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  1. Photobucket Shakedown

    I just use Tapatalk now and you can post directly from there.
  2. My Shadow 2 modifications

    It could yes. When the hooks engage each other they may do it at a different position than the stock hammer did causing the sear to lift a little more or less etc.
  3. My Shadow 2 modifications

    You likely need to fit the safety to the sear. If you take the slide off you can see the leg of the safety and where it engages the sear, I've had to take a little material off that safety leg (or you can fit the sear to the safety for a cheaper option) to get the safety to engage properly. Be careful though a little goes a long way and if you go too far you cant go back!
  4. My Shadow 2 modifications

    I only know the name because I stuck that little bastard in to the tip of my finger when I first got my Shadows and now I can never forget haha
  5. My Shadow 2 modifications

    It's the sear spring
  6. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Hard is a relative term, a good hardened punch and a hammer does the trick just fine
  7. CHA-LEE's Tale

    I don't like the sound of this moving stuff! Now I gotta give someone else a bunch of nicknames...
  8. Photobucket Shakedown

    Wow what a bunch of shite
  9. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Can you post a pic?
  10. CM 06-09

    Just shot this one recently 3.61 sec HF of 8.321 which is showing 108% Ill take it!
  11. My Shadow 2 modifications

    For my Shadows - I run 125's at 1.09 and it's 100%, but I have tried other Ammo and it's 100% now with that too. My S2 I need to test more but so far it's 100% with just dryfire and dunno Ammo loaded to the same spec as above
  12. My Shadow 2 modifications

    I only use mecgars now with the + springs and only load 10 unless I'm practicing. I noticed with Stock springs the auto forward of the slide wasn't 100% on picking up a round each time when I slapped in a new mag, and I had some nosedive jams on stock CZ mags.... I wanted to make sure the jams never happened and I wanted to be able to auto forward and not use the slide release and have a round loaded 100% - so the + springs remedied all that for me lol
  13. My Shadow 2 modifications

    I get the wolf +10's
  14. My Shadow 2 modifications

  15. My Shadow 2 modifications

    You're penis is obviously much larger than mine. You're budget as well ??