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  1. Deciding on Sp01 vs Sp01 Tactical

    Good choice , update us on how you like it.
  2. Trigger weight?

    Either of the 2 . Doubt you will notice the minute difference when the timer starts.
  3. .40 Minor for IDPA

    3.6 to 3.7 grains of titegroup with 165s BBIS is an awesome load in my tanfog. Super acurrate. Not as soft as with the 180s but I Iike the faster impulse with lighter bullets.
  4. Deciding on Sp01 vs Sp01 Tactical

    Ok thanks. Just wondering as regular sp01s are all over the place.
  5. Deciding on Sp01 vs Sp01 Tactical

    Can you achieve a shorter reset with the regular spo1 with the disco?
  6. CGW Pro Package

    Read professors atlas guide to tuning and watch YouTube vids. I did my stock 2 myself. Did not have any experience with Cz style guns. They are actually easy guns to work with.
  7. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Haven't tried an atlas but I have an sv I bought used years ago. Love it and would buy one again if I can afford it.
  8. LCE Random Fail to Eject

    Nice one.
  9. $950 For a Stock III

    I was lucky to get one pre election at buds for $800 OTD last year but it was in 40 cal.
  10. What recoil spring for 40 cal Stock 1?

    8 pounds with bbi 165s
  11. Marauder slide sticking

    If its brand new , it may just be tight.
  12. Show me skills/you tube videos

    Rockcastle last weekend:
  13. Pls. Give us a review and your thoughts on this gun.
  14. To buy or not to buy? XDm 5.25

    Yup, i do use 165s though in my stock 2.