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  1. Homemade 3 gun carts

    $50 lawn cart from Menard's. Used 1x6" cheap pine. Holds 4 guns and gear. Also cut notches for vent ribs for tighter fit.
  2. Basic reloading for precision rifle (6.5 Creedmoor)

    I use a Whidden bushing die with a 0.288 Bushing. Micrometer seating dies are the best thing since sliced bread if your switching back and forth between differant bullets. For instance, I shoot 140gr amax, 120gr amax, and i've got some 140 and 129gr SST's to play with for deer season. So i just seat one, measure it, and count down or up on the micrometer stem until i get to where i need to seat my rounds. This works measuring COAL and should get you within .001 - .003 of where you need to be. Just check the COAL for each bullet and start low and work up. Pay attention to pressure signs. For instance i have a short chamber in mine, so my COAL is less, and i'm loading 1-2gr less than most people. I got pressure signs pretty quick, and had to stop.
  3. 6.5 Creedmoor advise

    Just had a 6.5CM bolt gun built this year. 22" barrel 140gr a-max, using 41.2gr of H4350 I average 2607, i get 2659 with 40.4gr RL17. the h4350 gave a much lower ES and SD than the RL17. With the 140gr amax @ 2600 i'm 13.8 MILS to 1200 yards @ 450FT ASL and it still moving 1224FPS. My loads aren't hot rodded. Don't need to push them for speed for what I do. They're warm, but there's definitly room for more speed. I'd say the 22" JP barrel would be just right and would allow you to do what you need to with it all the way out to 1200 yards.
  4. Setting up a Nova for 3-gun?

    I'm on a phone so I probably missed it, but how many rounds is that mag extension tube?Thanks The tube is a +9 Nordic Components. A stock nova holds 4+1 so the gun holds 13+1. Oh wow, wasn't expecting that.It looks like it only sticks out about 3-4"...would a 7 round extension be approximately flush with the 24" barrel? I have a plus 6 on a 28" barrel and it sticks out about 3/4" this gives me 11 rounds total.
  5. Setting up a Nova for 3-gun?

    I'm running a nova. Just started shooting 3 gun this spring. First couple matches I didn't have a tube extension, but I do know. I put a champion fiber optic sight on it to force my head down on the stock more when shooting static steel. But other than that, those are the only changes to the gun i've made. I just keep shooting it. Main thing i've found is to practice loading, and then practice more. If your proficient with a pump, you'll be fine. Some day I might get it slickedup, but that some day is a long ways off.
  6. Heavy Metal Rifle

    But isn't every class/division heavy mental? Some are much Heavier on the Mental. The only cheap part is the pump shotgun.One thing I did find ironic was I could shoot the Lightest loads in my pump shotgun in the Heaviest Division. A chrono at an outlaw match would be a riot! \Your right the cheap part is the pump, I've got about as much into the nordic tube extension for my nova as I paid for the shotgun itself All i own are pump's, never been a fan of auto's, and I've always wanted a semi in .308, so this is the perfect excuse to buy one, since I actually need one to switch classes. I almost bought/built an ar-10 this spring but had a custom bolt built instead, so now it's time to start thinking about actually getting one. I'm still very torn about whether or not to get an m1a or an ar-10. Lots of thinking to do. For the price savings of an optic, I could buy a boatload of .308 brass to run through an m1a, or i could get an ar for modularity/familiarity as it would be extremely similiar as my ar-15.....
  7. Heavy Metal Rifle

    The M1A unlocks the bolt while the pressure is quite high in comparison to the 308 AR's. It stretches it quite a bit, making some of the once fired military brass a no go in them, at least not after 2 firings. The machine gun fired brass has been stretched and the M1A finishes it. Head separations are not uncommon, especially on the 3rd firing on. Wow, didn't realize it was quite that bad. May get an ar-10 and hold off on an m1a until i have bucket loads of brass.....
  8. Bullet Selection

    Best thing would be to plug the numbers into a ballistic calculator like jbm and see at about what distance your bullets will begin to go transonic. Like stated above, if your lighter bullets can stretch further before hitting that mark then you'd be better off.<br /><br />I run 155's and 168's in my .308, it doesn't like 175's. Also, what twist rate does your rifle have? If it's not fast enough it may not stabilize the long heavy bullets enough to get them to distance.
  9. Heavy Metal Rifle

    Thanks for the responses. I'm still very torn. Whether, I get an M1A or an AR-10 and i go to shoot irons, i'll probalby run a red dot. So, therefore, it makes me lean towards the 18" scout so i can mount the red dot out front. What kind of mount does it take to co-witness your red dot with the irons?<br /><br />What's the deal with m1a mags? I see some for $30 and others for $100. Does it matter? Are m1a's picky about mags? I know pmags are a huge plus, so i'd only go with a dpms style ar-10. @Dan, How hard exactly is an m1a on brass? Does it shorten the life expectancy of the brass or just ding it up pretty bad?
  10. Heavy Metal Rifle

    I'm seriously considering switching to heavy division and need to start thinking about what rifle to get, etc so when the funds are available I'll know what to get. I've been running my pump in tac ops and don't want to give it up, so I figure i'd take the more epensive route and buy/build a new rifle.... Anyway, I'm torn between a few options. Option 1: Buy M1A can get springfield in the $15-1600 range Option 2: DPMS 3g1 in .308 around the $1500 saves money for glass (vortex razor hd II) Option 3: Go all the way down the rabbit hole and Build a .308 Ar-10 on ma-ten platform (can't afford JP) this would be in the $22-2500. I already reload for .308 so ammo is not an issue. I like the modularity of the ar platform and ease of maintenance. But I've always wanted an M1A..... I would like the ability to mount a scope. How hard is it to mount/unmount a scope on an M1A inclusing removing the scope mount? What barrel length would be good for an M1A for 3 gun? Would a scout model with a red-dot mounted out front be good for distance shots? I like the idea of the ar-10 because I could get additional uppers for 6.5CM to match my other bolt gun. So, what if, I got a dpms 3g1 .308 and run a red dot and then have a scope for differant divisions? Does anyone have any experience with one of these. What do you guys with experience in Heavy divisions think?
  11. Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    Ordered 550b with 9mm conversion 5/20 from enos. Recieved 6/26 Recieve other small parts and second conversion kit in weeks before order.
  12. I saw uncle mikes has come out with a new belt designed specifically for 3 gun. The reason it caught my interest is that they say it's compatible with ITW fast mags which is what I'm running at the moment. Does anyone have any experience with this belt? Is it a good stiff belt? I usually associate uncle mikes with cheaper products, but they might have stepped up thier product quality with this one. I'm looking to upgrade to a competition belt from the rigger's belt i've been using. Don't know if i want to take the plunge into a safariland els. So i'm looking at this belt, a double alpha or a CR belt. So for gear, I'm currently running 2 california comp 6 shell caddies, but will be getting a 4x4 AP caddy. A comptac holster, ITW fast mag for my ar mag, and a 5.11 double mag pistol pouch for my glock mags. This has served me well so far, but feel like a stiffer belt would be beneficial in future matches.
  13. Has any one participated in any IDPA DMG matches yet? Or have any clubs started running these matches?
  14. Muzzle direction during reloads

    I just started shooting IDPA back in the Spring, at my first match I did a reload high in the workspace, and they told me after the run to keep it down lower. No problem, slight adjustment to my reloading technique. I still get it up in my workspace, just keep the muzzle pointed towards the berm (we have very high berms). I understand the reasoning why, just have to deal with it. That's shooting on a state run facility too.
  15. Hello From So. IL (near STL)

    It was a good match. I really enjoyed the car stage and stage 6. The guy that designed the moving props is 'cooking with gasoline' already, he's got some crazy idea for the use of a van now...... Be curious to see what he comes up with!