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  1. I've just now gotten into reloading. I have a jug of CFE, 1.) I was stealing my buddy's load data, and 2.) according to him it was almost always available locally during the scarce times. But N320 is definitely on my list since I keep seeing jugs of it at the gun store!
  2. Division Choice

    I think the USPSA books say it's "notch and post" sights only for Production. Are you describing a rear sight with a circle aperture, like a ghost ring? Or are you describing something like the FT Bullseye?
  3. STI 2011 Grip

    One of the benefits of sanding/stippling your own is that you can shape it exactly to your hand and get the feeling you want instead of just getting used to someone else's idea of what the grip profile should be. I did my own reduction/stipple, and while I'd certainly change up my stippling the next time around, the grip profile and undercuts work just right for me. It's rounded off at the corners, reduced circumference significantly, and fits my hand exactly the way I planned. But if you sell your factory grip and grab a different one, you might be a lot happier with the attention to detail and stippling. Less work too.
  4. Hello from Illinois

    Aka, the cool part of Central Illinois, shooting with the cool guys in the area. Welcome to the site! (Vince here)
  5. Trigger kit recommendation

    Another vote for the Brazos kit. Is there an echo in here? Installed it with an EGW safety, once I fussed with my pretravel and got it settled where I wanted, I'm incredibly happy with it and wouldn't trade it for any of the other triggers I fondled.
  6. Greetings from Area 5

    Hi guy I've never met, glad to see another Area 5 shooter here. Do you know my buddy, he wear shorts and shaves his head to cut down on wind resistance. Super slick with a 1911 and usually able to count to 8?
  7. Making the gun fit me?

    Well, the paddle is installed. It's clocked to about 1:30 and there's an extra power mag release spring on the way. No flipping necessary! But might just go the route of the big Dawson button and cut it down since I only need another two millimeters of length over the lopro. Reloads are sitting comfortably in the .8-.9 range in tonight's brief, post-install dryfire, and weak hand is sitting comfortably "off" the paddle. The Nitro Fin has been removed until I can properly do a detent. Went back to flagging my thumbs since it works, why mess with it. And I kinda wish it was further out, so I'll lend it to a buddy in the meantime. Brazos Big Mouth is ordered and on the way. Goodbye beaten up STI magwell! EGW ambi safety is ordered and on the way. Opted against the shielded safeties. Pressing my strong hand thumb up against the slide while riding my STI safety did not result in a malfunction, so I deemed it unnecessary. Weak hand thumb dragging would still cause malfunctions, so still flagging it. Brazos ignition kit is ordered and on the way as well. I had an instance of hammer follow to half-cock at tonight's match. While I replaced the sear spring (because I bought it used, who knows what was done to it), I saw it as a good a reason as any to order up all the aforementioned goodies. Will fit my STI safety to it for a backup, then fit the EGW to it afterward. Undecided if I'll install or a local smith. Sticking with the flat MSH for now, since it's free, blended, and I'm kinda used to it. But now that the paddle is back on, possibilities are endless! Might grab an Arched at some point just to try it out, or steal it from an SS gun. Same goes with the trigger, I might try the gunsmith blank and get creative down the road, but for now I'm turning my Edge into ... a much more expensive Edge haha!
  8. Making the gun fit me?

    I also need a drill bit capable of making the detent. Hah.
  9. Making the gun fit me?

    Hahaha, well I learned my thumb is definitely too far forward on the fin It's past the pivot point and leverages the slide stop into position. Spent some time fiddling with my grip and live fire, now I know what sort of a thumb position I'd actually need.
  10. Making the gun fit me?

    I'll be trying it out tonight at the weekly shoot. We'll see how it goes.
  11. Making the gun fit me?

    But I am finding it's not quite as forward as I'd like compared to my Glock hand.
  12. Making the gun fit me?

    I've considered that, I figure the fin was a safe investment since it involves no drilling, and since I didn't need to fit it I could get most of the cost back if I went with a frame mounted rest.
  13. Making the gun fit me?

    Thanks for the input! The thumbrest is helping me get a similar grip. Mostly via the shield keeping me from contacting and giving me a index. When I didn't have the fin, my weak hand grip was the same as my Glock, but a lot lower because I kept touching the slide.
  14. Making the gun fit me?

    Fun indeed, even if my bank account is yelling at me. "You were supposed to just get a cheap Edge! Why are you buying this stuff!?" Do you find yourself needing the shield at all on the thumb safety? I tend to ride my safety on the draw, then the joint rides on the back of the safety and my thumb is flagged more or less straight up. Here's a video of my last match with this gun, you can see my weak hand thumb riding along the frame and my strong hand thumb flagged upward. Stage video showing thumb position sans Nitro Fin With the Nitro Fin installed, the weak hand thumb is more upward due to the fin, but it's nicely settled into the Fin/Shield. But my strong hand thumb is still flagged. If I position my thumb in the way I want (picture below) I rub up against the slide. If I move my thumb slightly away from the slide, I lose firm contact with the safety. I feel as though a wide safety would remedy this, as long as I can get my weak hand underneath it. With my Glock, my thumbs easily rode alongside the frame and my strong hand rested on top of my weak hand. I never touched the slide and I never had to worry about having a *thumb rest [generic]* or anything, it just worked. So, same question for you as above with the wide safety vs the shield. You've managed to fit weak hand underneath the wide safety so no need for the shield, right? I've beaten up the STI one, it could definitely use a facelift. Does the Dawson ICE take up more room on the grip than the factory STI? Can you fit your weakhand in there without issue? I have a double undercut so I could probably get a bit higher from the magwell. I've been making do with the Dawson Lo Pro, the last classifier I did was a 1.3s shot to shot mandatory reload with good hits. But if I can do it without shifting, I feel as though it removes a variable. But I wouldn't want to add the "drop a mag" variable haha. Still rocking the STI medium curve, can I just swap out the trigger and keep the trigger bow? Gunsmith blank would be a good way to experiment. I did swap out the recoilmaster for a DP tool-less and a 12lb spring. I haven't considered swapping out the STI sights yet, but I could do with a slightly thinner front sight post. The Manny was saved on a list somewhere... I don't think I've ever seen anyone (aside from one person on Benos) actually owning the Double Tap safety, but it seems potentially worth investing in (it's in stock!!!). Don't think I'll add the heavyweight version since I like the balance of the Edge currently. But that's another vote for the ICE. Same question as above, do you find it pushes your weak hand higher up than the STI?
  15. Magazine springs

    What springs are you currently running? If you're pairing springs/followers/basepads, I wouldn't change the formula.