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  1. How long does your local USPSA match last?

    This weekend Local PA. 10 stage match, 259 round count and yes they do 10 stages every month and it cost a whole $25. Sundays start shooting at 9:00am done shooting and stage tear down finishing at about 2:30. 12 shooters on each squad. They have added Saturday this year with five 8 man squads. Saturday does set up, Sunday does tear down. Saturdays match sign up fills up in about 5min., and Sundays match sign up fills up in about 15-20min. 175 shooters shot this weekend. Shooters come from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut each month. I drive two hours each way for this match, others are driving four - six hours.
  2. CZ Tactical Sport slide cracked

    You could try CZ customs
  3. CZ Accu Shadow - Slide Auto-Closing during Emergency Reload

    All you have to do is polish the notch in the slide where the slide stop catches and slide stop and it will auto forward every time.
  4. Considering getting a CZ 85C to use a a backup carry optics gun (my primary carry optics gun will remain my CZC sp01 shadow custom)

    any comments on the 85C as a carry optics gun now?



  5. Issue with TS orange mags

    post a pic of the side of the mag.
  6. Acceptable FPS spread?

    Your powder charge is to low. Powder is not burning efficiently due to low pressure. you need to get your fps up to about 900 or more.
  7. Punch broken off trying to remove trigger pin.

    Do not get the drill out!
  8. Carry Optics dying out?

    8 shooters in CO in today's match, last year two-three shooters in CO at each match.
  9. Shadow 2 Legal Date

    Don't get but hurt, you can buy one if you want one, they are in stock all over. Just not enough buyers to push the numbers up. CZ is not going to ship guns in that are going to sit on shelves and take a long time to sell.
  10. 9mm OAL

    #1 For OAL you need to find out what your Shadow's barrel uses! What someone uses in their gun may or may not work in your gun. Do the push test. This link will help you out. Start at post #3 http://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=34225.0
  11. Finding the maximum charge

    For the gun you are using Win 572 is not a good choice. Win 572 is a slow burning powder and with a 3.42" barrel a lot of powder will be burning out the end of your barrel. You can use a powder burn chart to get a rough idea of the powder that would work will with your gun. All powder burn rate charts are a little different so take it for what it is worth. On this chart you want to look for a powder in about #28-#38 +/- range. http://www.wwpowder.com/PDF/Burn Rates - 2015-2016.pdf
  12. Mill depth CZ decocker

    That might not be a good idea, as not all optic's have a sealed bottom and the FP block spring may short them out. You need to leave about 0.010" above the FP block hole. A non FP block model can be milled 0.250" - 0.260"
  13. Top 3 pistol powders

    Minor N320, E3, N310 Major N350, Auto-Comp, 3N37
  14. optic for AccuShadow

    In 2013 CZC did the milling and installed the red dot.
  15. optic for AccuShadow

    This is my set up.