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  1. Taccom barrel

    I can not comment on the holes....I have the newer model. But I can say I have been a JP fan for many years...have a few JP .223 rigs. That being said I now have two Taccom ULW uppers....one based on a Glock lower and one on a Colt lower....and they are my favorites. A buddy here locally shot mine and ordered a upper for himself. These things are very flat shooting and swing...and stop...supper fast. My JP GMR-13 rig sits lonely in the safe now days.
  2. Favorite optic for PCC

    I run MRO's on two of my PCC's and a C-More Tactical with a 4 MOA dot on another. I like both very much and would be hard pressed to choose a favorite between them.
  3. Taccom "Couplers"

    You use your existing sprigs from the two magazines you are "splicing".
  4. Taccom "Couplers"

    I have not had any luck with TF +10 extensions on my ASC or Metal Form mags. The follower bind up and turn my mags into salt shakers. If some one to try them out, I will sell them cheap. My go-to big stick Colt pattern mag is one ASC 32 rounder and a Metal Form 10rd with a Taccom splice. Gives me 45 rounds and is not overly long.
  5. JP Silent Capture Spring o-rings

    Yep, grab the 100 pack and you're set for a good long while.
  6. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    Wow...I just saw that they changed from machined to MIM. Guess I will be looking for a new machine bolt catch from now on.
  7. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    If you use a machined bolt catch...Seekins is a good choice....it will handle the abuse much better then a standard LPK catch.
  8. Spoke with Brian this morning and have a new buffer coming my way. Will update.
  9. Hi Eric. Yep, I recall Max having this happening on one of his. It just worries me that it happened with such a low round count. I have a sectional match next month and this was my current go-to rig. And one of my back up rigs uses the same buffer. So I will be taking two rigs and a bunch of parts wth me to the sectional just to be safe.
  10. Not crimp failure. It is broke/sheered off. Will post up what Blitz says.
  11. So last Tuesday I had some issues on a couple of stages. I seemed like hammer follow, but the rig had ran flawlessly prior to that shoot. Today I was at a USPSA match and 2/3rds of the way through my first stage I had a major stoppage. I got it cleared and finished the stage. I took the rig to the safety table and opened it up to discover the Blitzkrieg hydraulic had failed. See pic. The whole carbine only has about 700 rounds through it. Pretty disappointed that the buffer failed so soon. So now we get to see how Blitz handles this. I fired off an email with a picture.
  12. USPA Resistance

    ^^^^ This right here!
  13. Best PCC trigger?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I did give it a thorough cleaning and took the bolt apart...removed firing pin, and extractor...and blew out the trigger assembly. I was running it pretty fast...at least for me...so maybe that we it. I hope it was a (non repeating) hiccup. I plan on shooting this rig in the sectional match in Medford, OR next month. I have two other rigs, but this one is my current favorite race PCC. thanks again.
  14. Best PCC trigger?

    I shot a Steel shoot a coupe of days ago and seemed like I got a coupe of hammer follow FTF with the HiperFire ECL or some kind of issue. Now I was using a new magazine with a TF +10 base on it, so it might be a mag issue as that was the only thing that was dieffernt since I last ran the rig. I stripped the bolt (JP) and cleaned everything really well and have a match this Saturday. I will NOT be using the suspect mag and will see how things go. I have the HiperFire ECL in three of my PCC rigs, so I am hoping it was mag related.
  15. pcc options

    Hello. For off the shelf PCC rigs, there are optinons. What is your price range? For top tier, JP, Nordic Components, Wilson Combat, Sig MPX, etc. For more budget rigs look at the Just Right, Rock River Arms, etc. If you own a Glock, you might look at the MechTech conversion unit. Or....roll your own. There are a LOT of lowers in either Colt or Glock pattern. And all kinds of complete uppers from a few hundred dollars on up to $1500.00. PCC is a blast to shoot. Good luck on your search.