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  1. Does anyone know the difference between a Brazos plus series and pro series limited guns?
  2. Wilson Combat Mags

    I prefer the tripp research mags. I had the same issue (along with others) with my .40 Trojan and wilsons.
  3. Get the tripp corey mags...my trojan identical to yours didn't run with the wilsons, but when I got the tripp mags, it ran like a top.
  4. BEST Production Trigger Available

    Ok I'm gonna give the DK a shot. Just ordered one so we'll see.
  5. BEST Production Trigger Available

    Getting back into the Glock game. Who has the BEST, PRODUCTION legal trigger now? I had a glockworx before and it was good. Now, I'm looking for the best, or was it the best? Vanek, Glockworx, DK? any others?
  6. 40 Minor with Solo 1000?

    I have been thinking about shooting some production with a G35. I have a lot of powder/bullets for my limited gun (solo 1000 and 200 gr S&S coated bullets). Is it doable with solo? I load 3.8 grains (850 fps) in my major loads. Will I run into any issues with dropping it down to say 700 fps?
  7. Limited

    As long as your mags fit the gauge, they are fine. You can load as many as possible.
  8. in the market for a new sti for limited

    I have a dawson tuned HC Edge and it runs great. I would look for one of those or a Brazos Edge.
  9. Suggestions for 1911 Single Stack USPSA?

    Most of the SS shooters I know are shooting .40 and prefer them to 45. Like I said, I'm very happy with me trojan 40 and it runs the same long loaded rounds as my Edge.
  10. Suggestions for 1911 Single Stack USPSA?

    I bought my Trojan .40 new on gunbroker for $950 shipped to my FFL. There are usually a few on there in that price range. I would recommend Tripp mags when the time comes. I've been using the "Korey" mags and the have been flawless.
  11. Do you think the PDR-Pro could be adjusted to be legal for single stack?
  12. Has anyone tried the DAA PDR-Pro for SS? It looks like it has vertical adjustment so it may get the gun high enough on the belt to be legal. Just wondering if it would meet the required dimensions for USPSA SS. Thanks for the info..
  13. Worst on-screen gun handling?

    The walking dead is horrible with gun handling and shooting.
  14. 2011 grip stippling texture

    I would get the high. You can always sand it down a little if its too much.