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  1. Not possible. The round aligned with the barrel went boom and provided the energy to pull the other rounds. It can lock up the cylinder if it protrudes enough to stick out the front of the cylinder. I had to push one back into a 38 special case for a customer this week.
  2. Appendix D4 says: "Remains in effect – external- and externally operated safety mechanisms must remain operable. (no change) Special Notes/Clarifications: • For purposes of this clause, a “trigger safety” is externally visible, and must remain operable. • For purposes of this clause, the prohibition on “disabling” means that you may NOT modify an external safety mechanism in any way that affects its function as a safety per the OFM design." While you are not likely to get caught, removing the external thumb safety is not legal in production.
  3. CZ/Tanfo Thumb Safety removal?

    What division are you asking about? For USPSA Production division, appendix D4 states "ALL factory safety mechanisms, whether internal or external, must remain functional."
  4. which co gun

    Even if you were allowed to use a 1911 in Carry Optics, you'd still have to push the pistol down to see the dot. What you are experiencing is common to all optics equipped pistols. There is no way around it, no matter what pistol you choose you'll need to practice to get used to the dot.
  5. Glock Extended Mag Release In CO...

    It seems plain to me that the production rules waste a lot of time and energy at NROI. I expect they will change with the next rulebook. This thread is the perfect example of why we need to simplify the production rules. We all agree that there's really no advantage to swapping small parts, so why isn't the discussion about how the rules could be cleaned up? It has to be enforceable. As an RO in not the least bit interested in learning what all the factory parts look like. Do -you- know what all the legal parts look like for the less popular guns? If you can't enforce the rules for the oddball production guns, how it's it equitable to bust the balls of the CZ and Glock guys?
  6. Glock Extended Mag Release In CO...

    It's legal if they're law enforcement or military at a level 1 match and it's their duty Holster. Even in production. See 5.2.8.
  7. Leading problem with PPC loads?

    Do you shoot jacketed and lead bullets out of the same gun without cleaning in between? That could be your problem. Copper fouling attracts lead. I remove all traces of copper with solvents before shooting lead. It's a pain, so I just generally avoid jacketed bullets. A friend of mine shot 1 cylinder of jacketed bullets thru my 44 mag, and it started leading badly with my loads that had never leaded before. I cleaned it thoroughly and the problem went away.
  8. Leading problem with PPC loads?

    Yes. I don't like to resize my .358 diameter lead bullets smaller after I seat then in the case.
  9. Leading problem with PPC loads?

    Is there a constriction where the barrel passes thru the frame? If the barrel torques up too tight to the frame, it constricts the barrel where it threads into the revolver. I had a Colt that had a tight spot in front of the forcing cone that always leaded, never been happier to see a revolver go away.
  10. Leading problem with PPC loads?

    You're not using a Lee Factory Crimp die are you?
  11. If you get your revolver too clean, you'll give it a complex.
  12. Fire Tablets, for Kids (with guns)

    I use these at my indoor match. The kids case is great. I didn't get the full kids model, just the case. You can log in and pay extra when you get it and to get rid of the ads.
  13. Rules and the 627 V comp

    I completely let go of the gun with my right hand when I reload. Looks like it would get in the way for me.
  14. Tell me a cool revolver to buy

    Most shooters will want an 8-shot Revolver in USPSA. I'm set up for 38, but if I was starting over I'd probably get a 9mm just due to the availability of brass. IDPA doesn't allow you to load more than 6 rounds in your revolver. They have different power factors for moon clip guns vs speed loaders, it all seems quite foolish. If you have ICORE in your area, about anything will work but most folks seem to gravitate to the 8 shot guns. The same iron sighted 8 shot that's legal in USPSA is probably the most common one here too. Lately I've shot my 625 at monthly club matches more than the 8 shot, but I shoot to the 627 at bigger matches.
  15. Looking for a cleaner powder to try in my 929

    I've always understood Titegroup left the forcing cone hotter than other powders, making for a spicy revolver reload.