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  1. Safety check at A3

    I did read the whole thread. As a former SP-01 shooter, I know that I would not of ever tried to set the safety with the hammer down. But consider the RO, who like Hopkins, does not know every word of the CZ manual and also shoots a decocker Beretta in production. He knows that on his gun,. at least, he can set the safety and will not be able to pull the trigger. He may not know that you are able to set the CZ safety but shouldn't because the factory says not to. He would logically think that if the design allowed the safety to be set, it should work like a safety. At that point you need to provide information that being able to pull the trigger when the safety is on with the hammer decocked is a normal , but not recommended state, from the OFM, not an aftermarket supplier to prove compliance with D4-22.1. The notation from the CZ manual should provide sufficient to reach the desired conclusion even if it is not explicitly stated. I looked up the Shadow 2 manual on line (Page 8 https://www.czub.cz/media/attachment/file/c/z/cz_shadow_2_en.pdf) and found the information that you need. It follows the paragraph that you quoted: " Since the trigger mechanism has been specifically adjusted, it is possible to move the safety onto the "SAFE" position even if the hammer is placed on the safety notch. In this case, however, it is strongly not recommended to engage the safety because the trigger mechanism might be damaged when cocking the hammer by force or pulling the trigger. If damage to the trigger mechanism occurs, let it be repaired by a certified gunsmith. Besides the method previously described it is possible to put the pistol into a safety mode and still be ready to fire immediately That sentence will get you past D4-22.1. The same notation is in the Shadow manual (http://cz-usa.com/hammer/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Instruction-Manual-cz-75-SP-01-Shadow_en.pdf ) on page 9. Bring the book and have a good nationals!
  2. Safety check at A3

    My opinion: A ) If Shadow/Shadow 2 comes from the OFM with the ability to put on the safety and pull the trigger with the gun fully decocked, the OFM needs to supply a statement that this is not a abnormal condition. B ) If the ability is due to adding aftermarket parts from CZC (or any other non-OFM supplier) , you run into D4-22.1 "• For purposes of this clause, the prohibition on “disabling” means that you may NOT modify an external safety mechanism in any way that affects its function as a safety per the OFM design. " "function as a safety" needs to be addressed/ If CZC is considered the OFM, then they could supply the statement in A
  3. Safety check at A3

    Do either of these paragraphs address the root problem? " At Area 3 at the Chrono station he said that since he could put it on safe while on DA and pull the trigger through that it was an unsafe gun. " The issue wasn't when the safety can be applied, it was pulling the trigger with the safety "on".
  4. Safety check at A3

    Yup. D4-21 Authorized modifications (Strictly limited to these items and their stated guidelines) Please note that, during a match, a shooter may be required to demonstrate that their gun is in compli-ance with Division rules by identifying a specific rules clause or published interpretation which autho-rizes any disputed modification. If the shooter cannot identify an authorizing rules-clause or published interpretation, the RM shall rule that the modification is PROHIBITED for Production use and shall move the shooter to Open Division.
  5. Steel calibration

    Using plates that can spin is poor choice of range equipment. They really need some feature that inhibits spinning.
  6. Rocksett or loctite for screws

    Check your frame for a small crack at the hole. I had a screw that was immune to red loctite. Turned out it was cracked. I discovered the crack after the first day of the 2014 Nationals
  7. PVC wall frames

    We use 2x4 stands with 1x2 & 2x2 framing reinforced with plywood at the corners. Holds up pretty well and the large bits are not real heavy. Walls do get shot. For that reason, we don't use metal. I doubt PVC would hold up very long with setup and tear down stresses and getting shot
  8. Safety check at A3

    The match book says that Troy was the RM! I think you can save your email...
  9. Greetings from San Diego

    Welcome to the forum and look up these folks: http://lineadefuego.net/
  10. Steel closer than 23 feet rule

    Smoke and hope: The right edge of the plate is ~24.0637' from the left front corner of the shooting box 5 to go: The left edge of the plate is ~ 25.86' from the right front corner of the shooting box Roundabout is the only problem child...
  11. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    Watch some of the Max Leograndis videos. He has learned how to control it. Super quick splits when allowable
  12. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    Looks like HoMiE had a double
  13. we are up on Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/prg-wed-night-steel/register
  14. Youngeyes

    Happy Birthday!