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  1. 2017 Ft. Sill Multi-Gun Championship

    Definitely plan to be there.
  2. Gen 3 or Gen 4

    I prefer Gen 4, for the adjustable backstraps. I can put the large on and shoot it, or take it off with no backstrap for my son (10) to shoot.
  3. Model 34 beaver tail. Who uses it?

    I need to try the medium I guess. I've been runningt the large beavertail and love it. I shoot my 34 for production/3gun, but also shoot a 2011 in limited so I really like the beavertail.
  4. Youth Shooting belt

    Thanks for the input Eric. I'll give it a try. He can't wait to shoot a match in production.
  5. Youth Shooting belt

    Hello, I want to get a nice shooting belt for my son. He is 10 years old and average size (size 12-14 pants maybe?). I've already got a holster and mag pouches, but need to get a belt. I'd like to get him something that has some adjustability since he'll be growing, but I know that I'll need to replace it every 3-4 years if not sooner depending on wear anyway. I currently use a CR Speed belt for myself, but the smallest size that I found was a 32" which is very large. I know that I can just wrap the excess around, or cut it off, but I didn't know what everyone else is using for smaller people. Thanks for your input.
  6. Who has the best price on plated 180, if order is 10k plus

    A note on Xtreme, generally around Holidays they'll offer a free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount and sometimes $5 shipping. I bought 3K-4k a couple of months ago and had it shipped for $5!
  7. Gen 4 OEM extended mag release is Production legal

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Beginner help

    Another vote for G34. Add an extended base pad and you can get 22 rounds in one mag. For the AR trigger, I switched to the AR-Gold and it is the best trigger that I've personally used. Ammo for pistol, use whatever brass cased you can find. Reloads are even better. I run 133ish PF loads with an 11lb. recoil spring. Very light recoil and plenty of power. I use 55gr fmj .223 Shotty, I usually buy a few cases around the beginning of dove hunting season when it's on sale. My gun seems to run anything that I feed it(even the Winchester stuff that everyone says to avoid). For slugs and buckshot I usually run Winchester Ranger low recoil. Of course I'm always experimenting and changing things around.
  9. basic m2 mods for light loads

    JT, have you ran any of those 1oz Estate's or Rio's that Academy sells?
  10. basic m2 mods for light loads

    You might check Gene Sears Supply. They're located in El Reno Oklahoma. I bought my 24" out there about a year ago and at the time they had plenty of 21" and 24" in stock. I'm guessing that they'll ship to your FFL. I've always shopped in the store so I don't know for sure.
  11. Vortex PST 1-4x vs what?

    I run the vortex 1-4 and love it. Compared to my buddies TAC30 the choice is obvious to me, Vortex all the way. I went with the capped model due to all the running around and grounding into barrels or tables stuff. I also run the PEPR mount.
  12. SVI 5.4" sight tracker barrel in a 5" gun - PICS!

    That is a very nice looking gun. Hopefully it runs well for you.
  13. I'm very new to reloading so forgive me if this isn't what you're asking, but I've been using these xtreme 9mm HPCB (Heavy Plate Concave Base) bullets. I'm not sure if concave base is the same as hollow base.
  14. Newish Member from OK

    Hey all! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I signed up almost a year ago and am just now getting around to posting. I've found an incalculable about of great information on here already. I mainly shoot USPSA and 3gun, but enjoy any kind of shooting.