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  1. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    I'm sure it's dependent on the profile of the SWC. But the ones I use to shoot cut a hole, nothing closed back up at all. No RN or RNFP has ever made a hole like those 45 SWC's I shot when I first started. Everything else leaves a grease ring and the hole closes up after the bullet passed through those SWC's didn't. Maybe it's different with 9's, I don't know. I haven't shot SWC in many years and doubt I'll ever go back. If I happen to find a any of my loads, I'll go borrow my dads 45 and punch some holes and post a pic for comparison. But I doubt I'll come across any more of those.
  2. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    Semi wad cutters cut a nice big ass hole. That is great for IDPA where they can't use overlays. USPSA doesn't really matter, we have overlays. Moto, something is wrong with your wad cutters if you can't tell the difference in the holes.
  3. .40 or .45 Single stack?

    My 40 was a little finicky at first. I think I have it running good now, and really like how it shoots. I do use my for single stack major and minor and IDPA ESP which is nice.
  4. Bullet diameter limiting OAL?

    I would switch to Blue Bullets and use the code Ennis to save 5% Personally I'd probably run 400's. But, your chamber could be to short to load any longer. If so you'll probably need it reamed a little. You can ship your barrel to someone and get it done cheap and quick. I'd send it to Gan's Guns, he's done a few of my barrels. I don't think he has a reamer for oversized bullets though. You can send him a dummy round (400) the length you want to load, he'll cut the chamber to work. Did the previous owner give you any load data? Was he able to load long with different bullets?
  5. Hello from oregon

    Are going to be able to get enough gas in your car to make it to a match???
  6. Practicing Draw - point of diminishing returns?

    I would skip all those slow draws, I never want to do a slow draw in a match so why train doing it. Once you have the mechanics down just keep working on getting faster. If I'm going to start "slow" it's only going to be a tenth or two under my normal par time. Seems like you're wasting of training time to me. It sounds like you're training yourself to get a perfect grip slowly. You're doing a lot of slow reps and should be doing more at the speed the wheels start falling off. Once you can nail the grip at that speed you need to drop your par time. Don't increase the part time to master a slow draw. Does that make sense?
  7. open cost

    I hear people talk about expensive mags, but I just set up a gun for single stack. Now that's expensive. 8 mags at $40 ea. plus 6 mag pouches. Most days in open I only used two mags. And I only have 3 mags total for that gun.
  8. open cost

    About the same as any other division. 9mm bullets cost the same,(maybe cheaper #lighter) use a little more powder, primers are the same. Most of your expense will be in ammo no matter what division you shoot. If you have a good gun you shouldn't break parts, unless you're shooting a ton. At that point, again ammo is the expensive part.
  9. So the 10mm video was just an interest video

    I use tripp mags for my 40 that hold 10 rounds should work.
  10. Reloading 40 Polly coated bullet help!

    I don't think so, I think it was the nicer one. It was recommended to me to get the Foster or Reading competition seating die(I forget which one), but I didn't want to spend that much and cheaped out. I'll have to look when I get home.
  11. Reloading 40 Polly coated bullet help!

    Could be your seating die not seating the bullets straight. So you'll get rubbing on one side when you case gauge. I had this problem, only with 40 and went from a LEE seating die to a Hornady. It's working much better now.
  12. Pro and Cons of shooting minor PF in SS

    I'm going to shoot SS next year. My gun is a 40 so I can do either. I'll probably run Major at club matches just to see if I can get GM or not. If I make that I'll probably switch to Minor for most things. Major matches I may just take both major and minor ammo and walk the stages the day before and decide what I want to shoot. I'll probably lean more toward minor unless there are a lot of partial targets or something like that. I shot my first sectional in SS a few weeks ago, I shot major as I hadn't tested 10 round minor yet. I think minor had a solid advantage on a couple stages and overall I may have done a little better if I shot minor.
  13. Blue Bullet For 9mm, 38 Super, 357 Sig

    I run the 125 RN Blues in 9 major and minor and 38 super. I don't know anything about 357. If that helps any. Use the code Ennis you can save 5% on your order.
  14. IDPA Revolver??

    I used to shoot Revolver, it was fun but there wasn't really any competition at local matches so I lost interest. I shot 6 and 8 shot in USPSA plus SSR and ESR in IDPA making Master in all of them. If I were going to get back into it now, I would go with a 625 (45 acp) and moon clips. I find the higher PF doesn't really have much effect on my splits, and 155 shouldn't be bad with a 230+ grain bullets. The time savings will come from the mood clips (625 has to be the easiest revo ever for reloads). Your average reload will be faster with moons. But then you also need to factor in the potential problems that come with speed loaders. Sometimes they don't want to release perfectly, or they release early and send rounds every where. Some times a round may get under the extractor, that's a bitch. If any of these things happen once in a 10+ stage major match I'd be wishing I was running moon clips. I never liked loading all the way down to 105 either, even in SSR I loaded up more in the 125 range. 105 just adds risk of a popper not falling.
  15. Blue bullets & polygonal rifling

    I've ran a lot through glocks with no problems. And use the code Ennis to save 5% on Blues.