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  1. Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 arrived

    Looking for something a little longer
  2. Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 arrived

    Does anyone make a throw lever for this Scope yet
  3. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    Would love to get some feed back from the guys that have been running the Optisan CX6 thanks
  4. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I have been running this scope for a while now with no issue like I have said this scope dose have a shift with magnification but if you use the reticle the way it is described in the review on the first page and by the direction provided it is not an issue. The reticle has a diamond in the center the top point of the diamond is what you use on 6x and the center of the diamond is what you use for 1x and you will have poa poi at both magnification.
  5. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    Do a little research it is common in in a lot of second focal plane scopes the reticle is designed to take care of it. We are talking about a budget scope that can be had in the $500 price range not everyone has $1000 plus for a scope.
  6. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    This is a second focal plain scope and a shift in point of aim point of impact is comon but the retinal is designed to take care of that it has 2 aiming points one for 6x and one for 1x
  7. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I'm talking to everyone trying to spark some interest in this optic not sure why not more interest I'm loving it and know 7 other guys locally that are running it that feal the same way.this is 1-6 is a quality optic at the price of a 1-4 you can't beat it.
  8. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    You should check out this optic!
  9. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    MGM universal works great.
  10. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I am loving this optic. Welcome any question and PM me for the lowest price and where to get it.
  11. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    It is common to have a shift in second focal plain scopes but the retinal in this scope takes care of it if propperly used. If you look at the reticale you should zero on 6x and use the top point of the diamond for your point of aim. Then when going to 1x you use the middle of the diamond.i have been using this scope for several months now and have had good luck with iti have tested this and find that if you use the retlcale properly you will have point of aim point of impact. This is a good quality scope if you are interested pm me and I can give you the best price.
  12. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I will be running this scope at pro am if anyone would like to take a look
  13. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I haven't seen the primary arms but would put build quality and clarity on par with the Burris mtac
  14. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    I find the eye relief to be similar to the Burris mtac about 3.5 inches on 6x
  15. Optisan cx6 1-6 scope

    If anyone has any questions on this optic I'd be more than happy to help. Also Thoroughbred Tactical at www.ky-guns.com has this at a price to low to advertis so pm me and I can get you the info.