job and magwell, EGW match hammer & sear, etc. It's a great Limited gun! Here's a pic.
  12. Para USA Magwell

    Right, I have one factory mag with the factory extension that won't lock in as well. Now that I know the Dawsons work I may get a couple more and replace the factory extension.
  13. Para USA Magwell

    I ended up getting the Cheely small Para magwell. Installation was simple and easy and my Dawson basepads work perfectly with it. No trimming was required.
  14. Para USA Magwell

    Anyone have experience with the EGW Para magwell?
  15. Roll sizing brass, is it worth it?

    I bought a single stage press, Bulge Buster, and the Lee 9x18 FCD and since I started using it I have very little if any rounds that won't chamber check. It adds an additional step but for me it was well worth it. Also, like the above post it makes resizing on the press easier so another plus.