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  1. Sit MPX trigger?

    Another vote for the Hiperfire 24C trigger here. 600 rounds so far with no problems.
  2. I finally finished a match without gun problems!
  3. Why are there a lot of duplicate posts?

    Been going on for a LONG time now. I assumed it was forum error, but that nothing could be done to solve it.
  4. Any idea how late the range will stay open for inspection of the stages? Specifically wondering about Friday. Thanks
  5. 2016 Ohio Buckeye Blast Start Date: 5/26/16 End Date: 5/29/16 http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-match-details.php?indx=1072 We might be able to use our time machines and still make your match!
  6. Tomorrow. Miamisburg. Be there or be square.
  7. Yeah their website is terrible. Come to one of our Monday night matches and ask all the questions you like. :-)
  8. Looking forward to it! It's always a great match.
  9. Super comp major load data

    Yup, I agree almost exactly. I like my 38 better than my 9mm in terms of recoil impulse & overall feel, but I hate picking up the brass, so I'm only shooting the 9mm in local matches this season. Garmil, I don't have a Tanfoglio. Custom STI open gun here. 5" barrel with no ports. Shooting 124 Rainiers at 1.234 oal But I found I could go all the way down to 8.1 of HS-6 with the Rainiers because they are softer than jacketed bullets. 170pf here too. I don't really like Autocomp but I do have a few pounds of it tucked away in the closet so I could possibly try it, if only for educational purposes.
  10. CM 99-11

    LOL That's still a great time. My best ever was 4.44 down 4 pts. Sounds like you are on the right track, just back it up & do it again!