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  1. Small pin/large pin trigger pin question

    Excellent it's going in the haas tomorrow??thank you
  2. I got a smoking deal on a Cmc large pin trigger and am wanting to use it on a dpms 308 small pin lower. Question is are the hole locations in the same position? If that's the case I can drill and ream it to the large pin size. Have checked online for prints and have came up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. PCC options

    I've shot my sbr scorpion in a couple steel challenges and it's worked well. Going to try a uspsa match in the near future with it
  4. Scorpion EVO s1 trigger

    A company named hbi sells a spring kit that drops the pull weight to 5ish pounds. Just put one in mine and it's noticeably better. Didn't help the pre or over travel but it's a big improvement and it was 8 bucks
  5. PCC - Zeroing & offset at close range

    I shoot a sbr scorpion for steel challenge and agree with Shaun 25 yard zero has worked just fine. I run a primary arms advanced micro red dot( aimpoint knock off) with great success.
  6. Best 18" 3Gun Barrel

    Nordic barrel here, shoots very well and my gas block is almost all the way open to get the bolt to lock back on a empty mag.
  7. Scorpion EVO s1

    Very excited to get that trigger kit when it's available! Shot the Evo yesterday for steel challenge and it was wicked fun. One stage was a Texas star and it didn't stand a chance, cleaned it in 2.8 and 2.5 from low ready. Got the stage win on that one. Any eta when the trigger kit will be available?
  8. Mid vs. rifle on 18" .308

    Just something I read. Isn't everything on the internet true?
  9. Mid vs. rifle on 18" .308

    I read the other day rifle length gas will keep the bolt closed for longer which is good from a accuracy standpoint.
  10. Always On red-dot

    +1 for the primary arms advanced micro red dot.
  11. Scorpion EVO s1

    I've shot some freedom 115 reman and 135 130ish pf reloads and didn't feel much of a difference. I'm curious if some weight could be taken off the bolt.
  12. Scorpion EVO s1

    Just got my stamp back for my scorpion and am going to use it this weekend for steel challenge! I agree on the trigger needing addressed. Thanks for the heads up on the czc trigger option cz85combat I'll have to look into that. Funny I bought it because I thought it would be a sweet sbr, and then pcc started to gain traction. Can't wait to put it through its paces at a uspsa match.
  13. Which length DP posi lock mag catch

    I just switched to a .265 with no button. was worried about engaging it with my weak hand under recoil but has not been a issue. Also smoothed out my reloads since I don't have to shift my grip as much.
  14. Quick grip question. Comparisons

    Upgrading to a pt stainless grip was well worth the added cost. Changed the feel of the pistol for the better.
  15. PCC choices for Steel Challenge and 3Gun

    I have a Cz scorpion almost finished with the sbr process. It is very short and reliable. Bought it because it was reliable and cool, then pcc presented itself and I think it will serve that purpose well. Curious to see if pcc picks up and goes anywhere.