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  1. I have started to walk around the back and sides of the stages to count targets before I even start to make a plan, just to make sure I know if there's something that's hidden or if the stage doesn't have see through walls.
  2. 9 Major Barrel losing velocity? Barrel Shot?

    TL;DR The average velocity between the 2 guns there was an approx. difference of 2.3%. Is that enough to be worried about? I was in a rush and forgot to take a target out so I didn't check accuracy. Full story: When I got home yesterday I pulled both of my guns apart and compared the barrels. From what I can tell on my main gun there is maybe 1 rifling "lug" that looks a little eroded compared to the others. I also grabbed a loaded round and tried it in each barrel to see if I could feel any differences in the chamber between the two. I found that on the problem gun, the chamber was a tad longer in comparison to the top of the barrel lug (~0.020") and had more play on the sides than the other gun. After I did all of that, I cleaned both barrels up, and tightened the comp on the problem gun (noticed it had about 3° of rotational movement). I shot 3 rounds out of each gun of 147gr. AA factory ammo and some 124 PDs that I loaded to the same charge and OAL. Below is the table of the shots: 124 PD, 7.4 grn 572, 1.165" OAL Backup Gun Main Gun FPS PF FPS PF 1390 172 1348 167 1402 173 1370 169 1400 173 1373 170 sum 4192 4091 avg 1397.333 1363.667 velocity difference 33.66667 % difference 2.41% 147gr. Atlanta Arms 9major Backup Gun Main Gun FPS PF FPS PF 1207 177 1179 173 1196 175 1171 172 1195 175 1167 171 sum 3598 3517 avg 1199.333 1172.333 velocity difference 27 % difference 2.25% Thanks, Jim
  3. 9 Major Barrel losing velocity? Barrel Shot?

    Thanks Steve. I figured that could be the case with what searching I've done. I've also got some 147gr AA loaded ammo and some PD 124s & 115s bullets to check as well.
  4. I'll try to get this as complete and concise as possible since I couldn't really find a whole lot while searching, so here we go I currently have 2 CK 9mm open guns (1 Hardcore (main gun, 12-14k rnds) , 1 Thunder (Backup, 3-4k rnds.)) and I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my main gun making PF. A little back story...I just got back from A3 and I barely made major (165 even) with my main gun but made it just fine (172) with my backup and the same ammo (guy on my squad was having gun troubles). I shot this same batch of ammo (loaded it all this winter ) at A1 and made major easily there (174) in march. So I got back home last week, took my chrono out, and shot a random mix of the ammo I had left from A3 through both of my guns, thinking that their chrono was slow or that the humidity had some effect on things (aka trying to find excuses), and pretty much got the same results that I did from A3. So being frustrated with those results I went home and loaded some hotter rounds (7.4 & 7.6), than what I normally load (1.165" OAL, 7.2gr Win 572, 124gr MG JHP, WSP, mixed brass), and came back with pretty negligible increases in velocity. I still have yet to try a different lot of powder or primers to see if that's the case but I plan on doing that this week. Is it possible that the reason that it's doing all of this is because my barrel is shot out? I forgot to check accuracy but I plan to do that as well this week. Thanks, Jim
  5. I don't have a ton of info on the area as a whole but there are ranges/USPSA clubs in Hamilton, Missoula (where Area 1 will be next year), and Kalispell.
  6. Thumbrest on Limited SV

    If you want a frame mounted thumbrest instead of a nitrofin style one, you might just contact SV to see what they suggest. Most likely you'll have to get a thumb rest that doesn't have any holes drilled in it so then you can space the holes out in between the Xcelerator cuts.
  7. Magazines

    Currently I have 2 170's, 2 155's, 5 140's. If I were to start over and didn't buy a used gun that came with 3 140's and 2 170's, I probably would've just went with 170's and 155's. More rounds and if you're not coming from using a 2011 in limited, you won't notice the different mag length to reload.
  8. amazon still has a bit of a selection speedcross 3's for just about $90
  9. dot bracket screws

    You might try putting a dab of Red on the counter sunk part of the screw where it contacts the mount to help out. That's what I did to mine and it's held up for a couple months worth of shooting 400-700 rounds a week. It would've probably lasted longer but I just switched mounts to put a Romeo 3 on the gun. Also, I found that even with the Blue, waiting to shoot it until after the full cure time helped make it last longer.
  10. P320 X5 Thread

    There's one here in Billings, MT at Beartooth Guns. Don't remember price. He got it in for me but I picked one up used from a friend a couple weeks ago so it's still there.
  11. Sig Romeo 3 review / comparison

    I know this is an older thread but I wanted to see if everyone is still liking theirs. I'm thinking of switching to one from a Slideride and ordering an Atlas with one on it. Thanks.
  12. 9mm Major Pistol Powder?

    Yeah I've been using it for about a year now (when I started shooting open) and I think it works well though I really haven't tried anything else besides doing a work up of HS-6 which I didn't like. I'm thinking about trying Silhouette when I run out of my last 8# keg. My load is 7.3gn 572, WSP, 124gn MG JHP, 1.165 OAL which makes 172 PF.
  13. CK arms mag release short threaded?

    This is what I did as well. I just took a sander to the back edge to take the sharpness off of it and it works great! the only real downfall for the whole thing is that it's not as aesthetically pleasing when you look at it.
  14. New Secret Red Dot?

    From what I know and have seen, it's made by Holosun and is very similar to the HS510C without the sunshade or QR on it.
  15. Hearing protection for Open

    I end up only double plugging when I'm shooting and I can pretty much only hear the "MR" command and the buzzer. (HL Impact sports, molded in ear plugs) Then when I'm not shooting I take the in ear plugs out and keep them around my neck so I can still hear people and talk as needed.