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  1. Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

    sweet, can't wait for this. I am considering a bersa just to play around. You cant go wrong for the price with 5 mags.
  2. IPSC & USPSA differences for major matches?

    Bull barrel allowed in ipsc classic division.
  3. WST is what i use for minor and major.
  4. safety not working Stock 2

    Looks like your safety was fitted to your old sear.
  5. Increasing stock2 gripability

    Like my PD grips. I am more consistent with my grip. I love the palm swells.
  6. K40 Magazine issue

    I had the same problem when my stock 2 was new but disappeared after 1 K or so rounds.
  7. Upgrade issues

    I thought my trigger was good before with polish and stock disco until I replaced it with the extreme parts and bolo disco.
  8. Upgrade issues

    go slow on the safety and fit and refit. You will like the Bolo.
  9. 10# PD hammer spring?

    I'm going to try some S&Bs. have about 5 K and see if I can light it. good practice primers.
  10. 10# PD hammer spring?

    Yup , mine is 6 pound da and 2 pound sa. Plenty light if you ask me.
  11. stock2 or shadow2 ?

    get another stock 2 when your finances allow. My back up gun before I got the second stock 2 was a glock 35 and it was a bear to carry different gear in another bag.
  12. A question about stock2 hammer spring

    if its working with a 14 pound spring, why worry? Only way to find out is to test with the factory ammo that you use.
  13. 10# PD hammer spring?

    This man knows......
  14. Arex Rex zero 1

    Good to Know.
  15. A question about stock2 hammer spring

    BTW, have you had your barrel reamed?