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  1. Replacement sights on 226 Legion

    +1 on the Dawson sights.
  2. Rocky Mountain Regional

    Missed losing to you Troy.
  3. The future of IPSC

    As a USPSA member, I have little interaction with IPSC. I like the idea that I could go shoot a match in a foreign country, but I'm not likely to do so anytime soon. Even if USPSA was no longer associated with IPSC it wouldn't affect me all that much, so I don't see how a different IPSC president could help me and the matches I attend. Does IPSC do more to support the smaller regions?
  4. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I suppose that if major matches aren't following a portion of the rule book, that might be a red flag that that part of the rule book might need review.
  5. Why the Apex Hammer?

    The medium K and L frame revos are the ones I don't have a use for. I carry a J and compete with N frames.
  6. Single Stack firearm question.

    45 costs more to shoot, but the guns are easier to keep running. The added bonus is that you get to comment on the "cute holes" everyone else makes when you're taping.
  7. Online membership renewal

    Does ICORE only exist to make IDPA look like a professionally fun organization?
  8. Online membership renewal

    I thought ICORE had moved to online membership renewals? I couldn't find a link on the website.
  9. 929 trigger springs

    If you put too much arch in the spring it will get in the way of the grip screw unless you are using the Hogue 1 piece grips.
  10. Revolver in production

    Aftermarket bobbed hammers do not have a single action notch, therefore they do change the function. While we do need a clarification from the DNROI, I currently believe the ruling does not apply.
  11. Is anyone still shooting Revolver Major in USPSA?

    Or moonclips...
  12. Major match awards

    No, the open shooters would get upset if you only recognized PCC.
  13. Is anyone still shooting Revolver Major in USPSA?

    At monthly matches I prefer to shoot in 6s.
  14. CHA-LEE's Tale

    I was thinking the same thing
  15. I think expecting ROs to count to 22 shots is a little unreasonable.