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  1. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    I read it in a book about fitting 1911 barrels. I think it was from Kart for fitting their barrel. Basically my take on it was as the bullet hit the rifling to puts torque on the barrel. A harder bullet will apply more of that force to the barrel causing a loss in accuracy. Basically the point was if you think your gun is fit tight but it can only shoot wad cutters accurately then it's probably not fit correctly
  2. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    I think it depends on your gun. I had a wheel gun that didn't like extreme plated at all but was fine with coated bullets. It I had to guess, I'd say the barrel was a little big and the softer lead expanded when fired giving me better accuracy. Once I switched to coated I never saw a reason to go back to plated, so I can't say if any of my other guns have similar problems. Also guns that don't lock up tight will tend to be more accurate with softer bullets. So coated and plated may perform better than jacketed in some loose guns.
  3. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Based on the video, it was the gun. Then he went on a Epic rant about how unfair the rules are, followed by doubling down on his stance when people called him out on it. Then he blocked tons of people on FB. Seems like a good way for a sponsored shooter to get his sponsors name out there. No one would of gave two shits if he didn't go on a FB rant about it.
  4. Best Places to Purchase Bullets in Bulk?

    For that quantity of pistol bullets I'd do thebluebullets.com and use the code Ennis to save 5% If you wanted to buy in larger quantities they offer bulk discount rates, and they also have a "bullet subscription" so you can spread the bulk order out over several months so you don't need to pay for it all at once. But, that's more for if you're looking for 4 plus cases. This can save you 10-16%.
  5. Can you pull some dimensions on the barsto barrel? The width and length of the barrel hood.


    Are the lower lugs untouched?

    1. kk4364


      Sorry for some reason I didn't get this message. I didn't measure the hood yet it fit my Sri slide perfect. As far as the bottom lugs it looked like someone started and didn't complete. Sorry so late. I did sell the barrels. Thanks,Kevin Kissel 

  6. svi vs Atlas Titan

    It does sound like he got a raw deal, but we have to try to keep in mind we're only hearing one side of the story. And I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of his gun too. I bet both parties could of handled things better from the start and it wouldn't of gotten so ugly. I had Adam work on my gun at Area 8 last year and he got me running so I could shoot the match the next day. He didn't build my gun. I went to thank the day after I shot before heading home and he was working on someone else's gun. Someone had broke their barrel link and Adam was trying to find someone with the right length link so he could fix it. (He didn't have one with him). In the mean time apparently Adam had given the guy his personal gun so he could keep shooting. From what I understand after I left he found a link and fixed the gun for the guy. Also this was not a Atlas gun either. I was impressed with that honestly. I also know a couple guys running his guns that are happy with them. #internet
  7. svi vs Atlas Titan

    And I've heard nothing but good things about Atlas CS from local shooters running his guns.
  8. different manufacturers causing the issue?

    Are you getting upside down bullets? Before I got my BF dialed in I'd get a upside down bullet every now and then, that would cause it to drop 2 bullets at once.
  9. different manufacturers causing the issue?

    It sounds odd, I'm just stated using a MBF on my 650 in the last 6 months. I only load for 40, but I've loaded 165's, 180's, and 200's with out changing anything on the MBF. These are all coated bullets from the same manufacturer.
  10. With practice this problem goes away too. If you practice your skills enough to the point they are subconscious you wont need logic. If you visualize your stage plan to the point you have it memorized and can do it with your eyes close. Again you wont need logic. When the beep goes off you'll just go.
  11. 180gr 40 cal bullets. What do you use?

    I run Blue Bullets and used the code Ennis to save 5% I'm thinking about switching from 180's to 200's and see which I like better.
  12. Bull barrels

    I'm not going to disagree, but we're talking about a game where "Bull" barrel's are legal because the are not "heavy" barrels. Apparently people have got word from the HQ that it's legal and are running them. Does it make sense? Nope. I don't feel like looking for the threads, I don't shoot one so I don't care enough. At the end of the day the gun doesn't matter.
  13. PCC in USPSA

    I hear all the time that people don't think the classifiers reflect a shooters ability well enough. Basically because they're all stand and shoot, while most stages at a match will be run and gun. I'm not saying I agree with this, but it is true most classifiers don't have any movement and primarily focus on gun handling and accuracy at speed. Now PCC enters the world, and you don't have to draw and that is a pretty dramatic change. The accuracy tests are for pistols not rifles making the actual shooting easier. I guess what I'm getting at is the classifiers seem even more lopsided when you do it with a rifle. I would guess movement around the stage will be more challenging with a rifle, and what will really separate the classes. So that shouldn't that be the skill tested the most? Does that make sense? Now I don't have a clue how you could fix that. It's probably easier to just deal with it as is, maybe bump some of the HHF's up. I'm okay with your classification between pistol and PCC remaining tied together. But, I'm already M with pistol, and if D class shooters are making M in PCC....Well I'm fine with being A in PCC if I ever give it a try.
  14. Is major falling out of favor in Limited

    I believe it is true, 99% of my friends that owns a handgun and don't compete with it have left their gun stock. Unless you have data that can prove other wise I would guess that is pretty typical. In fact, most gun owners don't even know what stippling and grip reductions are. Guys on internet forums aren't your average gun owner. People can do what ever they want to their firearms, we can't be expected to have a division for everything. If they like what USPSA has to offer they'll come shoot, if they want to be competitive they'll have to buy appropriate gear. And we all know gear isn't what keeps people from shooting, and it certainly isn't what separates winners from losers.
  15. Is major falling out of favor in Limited

    Jeff hates America