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  1. 124gr N320 Minor Recommendations??

    I use 125 Blue Bullet 3.8gr N320 @1.110 makes 130pf
  2. CZ Multi-cut Optics Question and DPP??

    Deltapoint works fine with the CZC multi-cut
  3. Vihta Vuori 330

    Hodgon does not import N330 any more.
  4. Acceptable OAL variance

    You still need to go just a little shorter. You should be 0.010 off of the rifling. if any of your 1.125"-1.127" just hits the rifling you should have an OAL of 1.115"
  5. Cz75b mag capacity

    They use the same mag. Use your 16 round mag add extended base pad, spring & follower kit and you can run 23 rounds. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/cz-75-base-pads/cz-75-extended-base-pad-long.html https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/cz-75-base-pads/czc-spring-and-follower-kit-10.html
  6. CZ CO Choices

    although the75 without dust cover meets the CO rules it has a firing pin block. the better gun is the 75 SP01 Shadow
  7. CZ CO Choices

    CZ SP01 Shadow
  8. Blue bullet

    Use " healey " for 5% off
  9. Can I use 75B SA slide on an Accushadow frame?

    The 75B slide does not have the same con- tour as the slide on the Accushadow so by rule it is not allowed.
  10. Tanfoglio sear spring to increase SA weight on CZ 75

    What is your trigger pull now? What do you want it to be?
  11. SP 01 modifications for carry optics

    Get the SP01 Shadow. it has a better trigger. Have the slide milled for the optic this will get the dot lower to the bore.
  12. Shadow cut and Deltapoint Question

    Call CZC and set it up. Ask them to mill as deep as they can. The multi optic cut will work with the old and new Deltapoint.
  13. Is 3n38 to gassy for a trubor.

    Win AC is a faster powder then 3N38
  14. Which CZ for Carry Optics?

    SP01 decocker can not be milled as low. SP01 Shadow can be milled 0.250" deep.
  15. Which CZ for Carry Optics?

    Yes with room to spare