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  1. Czechmate barrel failed

    I guess My Friends Shadow 2 is a unicorn since he has had it for almost 1 year ( 12K) and it it still alive and kicking. I guess it is a requirement to carry a BLS card to revive the sucker if it starts to die after 3-5 months.
  2. Is shooting a 2011 only for the wealthy?

    I bought my first svi from a friend for 1600 dollars with six mags many years ago.
  3. BOLO Tuning for a longer DA pull

    My 2 bolos dropped in my 2 stock 2s in 40 cal. Maybe I just got lucky.
  4. Tanfoglio LG 9mm mags from CDNN

    On sale again or still on sale. : good stuff. I bought some in case I switch to a 9mm later. https://www.cdnnsports.com/eaa-witness-large-frame-9mm-17rd-afc-magazine-oe.html#.WnPO1ainHIU
  5. Tanfoglio LG 9mm mags from CDNN

    midway USA had them on close out at $19 a pop a month ago.
  6. they were 12.99 a piece. I wasn;t sure what i was going to get but they look like they are mecgar mags.
  7. took too much off of the tab from the safety? or too much off from the sear as MM have indicated.
  8. Need load recipe for titegroup in 40 S&W

    VEry little smoke with Titegroup and BBIs.
  9. OAL for 40 caliber stock 2

    1.120 oal but have gone out to 1.145 .
  10. Need load recipe for titegroup in 40 S&W

    4.3 grains gave me 174 PF with BBIs 180s at 1.190 OALand this was with a Benny Hill Long slide STI.
  11. How to tune ejection pattern?