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  1. 9mm bullet setback

  2. 9mm bullet setback

    I found the more I tried to crimp, the more it would set back. Just touch it enough to remove the belling. I find my Dillon dies to size way more than any others I have tried!
  3. Aim projectiles 9mm 147 grain - Canada

    I shoot these as well and will add a side note: Watch the OAL on your reloads. Check them in the gun chamber!! If you look at the bullet it has a odd shape to it. So, it tends to hit the lands where other FMJ wont . I load these for a Springfield XDM 5.25 and the round chambers in all my 9mm except the springfield. They end up being too long. I'm sure the springfield chamber is a bit tight. Worth the few seconds to check. Like I said, they shoot great, but check OAL with your particular rig you will shoot them in. BTW...it's lot more than 100K
  4. 175 smk in stock?

    Awesome...got me some
  5. I'm curious, when I load most of my SVI mags, sometimes one of the rounds in the mag sounds like it's ratteling around. The funny thing is this happens with almost any mag I have. I have some XDM mags that do it...1911 single stacks that do it. Etc I have always thought it was common. I would just like to verify it's common or I have been loading my mags wrong for years I'd be curious why they do that. Thanks Guys Joe
  6. Unusual Primers

    I use those a lot and they work fine. You do need to watch for high primers. I've not Mic'd them up yet but for some reason my 650XL will give me a high one once in awhile and only with these? They are harder then most others as well. HTH
  7. Versa Max not ejecting

    Bwahahahahah I love it I'm so glad I chose correctly...Love my M2 I'm sorry really. I hope they make it right for you
  8. I feel stupid asking this but better ask than screw it up. I need some mag pouches for STI mags. Are they pretty much universal size? 9mm or 40 ?? And here comes the silly question. I shoot right handed. Do I get left hand mag pouches because I grab the mag with my left hand?......don't laugh Also, I use a CR speed belt. Any suggestions on mag pouches? Also looking for a good blade tech for a STI 1911 All advice is always appreciated.
  9. I found a dealer who has primers

    Yea, they are now all gone I think. He's also super backed up on reloads.
  10. I Also spoke to Matt He has a 6 month wait. Not too bad
  11. A-1 Premium http://www.theammoguy.com local pickup only 734-744-4646 Small Pistol and small rifle a friend and I just did a group buy from him. u can buy directly from the dealer
  12. polishing feed ramps

    you, sir, are wrong! Yea, I remember breaking those suckers down till there was no boot finish left on them (in the white) LOL, then dye and start over...Made for one nice soft ass comfy pair of boots! Semper Fi
  13. CFE 223 powder

    Now if we could just find some
  14. And here is a good point. Being so new to the game I find myself thinking...Do I really need this YET! To want is one thing right. I could see this putting a dent in my/our shooting budget. I may very well be better off stock pilling some bullets/powders/primers so we can shoot more. My Wife says do it, she however only wants to make me happy. Hmmmmmmmm tough one Is 3500 really too much? The darn thing goes for 4800 or so. Is it who built it that makes it so darn expensive...A name thing?
  15. This is the gun....from the burkett site. The one I have is the same thing except add all black nitride finish