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  1. Safety check at A3

    I think that is called competition
  2. Safety check at A3

    If it was 10,000:1 I'd still think it is about whether or not that one person got the right call. (In explanation, if a neighbors dog is shitting in your yard you probably are not impressed about all of the other millions of yards it is not shitting in.)
  3. Safety check at A3

    The guns work like a revolver on the first d.a. Shot , I doubt that Troy or anyone really would consider this a safety issue. I agree with those who feel it is a rules issue. I think polite contact with Troy and a request for a formal written decision is the only answer.
  4. I'm thinking that one of the things 9.5.5 is saying is that if you have a blob hole in a target with no evidence of a grease ring , like you'd get with a partial hit in wood hard cover for example, then a second indication that the blob should be scored as a hit would be a bullet shaped crescent. Unfortunately that is just a wild guess.
  5. Do uprange starts really add anything to a stage?

    I'm sure that you are aware that the very best shooters sometimes get dq'd and that at a given match there is often one particular stage where a disproportionate number of the dq's happen.
  6. Do uprange starts really add anything to a stage?

    Sort of, but the term is also used by many highly skilled people who get dq'd and by course designers that want their match to be more about fun than disappointment. I think there is kind of a balance between providing a challenge and providing a guarantee that a certain stage will get 12 people booted from a large match.
  7. Shadow 2 base pads for Production

    If you have not practiced any reloads with it yet, I preferred the stock basepads.
  8. Seems to be somewhat of a consensus, lots of help - no worries, very little help - it sucks, when weather is bad it really sucks. A different way to ask the question is how much does your r.o. performance fall off if you do not have sufficient opportunity to rest/relax. To do that job properly you need to have the gears always running upstairs and all 4 eyes watching the shooter and the squad, if you are not careful you can find yourself being the person that just walks around with the timer. At locals the regulars know when they see a squad with very little help, a measure of the quality of the club is whether people will step up and fix the problem rather than let somebody get set up for a long and bad day. Personally, when I can see myself as being the guy put in the bad position, I bitch loud at the pre-match meeting & get it worked out.
  9. Sti rear sight screw

    Adjustable sights will get you killed in a real gun fight. Kidding, but it happens, not just with STI. If the front sight height is wrong, forcing rear sight to be adjusted at an extreme, problems are more likely, ran into this with an STI Eagle.
  10. SP-01 won't group anymore

    I will not buy a new barrel just so I can play with fitting it. I will not buy a new barrel just so I can play with fitting it. . . . .
  11. SP-01 won't group anymore

    That would do it
  12. SP-01 won't group anymore

    Interesting. Is there a barrel fitting for dummies reference anywhere?
  13. walking around with bullet stuck in rifling

    Thanks guys.
  14. On about the third stage of a recent match, when a competitor went to make ready a loose bullet dropped out of the chamber. Apparently on the previous show clear the bullet had stuck in the gun when the case was ejected. Is there a penalty? Playing around with things, I can see a loose bullet only in the chamber of my gun, but to do so I have to work harder at looking down in the barrel than you see competitors or r.o.'s do on a normal 'show clear'.