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  1. Anybody living near Medina OH and driving to the match willing to pick up some components for me?
  2. Just remember that the SDB cannot do rifle cartridges...
  3. Legal holster for USPSA Limited?

    or shoot limited or limited-10 for the time being...depending on what gun you have, you can shoot them in minor if need be.
  4. Riggers belt?

    That's the ranger belt...they have the regular belt. Every now and then, they have a scratch and dent sale you can get at a good price. I have one of the scratch and dent and the buckle is a little nicked, very little, which I figured I would have nicked it sometime in the life of wearing the belt anyway. Down side is that the buckle is a little thick...you get used to it though.
  5. I saw AA and my first thought was Alcoholics Anonymous...
  6. On point!!! You can also argue that the actions are two completely different loading processes...inserting the mag into the gun with the slide forward...thus completed one loading process...then racking the slide is another loading process... That action is no different that if the competitor reloads during a course of fire expecting a round to be chambered and pulling the trigger on an empty chamber...then racking in a round after realizing there was no round in the chamber...
  7. Things You Only Do Once -

    Was that With or Against???
  8. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    5 feet back, i would say yes...it would be legal, assuming that there are other targets to engage while he is 5 feet back - shooting location.
  9. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    of course it's a friendly debate... I disagree with the fact that if you change your feet, no matter how small the movement is, it's a change of location...our 5 targets array from a window is a prime example of how that does not work... Stage design does not take into account of where the shooter places their feet.
  10. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    I'm not saying your argument isn't valid...however...IMHO...it is no more than a step to be able to see the 45* targets...so - IMHO - it's still the same location/view...i consider the entrance to the front area (as you say - turn the corner) and the whole front area as one location/view because it's no more than a step to get from one side to the other...again - just MHO... in the opening post, you ask why this stage was/would be illegal...we gave you the reason as to why it would be illegal...whether it is or it isn't hasn't been identified...maybe an email to NROI will help with your explanation of how it would be legal. I would say that any design that can be closely contested as being legal or not should be fixed so there are no questions to the legality of the stage. No point in having a stage to be thrown out of a match because of it being ruled illegal. All it is is a matter of moving two targets to make sure the stage is legal.
  11. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    Mosher - depends on how wide the stage is and how far you have to move...if all i have to do is lean left and right to shoot the two targets, then no - it will still be illegal...looking at the distance you have to move laterally in the OP's stage, i would consider it an illegal stage...but that is MHO...I would say that this is one of those that are borderline and can go either way...like what is a catch in the NFL nowadays...
  12. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    I'm on a pc and i even rebooted...well, whatever happened, i think it fixed itself...
  13. Help me understand why my stage is illegal

    ok - i think it works now... in reply to Sarge's comment...if in your example, i stand to the left of the window, i can only see 3 targets...i shoot them and move to the right where i can see the other two...so that is legal by your reasoning that by moving two steps, makes the stage legal... I don't think the way you shoot a position makes a position legal or not...