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  1. 308 HELP!

    I'd do a ladder test and find out what your rifle likes.
  2. If one emails, do you have to include your customer number? I emailed awhile back and never got my replacement.
  3. I have one on my 550. Works well but you need to file the fingers on the shell plate. They're a tad too long and rub.
  4. 44 Load Data?

    7gr of autocomp does well
  5. Lee Loadmaster or something else

    I had the lee loadmaster. Now a Dillon 550. I'll never go back again
  6. 550 LOADING 44 MAG

    I load 44mag on mine and don't have problems
  7. Projectile manufacturing machine

    How much would the machine cost?
  8. I did polish the powder hopper and sliders. Bought the roller handle and led from inlinefabrication. And bought the spent primer catch from ebay.
  9. .223 bullets

    Midway has 55gr nosler ballistic tips for $45 per 250
  10. I full length size to start then neck size after 1st shots. I use the rcbs precision mic set for 223 and 308. I also have the lyman case prep center and redding case trimmer. I also have the hornady bullet attachment for my caliper. It measures from the ogive for bullet jump. Then I take my time. Heck I even load on my 550 but size using a single stage.
  11. Varget Powder - hard to meter, but question

    I know people have had problems with Varget. I just started to load 223 on my 550. I was worried but cleaned the powder die then used graphite powder with qtip. I drop 24.5 gr and havent had any problems.
  12. Make a Bin Dam

    Plastic from gallon milk jugs would work very well
  13. Lee Precision Customer Service

    Ive used lee customer service before but used the phone. I'll be honest here they do have good phone service. I did own a loadmaster but gave up on it and went Dillon. I've never been happier. Yes it may cost more upfront but it works.
  14. Better powder measure for Varget

    Ive don email the polish job on mine and drop +/- .1 gr