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  1. Dan Bedell Limited

    He did the trigger job in my edge when the previous owner still owned it. It's excellent. Dan is local here and there are a lot of guys shooting with me that have guns built by him. Everyone seems to like them.
  2. Solo 1000 and 185gr Precision coated lead

    What barrel? I load less powder with 180gr coated bullets and make major. STI barrel.
  3. I have an optical chrono as well. It's just a pain in the ass compared to the labradar.
  4. 2011 Mag Issue

    Back off the overtravel adjustment screw and try.
  5. Tried this on some target loads to see if it works. It did not. Error acquiring projectile. Oh well. Can't complain, they said it wouldn't work.
  6. I know it says slugs only because it can't track multiple projectiles but has anyone tried birdshot to see if it at least gets a muzzle velocity? Or does it just error if it can't track the projectile after the shot leaves the wad?
  7. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    On my squad people wasted more time asking if a particular target was scored before pasting the holes than we would have wasted with a couple of reshoots. Not very effective. It also leaves a bad taste in people's mouths about the match when penalties are threatened for trying to keep things moving along with no ill intent.
  8. St. Louis Hotels

    Thanks for this. 1 day left in our trip and the hotel location has worked out great.
  9. Emailed them a couple of weeks ago asking about bluetooth. They said a firmware update would be released later this summer and that I should make sure I register my unit on their site so I am notified of the update.
  10. Humidity

    My basement is around that RH for much of the winter here. Never have any issues. Just discharge myself before touching primer tubes or loading them in the press.
  11. Labradar and Bbi bullets

    Mine chronos BBI fine. I have no issues with handgun rounds. Not sure why other people complain about issues. Mine has never missed reading a round and results are consistent with match chronos.
  12. Shooters world clean shot 200 grain records 3

    Try a .401 bullet and see if it's better.
  13. Left handers trouble

    Back off your over travel screw and try it. I'm left handed and don't have any issue. I don't think it's a left vs. right thing. Is it a plastic grip?
  14. Bullet feeding die

    Never used the Hornady but set up the MBF die in 5 seconds.
  15. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    I had some of that in my last batch. Plus incomplete castings, flat noses (on round nose bulets) and what I think are a few 9mm bullets in my 40s. I switched to different bullets.