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  1. Best scope $1,000 or less

    I have not seen them that low, even the few used ones for sale. Who is selling them at that price? Thanks xdr
  2. 5.56 Case prep

    What are you using to swage on your 650?
  3. Who is best for carry gun Mods?

    You cant miss with either CGW or CZ custom. 2 absolute pro's
  4. Not all that experienced in the pistol comp shooting, but went to the thin aluminum grips with sandpaper type panels and they didn’t work at all for me. Found LOK Bogies grips based on input from here and love them. Aggressive and really helped my grip on my SP01.
  5. Off Hand Rifle

    A slightly different approach you might look into: I took my daughter to an Appleseed shoot and was really surprised at how much the class imporved my ability to shoot offhand. Well worth the 2 day investment and actual $ cost is negligible.
  6. I tried the Leupold DPP dovetail mount on my SP01 and it would loosen after a few rounds. Not worth it. The CGW mount looks solid though.
  7. Which Optic

    I believe its the Deltapoint Pro. I'm sure I havent tried them all, but compared to the Trijicon and Vortex models, the DPP has the largest screen and for me, easiest to pick up the dot.
  8. Versamax or M3K?

    Thanks. Turns out my local Cabelas has a few in stock so i plan to check them out tomorrow. Any thoughts on barrel length? I was originally thinking 24, but most franchi's come in 26 or 28. Both seem overly long to me, but not sure what is the standard in 3 gun.
  9. Versamax or M3K?

    I had never considered the franchi, but after reading a few threads on BE, it looks like an excellent option especially for the price. Where do you buy extension tubes, and other parts? Thanks for making me rethink this 🤔
  10. Versamax or M3K?

    Buying my first shotgun and a few questions come to mind. I was planning on an M3K which after modding it with extended tube, extractor, maybe a springkit would probably be $750-800. I saw the versmax competition online and it looks like an out of the box solution for $1100-1200. Ive read a lot of threads here (megathread inc) about the M3K and it sems like a solid low end solution Would love to hear some opinions on the versamax. Thanks
  11. Deltapoint pro mount issues

    Well this particular mount does not use set screws in the dovetail. The dovetail piece slides right into the slide, the plate lays over the top and the DPP is then screwed into the dovetail piece and torqued. The Leupold tech called it a press fit. I think its either a bad design, or i got an undersized dovetail piece that wont stay tight.
  12. I mounted a new DPP on my SP01 using the Leupold dovetail mount system. Mounted exactly per the instructions including torqueing to 25 inch lbs. Took it to the range and it came loose in 5 rounds. Tightened again, same thing so called Leupold and they are sending me a set of shorter screws to try. Has anyone used the Leupold mounts successfully? The 'press fit' seems sketchy to me so curious to other experiences.
  13. SP01 slide stop?

    👍👍 thanks