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  1. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Code required? I can't find the ad
  2. 550b shellplate bolt binding

    Check the set screw in the ram
  3. VIHTAVUORI N320 VS Titegroup

    Not a chance! I hate that stain
  4. VIHTAVUORI N320 VS Titegroup

    I've shot both TG and 320 in 9 minor a lot. Both are very good powders. Both were consistent at L2 and L3 chrono like they were at home. The price and availability difference are what people usually argue about. I have a slightly different take: I switched to 320 for the simple fact that I can leave it in the powder hopper without it turning the hopper brown like TG does. This simple change made reloading at my volume much more enjoyable as I could reload a few hundred here and there. With TG I would drain the powder hopper. I still use a lot of TG today but only for periodic batches/loads.
  5. You have to manually lower the hammer. Pick a method and stick with it (I pinch the hammer). Practice dry until your comfortable. Pucker factor was very high for me moving from Glock to Shadow 2. Now it is second nature. Good luck!
  6. Shadow 2 mag drop not dropping magazines

    I have this problem, too. Magazines bind on the first/last 10% (depending on if inserting or dropping the mag). This occurs with OEM and MecGar mags. We did a little grinding on the internal catch but that wasn't the problem. It would seem that the spring tension is the issue. For now, I simply keep the mag button depressed just a second longer. That seems to allow enough time for the mag to drop cleanly. I'd very much like to hear what other solutions there are.
  7. Recomendations on electronic muffs

    Peltior Tactical Sport 500 are very nice for the price. Sound quality is nice and very comfortable. I prefer them over Howard sleights, Ear Pro Gold, Walkers.
  8. CZ Shadow 2 135 gr Bayou 1.11 oal 3.4 Titegroup = 135 PF but more smoke than I hoped. 135 gr Bayou 1.11 oal 3.65 N320 = 132 PF very clean.
  9. Shadow 2 load VV N320

    135 gr Bayou RN 1.11 oal 3.47 gr N320
  10. Shadow 2 mag over insertion

    MecGar 17s and Springer pads fit the box with Shadow 2 no problem. I confirmed with the box last week.
  11. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    As of 5/10/17 CZ USA says they have not received 2,000 to date.
  12. 38 special for revo

    158 SWC from Bayou 3.6 grains Titegroup Medium roll crimp Makes high 700s fps, about 120 PF. Very soft and accurate. I've had no trouble knocking down poppers at an outlaw steel match despite the low PF.
  13. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    No, I'm doing it too. I shot Lim10 last night and it felt gross.
  14. Anyone loading Bayou Bullets in 38 Spl?

    I've loaded thousands of 158 SWCs from Bayou. I use a medium to light roll crimp with no coating scraping. I found that I got better accuracy with a roll crimp vs taper.
  15. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Hand loads. Fed primers.